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[170626] @baekhyunee_exo instagram live

B: Hi guys! You guys have been looking at my hair, and I know some of you are sad that my mideumi (slang for sideburns) have been shaved! But in order to show you guys a new look this time around, I went and shaved them.

Kai: I shaved too

B: Yes, Kai-ssi shaved them as well. Yes. All of us are kind of like… we feel like we’re back to being toddlers. Baby. You can’t see us? Well, not being able to see us is the whole concept! We are now going to end this super short broadcast, okay? Our comeback’s just around the corner, hope you’ll keep your expectations up a little bit!

Bye! Bye from Suho hyung, bye from Kai-ssi too!

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170626 - Jongin Is Two-Faced

Today’s bias is Kai!

And he’s excited to be your bias today!

Jongin: “OMG I’m the bias, goodbye everyone, I have to go be the bias, hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!”

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Kai: “I’m the bias?  *mwah*  You made the right choice.”

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D.O: “…W-who is that?”

Jongin: “…Don’t look at him.”

D.O: *whimpers* “I’m scared.”

Jongin: “I’ll cover your eyes.”

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Kai: “BAM, you’re pregnant.”

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Jongin: “Hehehe, okay, you can look again.  Look at the little fox!”

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D.O: “Whee, let’s play!”

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Kai: “Look, I’m soaked and on my knees and I just did an amazing dance.”

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D.O: “NO, look away, look away, look away, look away.”

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Jongin: “IT’S HILARIOUS, RIGHT???!?!!”

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Kai: “You look so sexy when you laugh.”

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D.O: “HEHEHE, huh?  …Oh no…”

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Jongin: “Hey, Kyungsoo, Pororo is on!  I bought cookies and ice cream and I made us a blanket fort and we can snuggle all night.”

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D.O: “Okay, we can do that.  I’ll get in my pajamas.”

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Kai: “I’ll tell you what we can do all night…”

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D.O: “Oh, well, umm… if you think it’s okay…”

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Jongin: “Hey, do you think I’m cool? Hehehehehee” 

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Kai: “Hey, do you think I’m sexy?  (Answer, I am.)”

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D.O: “…deep breaths, deep breaths…  He’s still the same person…”

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EXO in Real Life

Ahh guys I’m finally back with the reactions! 
Did you all hear about the OT8 comeback? :( Let’s still support them and love them fully because Yixing would want that, too. 

Xiumin: Yanno how he’s like, the guy who rips his shirt in half and also a really quiet, shy guy at the same time? Although he’s the oldest and supposedly the most mature, I can see him as acting all cute and pouty when he wants something; also super giggly, childish, and silly. 

Lay: Being 101% honest, I feel like he’d be one of the sweetest boyfriends out of all in EXO. Even if everyone else might be, he’d be the sugariest cinnamon bun. He acts and just seems so freaking pure- you could literally chuck a Bible at him and he’d sit down to read it. 


Suho: Like Yixing, I see Suho as himself in front of the camera. He smiles and laughs when the situation is funny, and looks displeased/unhappy when the situation is serious. Being the leader for the amount of 5 years already, I feel his mom/leader role is a huge part of him now, so it’d be a natural for him to act as one.

Chen: “Troll” is what he’s often titled as, he’s also shown as a whiney and loud guy. I honestly see him as a real humble, down-to-earth guy who cares about others sincerely. He also seems like one of those people that are just easy to get along with cause they’re so chill and comforting. 

Baekhyun: The same tbh?? Hyper, funny, dramatic, etc. But obviously, everyone is much more different behind the camera. Instead of forcing his humor for the audience, I feel like he’d be much more real. His jokes and wit would come to him naturally at the moment, making them more entertaining.

Chanyeol: As much as we love his smile, Chanyeol strikes a vibe to me of more an… emotional guy. Although he seems very egotistical, I can sense a vibe from him where he’s actually insecure and worries of how others may judge him. He uses his smile as mask to conceal himself, and hide. 

D.O: Behind those satanic facial expressions and how he just quietly hides in the corner and barely speaks, I see Kyungsoo as a goofball who likes a good laugh. He stealthily hates his hair stylist and cares for all his members whether he beats them up or not. By all his members includes Baekhyun.

Kai: Kai?? Who’s Kai?? I only know Jongin. 

But let me tell you, this kid iS SUCH A GENUINE AND KIND HEARTED SOUL. He just wants to be happy with a stable and healthy life as he eats chicken.

Sehun: Although he acts sassy, egotistical, cold-hearted, yet fairly baby-ish on camera, I betcha he’s just a shy kid who’s adorably whiny, clingy, and just wants to HAVE MORE FUCKING LINES IN THE GOD DAMN SONGS BECAUSE WHERE IS HIS ANGELIC VOICEee

still a cheeky shit i bet

EXO Reaction to waking up after dreaming about the girl they like and then getting a phone call from her

XOxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“Is this… part of the dream? Is she… my jagi? Jagi? This is a dream so… let me tell you I love you”


“Omg omg omg! This is the best day ever! First I dream of her and then she calls… oh I should answer…. she hung up..”


*Goes all philosophical and everything* “SO I dreamed of her before she called… and my hear beat very fast… this all must be a sign. I bet we are mates”


*Really in love* “There’s no better way of waking up than having the girl of your dreams (literally) calling you in the morning… Maybe my mind is trying to tell me something… maybe  I should ask her out”


*Would be crying all day because he sleeps too deep and didn’t hear your call but he was dreaming about you but your call but….* “What if I lost my chance?!”


*Heart starts beating really fast and blushes like a tomato* “Oh my god… what is this girl doing to me?! I can’t stop feeling like this every time I think of her”


“Oh so you heard me calling you telepathically? I bet you also dreamed of me… just like I dreamed of you” 


“Oh first she appears in my dream… now she calls? I bet she is all crazy over me!” *Just like he’s crazy over you*


*Literally takes is as a sign and decides to propose his love to you*


*Smol ball of fur doesn’t know how to handle situations like this* “SHE IS CALLING ME I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO! Okay I’ll just answer. ”


“Wait… how did she know I was dreaming with her… I told her to call me in my dream… I thought these things only happened in movies…. am I in a movie?” *So confused*


“Do you guys think she likes me? I had this dream about her and then she called and… she only wanted to say hi but… I bet it’s a sign! She looked so pretty in my dream…” *Someone is falling for you deeply*

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Wrong Place Wrong Time (9)

Part 9 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭. (☠️- Harm towards characters and Strong language.)

Summary: You end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and it has negative repercussions. Main characters include: Reader and EXO.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 4  Part 5 Part 6  Part 7 Part 8  Part 10

Word Count: 3,610

You woke up on the floor of the dusty room that Baekhyun had brought you to, looking up at two familiar faces. Chanyeol and Baekhyun.

“What happened?” Baekhyun frowned looking down at you.

“I don’t know I just came to see if she needed anything and to talk, but then I saw Sehun strangling her, she just blacked out.” Chanyeol bent down rubbing the side of your arm, trying to provide you with some comfort.

You lay there motionless for a while, wondering what exactly had just happened and why it happened. You knew Sehun was a nutcase but not to this extent. You allowed yourself to be helped up unto the bed by Chanyeol and Baekhyun, each taking an arm and escorting you over, supporting half or your body weight.

“What happened Y/N?” Baekhyun asked, stroking your shoulder lightly and waiting for your response. You sat there for a while not saying anything, still dazed by the situation and the loss of breath, eventually turning to Baekhyun you blinked and shook your head slightly.

“I don’t know. He just got mad, shouting about me not being allowed in this room or something. And then all of a sudden I –I couldn’t get his hands off of my neck.” You spluttered and burst out crying for the thousandth time in the past 48 hours. Chanyeol held his arms out towards you signalling an invitation for embrace, but you rested your head into Baekhyun’s chest instead, earning a scowl from Chanyeol.

“Hey that’s okay, don’t cry, you’re okay now right?”Baekhyun whispered in your ear, stroking your head almost lulling you to sleep. You nodded your head slowly, you were so tired all you wanted was some sleep, but you kept getting denied the chance. You were just about drifting off when a shouting voice brought you back to consciousness.

“Baekhyun! Baekhyun! Where are you?! Baek—oh here you are. What are you doing in here?” It was Kyungsoo standing at the door with bloodied hands by his sides, beads of sweat were rolling down his face and his dark hair was stuck to his forehead, he looked an absolute hot mess. “Why are you in here?” He said coldly, staring at Baekhyun square in the face. He stood there at the door breathing deeply in and out, you couldn’t tell whether or not he was breathing heavily due to the fact that he had ran down the corridor to the room or because he was getting mad at you Baekhyun and Chanyeol for being in the room. Why was this room conjuring such strong emotions from these men?

“That’s beside the point right now.” Baekhyun broke the unnerving silence. “What happened? Is everyone okay?” He pointed down at Kyungsoo’s blood- stained hands.

“No. It’s Jongdae he’s been shot. I –I don’t know if he’s going to make it. You have to do something. I can’t… with all that blood. It just –I just… I feel sick Baekhyun. Please go help him.” You held your breath, witnessing a crying Kyungsoo in front of you. Something you never thought you’d see. His crying was soundless but tears were streaming uncontrollably from his red eyes. He had that same blank expression on his face, but this time around you were capturing a sense of sorrow from it instead of one of hostility. Baekhyun didn’t need to be told twice, he bolted up from his place on the bed and sprinted out of the door to wherever he was needed, followed by a worried looking Chanyeol.

“Look after Y/N okay.” he called before he disappeared, but by the looks of things you were the one who would be looking after Kyungsoo. His face had turned pale and he was staring blankly at his hands, covered in what you now assumed to be Jongdae’s blood. His breathing was shallow now, the sound of it barely traceable and it was at this point that you found yourself dumbfounded at how ridiculous and ironic it was for a man who killed many others on a regular basis to be traumatised by the sight of blood and affected by the current situation so badly. You stared at Kyungsoo’s hands for a while, feeling a stream of bile rise to the back of your neck. His hands were absolutely soaked in blood, as though he had dipped them in a bucket full of it. Silently you stood up from where you were sat on the bed and exited the room down the corridor. Before long you were back with a bucket of soapy water, a sponge and a towel. Placing all of the items on the floor in a row you sat cross legged on the carpet in front of Kyungsoo, delicately taking one of his hands in yours you began to scrub the blood away. His face was still blank, staring at his hands in silence. He lifted his head up looking at you and blinking, once you were done with one hand, you placed it back down and carefully set about scrubbing the other hand.

“S-stop that.” Kyungsoo scowled at you, but you carried on washing his hands, making sure you reached under his nails.

“I said stop it!” He roared, grabbing his hands out of yours and rising up from the bed. “I’m capable of going to a sink and washing my hands!” He grabbed the towel that you had placed next to the bowl on the floor and set about drying them.

“I was only trying to help…” You trailed of, scooting yourself into the far corner of the room, you had been abused too many times in the past 48 hours and you didn’t want any more of what you had already received.

“Did anyone ask for your help?!” he raged, blood rushing to his face. “Honestly, I told Chanyeol to stop talking to you, for 3 years now I’ve been hot on his ass to ditch this stupid friendship of yours and he never fucking listened to me, now look where we’ve all ended up. Chanyeol can’t perform well, Yixing won’t concentrate and Jongdae is…” He let out a short breath and sank into a heap on the floor, shaking his head violently.  
Whipping his head back up, he glowered at you, a fire of fury and hurt burning in the depths of his eyes.  “And you’re in this fucking room.” He stood up again, picking the bowl of bloodied soapy water up with him, emptying it’s contents over your kneeling figure and dropping the bowl by your side. You were shaking with shock and the realisation that you and the carpet surrounding you were soaked in blood-mixed water.
“If you’re really desperate to clean something up, then deal with this shit. Don’t ever touch me without my permission again.” He kicked the bowl at the desk and stormed out of the room.

You sat there, covered in Jongdae’s blood hugging yourself and rocking yourself back and forth. This had to be a bad dream, a crazy nightmare. This couldn’t be where your life had ended up. You thought about it, you had been ‘missing’ for 48 hours now; your phone was ‘off’, you hadn’t shown up to work. Wasn’t anyone you knew worried about you? Your friends, your family your colleagues? Hadn’t anyone filed a missing report for you? Where were the police? You couldn’t live like this for much longer. But deep down inside you knew you had to cope because you weren’t getting out anytime soon, not if it meant you’d be getting out alive anyway, so you had to bare it no matter what. The blood was sticking to you now; you had to wash it off. Slowly you rose to your feet and trudged out of the room. You hadn’t been here for too long and you were already becoming overly familiar with how sick the corridors were making you feel, you turned a corner bumping into Chanyeol.

“Ah shit –You scared me. I was just coming to see how you were and—Y/N, what –what happened?” He stared at you with concern and confusion, pushing some of your hair out of your face he squinted, as if to get a better look at the state you were in.

“Please Chanyeol, I just need a bath.”

“But I —”

“I said I just need a bath!” You side stepped him quickly rushing further down the corridor and locking yourself inside the bathroom once you finally reached. You filled the tub up with warm water and threw in whatever type of soap you could find. Peeling the sticky clothes off of your skin, you threw them to a corner and sunk inside the tub. Dipping your whole body under water seemed tempting right now, but to be totally honest you were too cowardly to even dream of doing such a thing, so instead you grabbed a yellow sea sponge from the side and started scrubbing away at your body. You weren’t sure who it belonged to but you didn’t care at that point in time, you were just focused on getting Jongdae’s blood off of your skin.
You were rubbing so hard that your skin was becoming sore, no longer just scouring off the blood, you found that you were also trying to scrub away the emotional turmoil and physical pain that you had come face to face with in the short period of time you’d been here. Now you weren’t sure whether or not the blood washing away into the water was that which belonged to Jongdae or that which belonged to you and the new cuts and sores you were creating with the sponge.
Once you were sure that you were done, you pulled at the plug in the tub and had one last rinse down before jumping out. You saw a white bathrobe hanging on the back of the door and slipped into it before quietly making your way down the hallway. This time instead of going into Chanyeol’s room, you had found yourself in Baekhyun’s and were rummaging through his wardrobe before you found a navy blue baggy T-shirt and a grey pair of shorts. You didn’t know what to do after that; you were slightly lost you didn’t know where to go, you couldn’t go back to that room, you’d probably get attacked again, so instead you just curled into a ball under Baekhyun’s desk and feel asleep there.


That morning you weren’t woken by the beautiful cliché, fairytale sunlight peaking through the blinds, but instead you were greeted with a piercing scream. Your eye’s shot open and you looked to your right seeing a half naked Baekhyun standing there in his boxers, attempting to cover himself with his hands. You shut your eyes tight, covering them with your fingers.

“Y/N, what the heck are you doing here?! Get –get out!” He threw a pillow at you under his desk and wrapped his body with the duvet. He didn’t need to tell you twice, you scrambled to your feet and ran out of his room, not turning back as you apologised running down the corridor.

Your next point of call was the kitchen, you were starving and your rumbling stomach was telling you that it was time to eat, but when you go there you were alone with the last past person on earth that you wanted to be with. Kyungsoo.
Catching each other’s eyes, you quickly averted your gaze down to your feet and shuffled along to the fridge, looking through the shelves you saw a yoghurt and granola pot, it looked more than appetising so you grabbed it, taking a spoon out from a draw nearby and sat at a stool. The silence in the room was deadly, it was thick and could be cut with a knife. You did everything in your power to not look up and over at Kyungsoo, he seemed a lot better than he was yesterday. He still wore his signature unbothered pissed off expression but the hurt was no longer evident.

“Sorry.” You heard him mumble from across the table. You looked up at him in confusion knitting your brows together, surely you had heard incorrectly.
“What?!” he spat slamming his hand down onto the counter top. “Don’t act like you didn’t hear me. I’m not repeating myself.”
Gosh this man was stubborn you thought to yourself.

“Sorry… I was just shocked.” You mumbled, shovelling your yoghurt into your mouth.

“I’m man enough to know when I’ve made a mistake.” He rolled his eyes, his features softening slightly for the first time ever, making you raise your head in awe. He moved his head forward, narrowing his eyes slightly as he did, peering at you.

“What’s that on your neck?” He asked you, pointing his finger below your chin.

“Oh that.” You brought your fingers up to your neck and traced lightly above the cuts left behind. “Minseok —”

“No not the cuts, I’ll already know I was there remember.” He cut you off ignoring your statement, “I’m talking about those bruises. I didn’t know Jongin was into that weird kinky shit.” A look of disgust lingering on his face.

“Oh that… It wasn’t Jongin. It was Sehun.”

“Sehun? I didn’t know he was into that shit either. You’ve only known us for 2 minutes and you’re trying to get with everyone in the house. Wow you really are a whore. Jongdae wasn’t wrong.” He scoffed. You shook your head; you had enough of being called a whore, you were anything but that.

“No it’s not like that, I don’t like Sehun! He’s a fucking psycho! He strangled me, I was in that room and he got mad then he strangled me.”

“Oh he did? Of course Sehun did. Good, you deserved it.” Kyungsoo stared straight at you, gracing you with a twisted smile and rising up from his seat. “I don’t know what you thought you were doing waltzing into that room in the first place.”

“I didn’t just waltz into it.” You raised your voice defending yourself. “Baekhyun took me there.”

“You’re such a dirty liar Y/N. The only place lying will get you in this house is dead.” His face returned back to its usual expression and he started walking slowly out of the kitchen.
You had enough of the men in this house, but you knew you were stuck here so you had to endure it whether or not you wanted to. You sat there silently on your own finishing your pot of yoghurt when you heard someone else come into the room. Was it too much to ask for a moment’s peace?

“Can I speak to you please?”

It was Yixing he looked tired and pale, unlike you had seen him before and it was quite shocking to say the least. You nodded your head slowly.
“Actually maybe we can get out of this house for a while, what do you think I mean you’ll have to change first and put a mask and cap on, we can’t have anyone you know seeing you.” Your eyes widened with excitement, the thought of getting out of this hell hole for even just a second setting your heart racing with exhilaration and pleasure, you jumped up from your seat and walked over to him. You didn’t know what he wanted to talk about, but anything was worth it in exchange for a little taste of freedom, even if it was temporary.


The weather outside was grey and really nothing special, but to you it felt like paradise, when you realised that you hadn’t been outside for a couple of days now, you were wondering whether or not this was actually doing you any good since you’d be cooped back inside again soon and may end up more depressed after reliving everything that you were missing all over again. You took a quick glance over at Yixing and although he was pale and sweaty he looked so much more handsome in natural daylight. The sun was hidden behind the clouds, and yet his dark hair glistened and had a beautiful kind of sheen to it.

“Wow this is nice. I haven’t been out in the day for a while. This is nice right?” He looked to his right, down at you. You nodded meekly, things were still awkward between the two of you and him acting like nothing happened was making the tension even worse the air between the two of you was thick and you were sure he was aware of it just as much as you were. He sighed heavily and began to speak.

“Look I’m sorry I was rude to you yesterday. I’m aware me and Baekhyun are the only ones ‘you have’ right now. So I shouldn’t have acted that way, but I felt a bit let down. You not taking my advice and everything, I felt like I was wasting my time talking to you. Also you defied me. That’s something I can’t stand.”

“I didn’t purposefully find Jongin and have a conversation with him; he practically dragged me to his room.” You frowned, angry that Yixing thought it was his business anyway. “Besides he didn’t seem that bad to me regardless.”
Yixing stopped in his tracks sneering at you and shaking his head.

 “You know nothing about Jongin. But if you want to hang out with him fine, you can do whatever you want.” He continued walking ahead of you, angry at this point. “Hurry up and don’t fall back!”

You arrived at a clothes shop on the corner of a high street that you did not even know existed. Yixing handed you a card that didn’t belong to him. “Go and pick stuff that you need and be quick about it.” He huffed crossing his hands over his chest tapping his foot on the floor impatiently. Nodding once, you rushed off down the aisles of the shop in search of clothing items that you needed

 “You’re sure that’s all, because you’re not coming back here anytime soon. The others don’t even know we’re here right now.” He said pointing at the bag in your hand and taking the card out of the other.

“Actually Yixing, I was wondering if we could go next door.”

“What for?” he frowned, creases on his forehead appearing from nowhere.  

“It was a health and beauty store.”

“Yeah, I know that. But you won’t need any makeup around the house. Trust me the last thing us guys give a shit about is the way you look.”

“Actually I umm… I need to pick up some sanitary towels.”

“Oh…” His face went straight; he nodded not saying another word and following you out of the clothes store to the store next.

Once in the store you hurriedly picked up some sanitary towels and popped them in your basket, you thought some makeup wouldn’t hurt too since you were already in the store, you already felt shit about being locked up in that house, the least you could do was doll yourself up to get yourself into a better mood. You quickly payed for all of the items in the basket and walked over to Yixing who was waiting for you by the door. He was paler than ever, sweating and panting for breath.

You hung your head in embarrassment handing him over the card. “Alright Yixing, I know that was awkward and stuff but it wasn’t that bad you don’t have to act like that.”

He shook his head at you. “No that’s not it.” He said breathlessly, “that’s –that’s not why… agh shit..aghh…”He pressed his fingers against the right side of his rib cage and winced in pain. “Let’s –let’s go back, you’re done right?”

“Yeah but, Yixing are you okay?” You lifted up his shirt to find a slit under his breast bone. You blinked twice out of shock and lowered his shirt. “Oh my gosh Yixing, what the –why haven’t you got Baekhyun to do anything about that?”

“It’s nothing. I’ll be fine”

“That’s not nothing. Have you seen how deep that is? Goodness you need to get that stitched up and treated Yixing.”

“No I can’t, not now. They need to focus on Jongdae. This can wait; he’s the priority right now. He needs Baek’s undivided attention.” He breathed in sharply and winced in pain again.

“This isn’t okay you look like you’re at deaths door. You need –”

“Just leave it Y/N okay! If you tell anyone else I won’t be responsible for what I do to you next!”
Even through his pain he was still capable of glaring at you and threatening you. He was supposed to be the nice one out of the bunch. It made you wonder just how bad Chanyeol was at times. Sighing out, you nodded your head and walked slowly back home allowing him to use your frame to support his weight.


Quite a while later you made it back to the house.
“I think I need to sit down” Yixing wheezed, nodding you walked to the kitchen with him. Minseok was there, eating an apple on the seat closest to you and Yixing.
“Yo, Minseok move down one will you? I have a headache” Yixing breathed slowly, shifting his weight from your shoulder to his feet, but as he did so, you saw his eyes roll backwards and he collapsed to the ground.

“Shit!” Minseok shouted running up from his seat and kneeling down beside Yixing. “Xing! Yixing wake up!” But there was still no reply, he lay there motionless, his skin whiter than before, if that was even possible.  Minseok looked up at you through angry eyes.

“Where the fuck have you two been and what the fuck did you do to him bitch?!”