kai lopez

rvb high school au where donut, kai, locus, and lopez are all spanish teachers

Donut’s the intro spanish teacher. he speaks in english and only really covers basic elementary level stuff and shows movies a lot. hes a great dude and people like him for his personality but he is Bad at spanish and will google translate stuff he doesnt know or just guess. Does a lot of learning games in his class and gives fun easy worksheets for homework every so often. probably tells his students to call him Franco.

Kai teaches the next level class. she’s a lot better at the actual knowledge of spanish and stuff, but she’s one of those teachers that’s easy to distract by asking a question about literally anything to get her to go off topic and tell a personal story for 80% of the class time. her sentence examples are always…. interesting. at least it helps the students remember things better. she mostly still talks in english bc it’s only level 2 but could switch to spanish if she wanted to and might do it to throw people off if they aren’t listening or are being assholes or whatever. Moderate amount of homework (the workbook she assigned is… unique…) but nothing too hard. Standard tests but still not overly challenging to anyone who studies a little bit. She’s late to class a lot.

Locus is the next level up and is SUCH A SHOCK bc he’s so much more serious and strict than donut and kai. Mostly speaks in spanish when he’s teaching but bc kai and donut were all they have for experience, he’ll sometimes switch to english when he has to. Gives homework every night and his tests cover the typical material at that level but are kinda long and pretty difficult, so his class requires a lot more studying. He’s a native speaker and while he generally sticks to course material PERFECTLY, he’ll add in any cultural dialect differences from what he’s used to vs the book to give the students more variety and so they know that not all spanish phrases translate or are used completely the same in every spanish speaking country. Will teach new material up until a day before the test, and gives a review the day before, as is Standard Protocol. Will kick kids out of his class for talking out of turn.

Lopez: may God help your soul. Locus’ class at least helps prepare the students for the intensity more than Donut or Kai would’ve, but holy jeeze is he intense. He only ever speaks in spanish, refusing ever to speak english, when teaching and gives apathetic lesson lectures every day. if you can follow what he’s saying, he’s kinda funny sometimes when he makes the occasional pessimistic “joke” or snide remark about one of his co workers. assigns a ton of reading and reading questions for homework and his tests are very rigorous and difficult. People wonder if he can even speak English because no one’s ever heard him speak it, but he will give kids detention for smack talking him in english, so clearly he understands it… right? 
(alternatively, he and locus could be switched for the level of intensity. locus would be a Strict Teacher regardless but maybe lopez just. doesnt fucking care bc he hates his job. he still wouldnt speak english but he might just read off a powerpoint and then have people do their homework in class, but his tests would still be hard. Who Knows)

the teacher’s lounge is a Nightmare for Locus and Lopez. Lopez will often try and sneak in to get coffee and then escape to his classroom before donut or kai can find him and talk his ear off (he’s got a 50% success rate. sometimes they catch him in the hall and follow him back to his room). Locus gets there earlier so he tends to miss Kai, but donut is an Early Riser and almost always shows up right next to him with 500 different conversation topics and bad spanish puns at the ready. Locus works on tuning out Donut but even that only works so well.

tainted-petals replied to your post:Hey. It occurs to me that during the time Kai was…

…but Lopez said her Spanish was terrible (and I think we see it’s even worse than Donuts)

I don’t actually speak Spanish, so someone who actually speaks it would have to tell me, but I think someone confirmed that Sister’s Spanish was actually the best on the show. Lopez’s Spanish is literally Google-translate Spanish so it’s actually really, really bad. i think the joke was him calling her out on bad Spanish when in fact the reverse was more true. 

either way – Sister speaking decent Spanish is up for interpretation. Whether Lopez says she sucks or not, she translated everything successfully and I'mma always support Sister having random skills. :D