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Legends support each other. Thank you for being so supportive toward my kids Bangtan 🙏 sincerely, A.R.M.Y 💜


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So today is the WINGS tour in Seoul

Baekhyun is there.

The Hwarang Cast - aka Yoonwoo, Jihan, Minho, Hyungsik and Seojun (apparently the last two)

Kai is there.

Taemin is there.

I’m just so so weak for these friends supporting each other. How did they even manage to get tickets?? I’m sure the tickets sold out within like a minute or two considering how much the fandom has grown.

EXO Reaction to: You and Him Secretly Dating and Being on Stage Together

Xiumin: Good at hiding it for the most part but sneaks occasional glances that makes the most suspicious of fans curious but as for 99% of the viewers, no one picks up on that.

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Luhan: Is good at keeping his cool and as he’s taking his leave off stage, he shoots you a playful thumbs up that looks purely friendly and platonic to the unaware audience.

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Kris: Thinks he’s being slick about it but is actually making it super obvious, laughing extra hard when you tell a (scripted) joke or taking any opportunity for skinship. He leans into you as he laughs, something someone only does around people they’re comfortable with … Here come the rumours.

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Suho: Goes extra hard on the puns and dad jokes, wanting to seem like a funny leader and make everyone (especially you) laugh. Instead he earns lots of side eye from Jongdae who’s already scheming up ways to embarrass his hyung for this.

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Lay: “Thank you to everyone who voted for me and also, thank you to the very attractive Y/N for handing me this beautiful award. I’ll cherish it like I cherish all their performances - cherish in a platonic, not suspicious way at all - ” *gets tackled*

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Baekhyun: Takes a brief moment to shoot you a smirk as he’s passing by, out of view of the camera’s.

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It leaves you blushing and struggling to remember your script as he sits back down and watches with great pleasure at how flustered one smirk has left you.

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Chen: You were both presenting the award and had to act super cutesy and playful with one another. The line between professional flirtation for the camera’s and real flirtation blurred and suddenly you’re both pinching cheeks and pushing and tickling each other in front of thousands.

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Chanyeol: Tries extra hard to be his charming, funny self in order to make you laugh. The way his face lights up when you do makes it so obvious that there’s feelings there, on his behalf at least.

This leads to teasing from interviewers and in order to keep the secret going, Chanyeol plays it off as his admiration of you, jokingly saying “I only wish I could date someone like that.”

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D.O: Speaks his rehearsed lines with no difficulty until Baekhyun starts nudging him and throwing his trail of thought off. He starts off composed then the facade breaks and he’s giggling and trying desperately not to look in your direction; “Ah, as I was saying, I’m grateful we got selected …”

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Tao: Thinking ‘Act cool, don’t make it obvious.’

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Kai: Looks at you so softly when you speak and has the fondest look when you tell a joke, eyes squeezing shut and laughing with his whole body. But it’s not overly obvious so while shippers do arise, there’s no scandalous reveal.

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Sehun: Cracks the funniest jokes, not even meaning to be funny. In this situation, it’s you who’s obvious about the relationship. You laugh a little too hard, hand unconsciously falling on his forearm as you laugh (a sure sign of romantic interest). It sparks rumours that you have a crush and Sehun rejoices in this during variety and interviews, bringing it up as often as possible to torture you: “Ah, yes, there is one idol who is apparently very fond of me. And I can understand why.”

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We all know what D.O did after the concert  ¬‿¬

Friend: I now stan Exo!!! They are so good looking!!! And their dance line are amazing!

Me: Really? So you like Jongin, Sehun and Yixing? 

Friend: Yeah! I stan Jongin and Sehun!

Me: How about Yixing? What do you think of him? 

Friend: Yixing? Who’s that? 

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Friendship over.