kai jongin

EXO’rdium in Malaysia!!

I am back to tell you guys about my concert experience!! The concert this year is definitely better than the experience I had for my previous one! Firstly, I was so lucky enough to get into the first row right in front of the left extended stage! I have to admit I chose that side just because that’s supposed to be Jongin’s spot for Artificial Love (heheh) but they moved his position during that particular concert :(

Overall I saw Jongin for 3 times. Because of the change of position, I heard he’s on the other side more than mine :( But it doesn’t matter because each time he came to my side it was perfect, because he reacted twice to my banners and the third time he was in front of me for full 3 minutes for Drop That (and yes, in that HOT SLEEVELESS TOP FEATURING HIS GUNS)!

For my side, the most that I saw was Chanyeol, Jongdae, Suho and Minseok! I gotta say my side is like Chanyeol heaven! You know how Yeol is one of my top biases so I’m not complaining hehe (AND THAT NEWLY DYED COPPER HAIR ALL STYLED UP UGHHH). Suho is the sweetest guy and his face is FLAWLESS. He looked at the fans so attentively and waved to each of them, and read all the banners! And it is sooo sweet how he tried to speak in English most of the times for us to understand ;; I gotta say after the concert I love him more and more!

Now let me tell you about how Jongin noticed me! The first time he came to my side was during Tender Love. When I saw him walking near I quickly put up my ‘종인이편’ banner (it’s by the fansite Ninibox and it means ‘by Jongin’s side’), and he saw it and pointed it and winked!

This was his reaction during that time! ;;

(cr. Jonginisdad)

And then the second time he came was during Girl x Friend, this is the best fangirl moment of my life because Jongin actually stopped to read my banner and DID A CUTE DANCE IN FRONT ME! ;;

My banner means “KAI what did you eat to be that cute?” but I actually had typos in it haha! That “목구” was supposed to be “먹구” and in “cute” I had one small letter upside down lol. In my defense I did it at 3am on the day and I was too sleepy to recheck for typos! Hahahaha. I only found out about the typos when I showed this to my Korean friend on the day but it was too late to change anything because I didn’t bring my glue :/ but my friend convinced me that he’ll surely understand it anyway.. so I just went along with the typos haha.

So when he was walking towards my area, I quickly put up this banner and I was worried that he might not catch it because he was looking down and kind of in a hurry to get to the end of the stage. But my luck he was turning his face to my side and saw my banner and HE ACTUALLY STOPPED TO READ IT (MY HEART ALSO STOPPED LOL). And the most thing I didn’t expect is that he turned his body slightly to face me and answer my banner with an AEGYO DANCE! Omg. My legs were so weak I literally plopped down after he walked away with a smile. I really couldn’t believe my eyes.. Kim Jongin just danced cutely in front of me.. for me.. ;;

And I’m SO LUCKY again that so many people caught it in fancams! (I didn’t record it obviously I was in no condition to lol)

You see this time he was walking towards my area, he was supposed to be at the end of the stage but he stopped when he noticed my banner ;;

I was worried he might not understand because of the typos but he read it and even reacted to it :((

Look at his ready-to-cute pose lol I knew I was gonna d*e in a second!


I swear I’m the luckiest fan right there and then! My long hours of waiting outside in the blazing sun then the pouring thunderstorms was worth it. I will never ever forget this moment! But I’m telling you it is just not my banner that he reacted to but all of the fans’ banners with his name on it. Kim Jongin is really that sweet and precious..

The only fancam I have of him is during Drop That but I had unstable hands because I wanted to jump and dance at the same time while recording him and at the time stare at his beauty too lol. If I want to tell about the whole concert and other members too, this post will be too long already so I stop here hehe. But you can ask me about anything you are curious for, I’ll be answering them as I remember :3 but this is all I have to say in my post.

My overall experience was superb and perfect. I got to see all of EXO really up close and they’re all so divine looking! Once again.. I feel so lucky I got to stan this amazing beautiful guy called Kim Jongin. I really wish I get to meet him again soon ♥ for now I got to say what I needed to say to him, that HE IS. SO. CUTEEEE!!!! xD