Teen Wolf addressed Hayden’s absence on 6x11.

Three more things that they should address before the show ends:

1. Kira’s progress with the Skinwalkers and what happened to her tail that she entrusted to Scott

2. How Danny knew about the supernatural (or at least, how he knew Ethan was a werewolf) because “Dude, it’s Beacon Hills” is not a good enough reason


Here’s my questions about Teen Wolfe finale :

1- Why did Stiles was able to look in the eyes of the Anuk-ite and doesn’t turn into a stone?

2- What was the paper/letter that Stiles wanted to give to Lydia one day?

3- Where is Danny and Greenberg?

4- Why the coach was okay with surnatural?

5- Why Thiam isn’t endgame?

This is me, blessing your feed with the boys of Teen Wolf. You’re welcome.