kai hard

being able to watch baekhyun play with children is a privilege we should appreciate

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Translation: kai thank you for dancing / kai i am grateful for your dancing

During exo’s ment after growl, i was standing there, exo’s backs were facing me. Everyone around me was focusing on what exo was saying, hence not one placard was raised. I forgot which member was talking that time but Jongin glanced at my place and I saw that moment as an opportunity to raise this placard. I thought i was going crazy but after i raised my placard (i raised it so high to make sure that he will see this) jongin legit turned his head and read what was on my placard. He was squinting his eyes i think hence it took him a kind of a few seconds before he reacted. The untinkable happened. That reaction was only present in my daydreams. I daydreamed of that reaction everytime. He bowed to me. He bowed… to me. He showed his gratefulness to me thanking him for his dance. I was so speechless. I wasn’t able to focus on what was happening around me. I cried. I cried so hard i was sobbing the whole encore. This placard was my only way of telling him how much i am grateful for his dancing. I made this in hopes of getting noticed by him. It is a crazy dream of mine to be able to tell him that his dancing changed my life. And the fact that he noticed me and actually bowed to me… people were starting to look at me on why i was crying so hard but i didnt cared. Jongin actually noticed me and bowed to me and i will never forget about this.