kai cem narin


Jade Mcsorley from Britain’s Next Top Model.

Designer: Danny Tang A/W10

When realising it was her i comfronted and started chatting away, she was absaloutley lovely and have met her a few times after this occasion. I learned that she lived near me up in the North East, so i started to feel alot better than actually at least 1 person can understand my Geordie accent haha.


Hey guys, wow my 1st on Tumblr this is a stepping stone for great things, but where to start. Well, my name is Kai Cem Narin, i’m 18 at this very second in time but from 4 days time i shall be a much older 19 year old haha. But i’m the oldest of three brothers, i’m half turkish technically from my dad’s say even though i can just count to seven and say hello and a very bad swear word, so sikit git  ( look it up)

But my main passion and complete obession is photography and fashion. I started doing photography properly when i got my first camera at the age of 16, so none of that ‘My mum was the greatest fashion photographer in the world and and used to sneak into her vogue studio bullshit’, hehe. But before photography i started in front of the camera being in complete love with acting, singing and playing acoustic guitar. I just loved creating something a moment, an emotion the way someone reflects on something in their life was something speacial to me. So when i got my 1st camera i just thought i wanted to be the best i can be with this and just to keep striving for success.