How to watch Game of Thrones and Survive
  • 1: dont
  • 2: im being completely serious just don't
  • 3: have zero emotional attachments to characters
  • 4: i mean it like none
  • 5: not any body
  • 6: not even a problematic fav
  • 7: ESPECIALLY not a problematic fav
  • 8: don't ship anything (yes not even the sun and starts shit okay we all go down that path and it sucks)
  • 9: don't root for the under dog because they die
  • 10: or the hero
  • 11: or the passionate
  • 12: and DONT (I repeat don't) have hope ever
  • 13: not for any one
  • 14: theres NO mercy what so ever (ie. Red wedding)
  • 15: lastly you will end up completely ignoring what I said and hate every second of how much you love it

You can’t tell me that Khal Drogo doesnt look down at Dany and isnt so fucking proud of her and knows that she is the best damn khaleesi that has ever lived and knows that she is going to get to that damn Iron Throne and own that shit. I bet he elbows people next to him in heaven and just points down at her with the proudest grin on his face and says “that is the moon of my life and she is going to kick ass”


I’m just going to leave this here. It’s worth clicking the link, you get to see Cory a little naked 😍