K a h l a n  + Boundary

“With the next step the green sheet of the wall changed suddenly. It had become darkly transparent, as if she were looking into a deep pond into the dark woods. There were forms on the other side. Inky black shapes wavered in the gloom, specters floating in the deep”


✖ I’m gonna fight ‘em all



Kahlan x Cara: Mother Confessor and Mord Sith

(I’m down with a serious case of seeker nostalgia. Well, mostly nostalgia about these two ladies. Yes: this is a mix of one of my older gif sets. But this time around I decided to color them instead of keeping the previous vintage look. Lazy of me? Probably. Yet I also wanted to try adding color for once and see how they looked. And who knows, maybe in the near future, when life is not so hectic, I’ll actually get around to making new stuff. Until then? I will keep missing these wonderful characters and forever lament their departure *shakes fist at abc & co.)

Sword Of Truth Series Drinking Game
  • Two shots when Richard’s lineage is mentioned
  • Shot when a Prophecy has been invoked or mentioned
  • Three Shots for when you see Shota
  • Zedd doing something sassy, two shots
  • Sword of Truth mentioned, take a shot
  • “Richard was a simple Woods Guide” “Kahlan came from Duty” TWO SHOTS
  • While reading the series: Take a sip of something for every chapter
  • If you look up where something is, on the map in the back, take a shot
  • Kahlan uses her Power, take a sip of something
  • Richard gets flustered because he can’t use his magic all that well, take a sip
  • They go to the Wizard’s Keep or Mention it. Take a shot
  • Mord Sith have their “Agiel’s at a flick of their wrist” take a sip
  • Mord Sith say something sexual, or talk back, take a shot.
  • Mord Sith in red leather, take three shots
  • Mord Sith Hair mentioned take a shot
  • “Richard is the Seeker of Truth” BEER PONG!

Have fun getting Schwasted when you try to read this series!

*Try not to do this, I mean really, You’ll be drunk in just a chapter if you do..