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Birthday Cake

A little Taekai drabble written by me. Ps this shit is just for fun.

Warning: smut (duh), rimming, possible interpretation of rape , Frosting ;)

It was D.O’s  birthday today and Kai along with the other members of EXO had planned all week the perfect way to celebrate it. Baekhyun, Tao, and Chanyeol would work on decor; Chen, Lay and Xiumin on organizing guests and music. Of course sugar mamma Junmyeon would be financing most of the events. Sehun was given the simple task, as not to confuse his pretty little head too much, of keeping an eye on D.O.

This left Kai to bake the cake. The brunette made his way back to the dorm with arms full of grocery bags and a Taemin in tow. 

“So remind me again why you practically dragged me by the collar out of my apartment for your so called emergency?” Taemin asked, more annoyed than usual. 

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I wanna just thank the universe for jung hoseok because i know he gotta heart that hurts but hes so strong and he keeps up his image of being our hope and someone we can always rely on to have a smile on his face and cheer us up. and he doesnt write in the fancafe or post on twitter like namjoon and yoongi do but he waits and he vents in songs. in lyrics he tells us about his suffering and his hurt .. yet he’s always there at the end of the song or the verse to be like “but you know what, theres always going to be light in darkness, im doing the best i can, just breathe because things will be okay”. I admire that and I can’t tell you how many times where i’ve just been in an absolutely terrible state of mind and I’ve thought about hoseok & bangtan and read/listened to their lyrics and its pulled me enough outta that darkness to go on another day

orihariisms  asked:

🐻: Stuffed animal


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🐻: Stuffed animal


“…is this for me?” Sybil gently took the small, stuffed creature from Sakuraya’s hands, gazing at it with a wide-eyed, childish wonder. She slowly turned over the canine-like beast in her hands, blue eyes of marble staring back at her. A smile suddenly broke across her face as she hugged the wolf plush, happy as can be as the chosen pick. “…Thank ya…this is so kind…I wasn’t at all expectin’ this…”


“…You got me a toy?” Rex wasn’t sure what an appropriate response would be, considering that him and Sakuraya were only acquaintances. He’s been to the onsen a couple of times, mostly for cultural enlightenment, but he hasn’t really talk to the male working at the baths. Even so, Rex looked…rather touched by sentiment. He withdrew the stuffed, cartoonish T-Rex from his hands, smiling softly at the plucky little toy. “…You even fashioned lil’ goggles on it! Wow, dude…thanks! I…I really like it…” 

Almost as soon as his thanks were said, Rex began to immediately make noise with it, roaring and growling childishly, moving its limbs in a play-like fashion. “Roar! Fear me! For I am the king of dinosaurs! I will gnash my terrible teeth at you, and eat you for dinner!”

He continued doing this until someone kicked him out of the onsen; he was freaking out a number of customers.


“Hm? For me? Is this a special at the onsen?” Jezebel accepted the gift from the feminine-looking male, looking at the cutely-stuffed lion plush with intrigue and delight. Gazing over, she noticed he had another doll in his hands.

Suddenly, she exclaimed, waving over her colleague. “Heinz! Look! Sakuraya got you one as well! Look, it’s a little elephant!” 

“…I can see that, ma’am.” Heinz replied, trying to look as impassive as he possibly could. Despite the attempt, a look of contentment ran across his features as he silently accepted the employee’s gift, mumbling a ‘thank you’ before turning away.

“Don’t be like that, Heinz! Ugh, so rude!” Jezebel exclaimed, already moving the tiny paws of her chosen creature, smiling broadly. “Oh, this is just too kind, doll. How will I ever repay you? Ooh, I know! I’ll invite you over for dinner! Yes, my chef can make the most excellent meal you will ever taste in your life! Yes, you will love it! It’ll be all beautifully decked out…”

Jezebel proceeded to keep talking about their future plans as Heinz scooted to the sides unnoticed. He gently hugged his new gift with a small, soft smile.