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2017 FearlessRiOT Crush List: The Final Year [Part Six]

#41) Maria Brink

Metal band In This Moment released only one single and music video for 2016. It was called “The Fighter”, and it’s somber, slower, piano-driven tone was accompanied by the visual of lead vocalist Maria Brink, red lipstick searing from the corner of her lips to her chin, singing to the camera with occasional hair flip. Not only was it a direct reminder of Brink’s beauty, but also how raw she, a performer usually known for flamboyant get-ups, can get when performing a song. An omen for her band’s upcoming 6th album?

#42) Ashley Graham

We live in a time where plus-sized women are encouraged to embrace their curves, as they should. One of the biggest advocates and most vocal role models for this body-positive way of thinking is Ashley Graham, who is representing for her fellow women of fuller figure by posing in the pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for a second year in a row, and nabbing a host of other modeling gigs and red carpet appearances along the way. And of course, she looks extremely glamorous every single time.

#43) Cherry Bomb/Allie

Here is a pro wrestler who is either extremely sympathetic or extremely obnoxious depending on what promotion you’re watching. If you watch Impact Wrestling, you’ll recognize her as the Canadian cutie as the adorable, innocent self-proclaimed bunny Allie who deserves nothing but love. If you follow the indys, you’re more familiar with her cocky, entitled, loud-mouthed persona. No matter which version of her you’re familiar with, you’re witnessing one of the best wrestlers in the game doing what she does best.

#44) Taraji P. Henson

Taraji P. Henson has been at this for a long time, nabbing wins or nominations at the Oscars, the Golden Globes, the Emmys, and even the MTV Movie Awards. The charismatic actress currently stands today as one of the most visible black performers in all of television and cinema. She’s the reason Cookie Lyon is one of TV’s most captivating characters and one of the (frankly many) reasons why Hidden Figures was such a must-watch, highly-anticipated beacon of empowerment upon its release.

#45) Alexandra Daddario

As soon as it was announced that Alexandra Daddario would be joining Dwayne Johnson in the upcoming Baywatch film, I had two reactions: 1) between this and San Andreas, I wonder how many more movies Alexandra Daddario and The Rock will be starring in together, and 2) she is likely going to be hotter than Pamela Anderson ever was in this. Those hypnotic blues eyes alone would be reason enough to watch, but moreso, there is the slight possibility her performance in it could be a highlight.

#46) Billie Kay

Tied at the hip with Peyton Royce as one-half of the self-proclaimed “Iconic Duo”, the former indy wrestling star is pretty much one of the top villains in the NXT Women’s Division now, which would seem unthinkable looking at her past life as the extremely likable Jessie McKay. She and Royce take the mean girl template of The Beautiful People and LayCool and make it their own by way of obnoxiously precious group bouncing and savage trash talk. Billie makes the list over Peyton due to my longtime fandom of her.

#47) Skyler Samuels

The former Chloe King hasn’t been up to much on screen over the past year. After completing her run on the glorious first season of FOX’s Scream Queens, she opted to finish getting an education in Marketing and Intellectual Property at Stanford University. Having graduated in June 2016, it would be nice to see her back in front of the camera in the future. She co-starred with Jennette McCurdy in a recent short film titled The Last Virgin in L.A., but an actress of her skill and intellect is capable of even more.

#48) Ariana Grande

It’s really easy to call Ariana Grande’s claim of being a “dangerous woman” into question when you remember her admittedly entertaining Nickelodeon past. But once you get past that, it’s certainly hard to deny other adjectives that could more accurately describe the 23-year old. Adjectives like: “gorgeous”, “youthful”, “talented”, and “frank”. All of these attributes add up to make the “Side to Side” singer easily one of the biggest pop stars of the modern era, and that  may be the case for years to come.

#49) Danielle Brooks

One of the best parts of Orange is the New Black, she is an actress who has curves for days, and is super proud of it. More and more, people are finding out that bigger is also beautiful, and one of the most beautiful women of a larger size in show business today is Danielle Brooks, the actress behind the entertaining Tasha “Taystee” Jefferson. And she totally owns it, proclaiming in black-and-white ads for Lane Bryant’s #ThisBody that every square inch of her is gorgeous and she’s certainly not wrong.

#50) Lindsey Morgan

So, Raven Reyes still doesn’t receive the love she deserves. In fact, of every character who has yet to be killed off (as of this writing, anyway) on The 100, she’s one of the few who still has a notable shred of humanity left in her. And how is she rewarded? With not as many main storylines as she used to have. Even still, Lindsey Morgan’s performance of the character is still a valid reason to tune in. She’s also rumored to be playing Batgirl in an upcoming DC Film. That is a rumor I am hoping is true.

Birthday Cake

A little Taekai drabble written by me. Ps this shit is just for fun.

Warning: smut (duh), rimming, possible interpretation of rape , Frosting ;)

It was D.O’s  birthday today and Kai along with the other members of EXO had planned all week the perfect way to celebrate it. Baekhyun, Tao, and Chanyeol would work on decor; Chen, Lay and Xiumin on organizing guests and music. Of course sugar mamma Junmyeon would be financing most of the events. Sehun was given the simple task, as not to confuse his pretty little head too much, of keeping an eye on D.O.

This left Kai to bake the cake. The brunette made his way back to the dorm with arms full of grocery bags and a Taemin in tow. 

“So remind me again why you practically dragged me by the collar out of my apartment for your so called emergency?” Taemin asked, more annoyed than usual. 

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EXO REACTION when their GF suddenly bite his lip (Lay, Luhan, Kai, D.O and Chen)

Cherry made this one for Infinite and you can find it here: (x)



Gif says it all


“Oh that was unexpected!” He’d be shy, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t like it…


“Oh well.. Two can play that game..” smirks playfully


“Ok then… I’m glad you like my lips that much jagiya!”



“Well I think now it’s my turn…”


We’re done for today~ 

~ADM Pandacchi

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I wanna just thank the universe for jung hoseok because i know he gotta heart that hurts but hes so strong and he keeps up his image of being our hope and someone we can always rely on to have a smile on his face and cheer us up. and he doesnt write in the fancafe or post on twitter like namjoon and yoongi do but he waits and he vents in songs. in lyrics he tells us about his suffering and his hurt .. yet he’s always there at the end of the song or the verse to be like “but you know what, theres always going to be light in darkness, im doing the best i can, just breathe because things will be okay”. I admire that and I can’t tell you how many times where i’ve just been in an absolutely terrible state of mind and I’ve thought about hoseok & bangtan and read/listened to their lyrics and its pulled me enough outta that darkness to go on another day