Four short fics (prompted by confessorlove)

Kahlan/Viserys (based on Truth and Games modern AU)

Her round, pregnant stomach does nothing to diminish her anger when he stumbles in drunk at two am. The fire in her eyes is plain to see, and when she stops him from collapsing into their bed, her grip is hard as iron. “You promised me, Viserys. You promised you would stop drinking and straighten up before the twins were born.” He opens his mouth to answer, and she shakes her head. “I’m leaving, Viserys. Don’t try to contact me. I don’t want you in my children’s lives if you’re going to act like this.” Before he has a chance to respond, she spins on her heel and storms out of the room. The slamming of the front door echoes in the silent apartment as he hits the floor sobbing. He never meant to screw up, and now, the only woman he loves is gone.


She wouldn’t let him touch her during her pregnancy. She wouldn’t let anyone touch her during her pregnancy. It was like she was afraid of what might happen, afraid of letting anyone be close to her during this strenuous time of her life. And yet, when she delivered that baby girl, a little girl that Kahlan swore looked like him and Richard swore looked like her, the first thing she wanted to do was let Richard hold her while they marveled at the life they’d made together.


Jorah was right about one thing, she thought as she lay in his arms, feeling his hands on the slight curve of her pregnant belly. I need to be kissed, and often, by someone who knows how. She hadn’t counted on falling in love with the bear knight. Yet fall in love she did. And after they reclaimed Westeros, she had made him her king, and he had planted an heir in her belly. The maegi’s prophecy had never come true, Drogo had never returned to her, but she was happy enough with the love she’d found in his stead.


Come away with me, Lyanna, he had whispered as they lay together in her chambers while he visited Winterfell. I will raise you to a status so high that Robert Baratheon will never touch you. You are mine as I am yours. She should have refused. Bad enough that she’d dishonored her family and her betrothed by laying with Rhaegar, but to run away with him? Her father, her brothers, they would never forgive her. And there was no telling what Robert would do. But she couldn’t refuse.

Now, seven months later, a war rages as Robert Baratheon tries to reclaim her. Rhaegar’s bastard grows in her belly, but all Lyanna feels is cold. Her father, her brother, both dead. Her lover, dead. All because of her. She wants to die. Rhaegar’s son keeps her alive. Her desire to see her home one last time keeps her alive. But she is growing weak. And she knows the truth that the maester and her ladies refuse to tell her. She will not survive the birth. She will die so that Rhaegar’s son may live.

This truth brings her peace.