kai be creepin

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If you say so, EXO reaction when they're exhausted after s*x

Xiumin: “well that was fun”

Lay: *still a tease*

Kai: *creepin to yo bed*

D.O: *exhausted, but thinking about the nasty you two just did*

Suho: “I don’t need money to do what I just did”

Chen: “round two or you too tired baby?”

Chanyeol: “we just did the frick..”

Baekhyun: “Do I really have to cuddle myself?”

Sehun: * I showed her who’s boss*

Luhan: “you see I am manly~”

Kris: *she knows what’s up*

Tao: “don’t worry we will be doing that again soon ok?”


Ma birthday is coming to an end and as much as it seems just like any old day, I feel like I wanted to thank every single one of my followers because you are all amazing in every single way!! I’m so glad to have met the loveliest people here and I hope to chat to even more of you in the future <3 <3 

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