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Puppy Love - Part 1

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Synopsis: Marianne’s new puppy must try to adapt to human life after mysteriously transforming, but they must be careful when falling in love because a wolf can only mate with one for life. It won’t be long until they realize this pup’s master might have a few unknown mysteries of her own.

Type: So much Chanyeol fluff you will die, dog and wolf hybrids, cuteness, hopefully a laugh or two, and action stuff

Puppy Love

“Miyoung, will you come down from there?” Luhan called up to Miyoung who was at least a hundred or so feet up in a tree.
“Come up here and make me,” Miyoung smirked, sitting on a tree branch. She swung her legs back and forth teasingly, “Unless you’re too scared.”
“Will you just come down already?” Luhan laughed, “Come on! We have to get back to the pack before nightfall.”
“Oh fine then.” Miyoung jumped off the branch she was on and fell all the way to the ground, landing perfectly on her feet right in front of Luhan. “Happy?”
“Overjoyed,” Luhan rolled his eyes playfully then nudged her shoulder as they started walking, “Hey, wanna race back?”
“Why? You always lose.”
Luhan pointed his finger at her, “I won the last time and you know it.”
“You keep telling yourself that.”
“Race in three, two, one, go!” Luhan then took off, leaving Miyoung in the dust.
“Luhan!” Miyoung scoffed then began to run after him, “No fair!”
“I did warn you!” Luhan chuckled. “First one to the territory gets first helping!”
“You really are trying to lose!” Miyoung giggled then sped in front of him. She did end up making it to their territory before him with Luhan a minute or so behind her. Once he caught up, she stuck her tongue out at him, “Told you so.”
Luhan pouted and rubbed the back of his neck, “I would’ve won if I wasn’t so stiff today.”
“You were pretty confident a few minutes ago.” Miyoung smirked but he growled at her.
“I’ll get you next time.” Luhan ran his fingers through his blonde hair then jumped up into a tree.
Miyoung rolled her eyes. He was always such a child. “Get down from there.”
“Come up here and make me.” Luhan mimicked her words from before as he squatted far up in the tree, “Unless you’re too scared.”
“You’re really gonna try testing me on that too?”
“Is he acting up again?” Their fellow pack member and friend, Sehun, appeared. Sehun looked up at Luhan in the tree and chuckled, “You beat him at racing again, didn’t you?”

Miyoung nodded confidently, “What else is new?”
“Hey Luhan! If you don’t get down here, I’ll be sure to tell Miyoung all about your little crush on-” Sehun threatened but was soon interrupted by Luhan leaping down and tackling him which turned into a wrestling match with Sehun winning.
“While you pups finish, I’ll be getting the first helping of rice and whatever else Minseok has cooked up.” Miyoung stepped past them.
She briefly thought about what Sehun said. Luhan had a crush? That was a laugh. The only girl Luhan really talked to was her, unless there was some other human or wolf she didn’t know about, which was impossible. She and Luhan were best friends since they were pups. They both swore a long time ago when they were young teens that they were like brother and sister. Maybe Sehun was just bluffing, maybe. But he couldn’t be, because then Luhan wouldn’t have cared.
“Hey, Miyoung?” Kai approached with a bunch of chicken stuffed in his cheeks, “You’re up tonight for night watch patrol.”
“Isn’t it still supposed to be your turn?”
Kai smirked then proceeded to whisper, “Yeah, I need you to cover for me. I’m going out tonight.”
“Blowing off patrol to go to the clubs with Minseok again?”
“Kind of.”
“Fine, but this is the last time. Got it?”
“Thanks Miyoung! You’re the best!” Kai patted her shoulder and ran back to the camp fire to continue eating.
“Ah, this kid.” Miyoung muttered to herself in annoyance.
Late into the night, Miyoung kept her promise to Kai and stood guard at their territory’s entrance. This was the spot where they liked to camp out at every weekend, which was the only time they slept in the woods and not at their own homes. Still, someone had to keep watch. They knew there were others out there who didn’t want to play nice. Their pack wasn’t going to risk anything.
Hearing what sounded like a twig snapping not too far away made her gasp a little. She turned her head where she heard the noise and attempted to use her good vision to see who or what was lurking in the darkness, only to see nothing. Just as she was brushing off the paranoia, she turned her head back in the same direction when she heard rustling leaves as if someone were walking through them. She could’ve sworn she saw a figure run from behind one tree to the other. A pair of hands grabbing her shoulders from behind was enough to make her nearly scream…

1 year later…

“Good morning, baby~ Good morning~” Marianne heard Apink’s song “Good Morning Baby” blast from her phone at exactly 8:30 a.m. She reached her arm out from beneath the covers to reach for her phone to turn it off. Her fingers blindly felt for the screen of her phone so she could swipe it which turned the alarm off.
Marianne squeaked a little as she did a big full body stretch before throwing the covers off her body. She shuffled her feet to the bathroom, making sure to do a big yawn while stretching her arms again. She sniffled her nose and rubbed her eyes, of course never enjoying having to wake up early everyday. When she looked at herself in the bathroom mirror, she jolted in fear like a monster suddenly appeared in front of her. She saw her hair looking like a mess in its still sort of bun, dark circles under her eyes, and just an overall “I’m tired I just want to go back to sleep I look and feel like death right now” look.
She leaned one hand on the sink and pointed at the mirror to herself, “We have got some serious work to do my friend.”
One face wash, moisturization, teeth brushing, hair brushing, hair straightening, and makeup application later, she felt much more ready to step out into public. She decided to go with dark blue skinny jeans, a white V-neck, and black heels as her outfit for the day. She picked up her phone and the pet store adoption flier underneath it so she could tuck it into her bag on her way out from her apartment.
“Yes?” Marianne answered her phone as she walked down the street to the coffee shop.
“Did you get the puppy yet?” It was her friend Sandra. She could remember when Sandra first approached her on their university campus, and Marianne had absolutely no idea where she was going. She could be a little ditzy sometimes, but she was still a great friend.
“Not yet. I’m gonna go look at him today after work.” The day before, Marianne happened to walk by the pet store and saw the cutest little beagle puppy in the window so she took a flier and was determined to buy him. She couldn’t help but think the baby beagle was eager for her to have him as well just by the way he suddenly sprouted with energy at the sight of her through the window.
“Send me pictures as soon as you get him!”
“Will do.” Marianne giggled, “Anyway, I have to go now. You know the boss will make me turn off my phone the second I walk in.”
“Right. I’ll see you and the pup later then!”
Marianne hung up the phone, being sure to turn it off as she walked through the door of the coffee shop. She made her way behind the counter, putting her bag down on the floor with the flier beneath it, then tied her black apron around her waist.
“Morning.” The young man with blonde hair standing behind the register smiled and greeted her.
“Morning.” Marianne mimicked him with a big grin.
“You seem cheerful today.” He chuckled.
“Well, you remember that puppy I told you about yesterday?”
“I’m taking him home today.” Marianne squealed in excitement, making him want to laugh. “Now I’ll have a partner to beat your at our Saturday runs.”
“Nice try but I’ve been doing secret runs of my own, and girl, you are going to eat your words.”
“Really? Tell me, Luhan, name one time you beat me.” She smirked. Luhan opened his mouth to answer but no words came out, making her nod her head, “Yeah, that’s what I thought.”
“What’s with all the chitchat?” Their boss, Kyungsoo, swung the door open from the kitchen, that usual annoyed expression on his face. “Back to work.”
Luhan’s and Marianne’s smiles quickly dropped, Marianne’s head dropping so she could look at her feet as she made her way around the counter to go start waiting tables. But as soon as Kyungsoo was back in the kitchen, Marianne lifted her head to look at Luhan, both their smiles returning as they silently laughed to each other once again. Luhan then pointed at the clock behind him then proceeded to count down silently from three to one.
“Morning coffee crew!” Marianne turned towards the door to see Sandra burst in just on time. “Where’s my usual?”
“Right here.” Luhan pulled out a medium sized coffee cup with her name on it. When Sandra came over and reached to grab it, Luhan teasingly pulled it back and squinted his eyes accusingly at her, “To be honest, it doesn’t look like you could use the extra caffeine.”
Sandra grimaced at him, snatching the cup from him, “I’m perfectly fine, thank you very much. Did you make sure it’s half regular and half decaffeinated?”
“Three packets of sugar?”
“Soy milk?”
“Inch of foam?”
“Melted mocha on the bottom and caramel on the top?”
“Okay, perfect.” Sandra tossed him the money but stopped and turned back around to him when she began to leave. She pointed to the cup confused, “You spelt my name wrong.”
“I did? Oh I’m sorry.” Luhan frowned sarcastically, “Silly me, I wrote Sandra instead of Annoying and Bossy Little Bi-”
“Luhan!” Marianne gasped at him, gesturing for him to lower his voice. “Don’t let Kyungsoo hear you say that.”
“Yeah, Luhan. Learn some manners.” Sandra smirked and Luhan did everything he could to not growl like his wolf self under his breath at her, fearing Marianne or someone else would hear it. “Anyways, I’m going to skedaddle. Remember Marianne, I’m expecting pictures of that puppy the second you get him, no later.”
“Yes sir ma'am.” Marianne saluted to her.
“Never say that to me ever again.” Sandra glanced with an unamused expression then left.
“You know,” Marianne waddled cutely toward Luhan, “You guys could at least try getting along a little better.”
“Why? She’s icky.”
Marianne chuckled, “No she is not. She’s my best friend.”
“I thought I was your best friend.” Luhan pouted.
“You’re my other best friend.” Marianne paused, thinking a little, “Was there a time when you two didn’t think about killing each other? I was starting to think that memory wasn’t even real.”
“Yeah, it was a while ago. That was before she turned icky.” He grumbled childishly.
“Careful, Luhan, or I might start to suspect you have a crush.”
“Yeah right, that’s the last thing on my mind. You know I don’t like anyone.”
“Okay, I believe you. For now.” She winked teasingly, going back to the people who just came in and sat down.
The hours seemed to pass even slower than usual. Every time Marianne looked at the clock to see if it was any closer to the time to go, she grunted and stomped her feet when she saw it was no closer than it was a whole minute and a half ago.
“Marianne, you’re closing up tonight.” Kyungsoo hung up his apron.
“Sir, I can’t. I have some place to be in a few minutes-”
“I don’t care. I need you here and that’s that.”
“That’s not fair-”
“I don’t care.” Kyungsoo repeated, pointing his finger at her then going back into the kitchen.
“Psst,” Luhan got Marianne’s attention, gesturing for her to come over to him at the register. Luhan couldn’t take seeing his close friend moping so much. When she approached him, he smiled sweetly and said in a hushed tone so Kyungsoo wouldn’t hear, “Go. I’ll cover for you.”
“Really? Thank you, thank you so much Luhan!” Marianne immediately threw off her apron, hung it up, then threw her arms around Luhan’s neck to hug him as tight as she could for a brief moment. She then grabbed her bag and ran out of the coffee shop, leaving Luhan to savor the moment he just shared with her.
“You’re still just like her.” Luhan whispered to Marianne as if she were still there.
He missed Miyoung so much. It had already been too long. Still, he guessed Marianne was enough even though it wasn’t quite the same. He knew he would see Miyoung again one day. He was sure of it.
By the time Marianne got to the pet shop, she thought for sure it was going to be closed. But when she saw the lights still on with people inside, she breathed a sigh of relief and quickly rushed inside.
“Hi, I’m here to purchase an animal and I wanted to know if all my paperwork checked out alright.” Marianne said happily to the person at the register.
“Marianne Park.”
“Oh, you’re here to pick up the five-week-old beagle puppy?”
“Yes.” Marianne smiled with excitement. The worker moved from behind the counter to lead Marianne to the dog pens. “How do you know he’s five weeks?”
“It’s just an estimate the vet gave when we found him.”
“Where did you find him?”
“We got a call a few days ago and found him wandering the highway nearby just outside the woods all alone, poor thing. He had a collar on with his name but no one ever came to claim him, so we decided put him up for adoption.” The worker unlocked the cage, following the little beagle puppy immediately running out in complete joy. He sniffed the floor and when he spotted Marianne, he quickly ran over to her feet and let out a small and squeaky bark while wagging his tail endlessly. “He seems to already be taking a liking to you.”
Marianne kneeled down to pick him up, making the puppy bark again then start licking her hand and wag his tail more.
“He’s so adorable! What’s his name?”
“Yeolie, at least that’s what it says on his collar. If you want, you can change it.”
Marianne shook her head, “No. Yeolie is perfect. Hi Yeolie, I’m Marianne. Would you like to come home with me?”
Yeolie immediately barked in response and wagged his tail faster, giving her cheek an eager kiss.
“I’ll take that as a yes.”

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