kai and mika

the (murder) squad™
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My father told me this world was only a preparation for the next. That, all we can ask is that we leave it, having loved and being loved.

“I will search for you through a thousand worlds, and ten thousand lifetimes, until I find you.”

I will wait for you, in all of them.

—  Kai and Mika, 47 Ronin

Handsomedogs’ Photography Contest VII

Here are the top 10! If your image isn’t here, please don’t feel discouraged… There were lots to choose from!

The only way your vote will count, is if it is a response to the question below. Reblogs and Messages do not count! It is very helpful for me to tally the votes if you just copy an paste the image’s caption! (or breed & image description)

Voting ends 10/08/2014

Which image should be the winner of the Handsomedogs’ Photography Contest?