kahoots avatars


So, I’ve been reworking some of the parts to the painted dog, and the major piece that had been bugging me we the EARS. Yesterday, I made a whole new pair. I think they’re a much needed improvement, and I would LOVE anyone’s critique on this. I also added a buttload more fur texture detail to the textures themselves. And, as always, the insides of the ears, mouth, the tongue, ears, paws, and claws will be color changeable. The fluff on the side of the head now blends seamlessly into the avatar, so there won’t be any weird transition of shading! And EYELASHES, cause everyone loves to bat their lovely lashes. 

ONE LAST THING, as much as I have checked, the head fits with a good chunk of mesh hair out there. 

I know its been a long time in the works and there have been a few bumps in the road, but I really hope that the wait will be worth it with this avatar. Once all the coding is complete (And its at about 98%), Kahoots will hit the ground running with new avatars for you all.


OK! These are our color options so far! I need at least 8 more before we’re done. Anyone have any suggestions? Leave me a note, or send me a color palette! I’ll throw up a final color selections post once we’ve received options that you guys would like!

And in the bottom two, all the different colored parts on the nose, ears, mouth and tongue will be recolorable via our updated HUD! Just wanted to show off the options! Thanks guys!