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Dating Changkyun...

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  • you’ll meet the boys after a very long time of dating
  • bc he just wants to keep his angel to himself
  • jooheon and the rest of the boys will constantly tease you 
  • smol constant pecks on your lips
  • while he’s pecking you, he’ll look you straight in the eyes
  • a lot of that nose rubbing thing
  • unlike jooheon, he won’t be open about rapping, he’ll only do it if you ask
  • will use aegyo to get what he wants and will go all out
  • when you’re standing in line, or looking at something in a store, he’d stand behind you and just hug you
  • unless he’s horny, bc then he’s just rubbing himself on you and pushing into you
  • “chang”
  • “no fucking stop”
  • he isn’t really cuddly around other members
  • but he will make intense eye contact with you across the room
  • a lot of fast-food restaurant dates
  • if you’re foreign, he’d speak a lot of English with you show off
  • most likely calls you by your name, or a nickname no petnames with this guy
  • and you refer to him as “hey you” 
  • he literally only link pinkies with you in public


  • if he’s jealous, he’ll be hella rough
  • he’ll also want you to be quiet
  • he wants you to squirm under him
  • hickies hickies hickies
  • he’s always on top
  • powerful thrusts
  • when he’s coming undone, he’ll bury himself into you
  • he will close his eyes when he’s cumming

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