kahn koth


Sometimes people forget just how smart King of the Hill can be.

When Kahn finds out that his daughter Connie is rejected from Rice University’s prestigious summer school because of racial quotas, or simply putted because she’s an overachieving asian, he loses it and believes that all his families hard work and achievements were for nothing. They start living like rednecks since they think their education doesn’t mean anything and nearly become homeless in the process.

When Kahn is thrown into a stick fighting ring Hank tries to talk sense into him and we learn what made Kahn make this decision.

I wanted to do this King of the Hill/Yogi Bear mash up based on my favorite KOTH episode. I had fun looking up what characters to base them on (Yogi, Boo Boo, Ricochet Rabbit, Snagglepuss, etc), but I still pretty much hated it until did the background and textures. Then things fell into place. I don’t know, it’s still pretty corny.