Dave & Julia Shapiro said “I do” atop Kahiltna Glacier in Alaska, and they lived happily ever after in their Vans. See more photos on her blog ‘Til Next Time.

The bride wore Glitter Textile Authentics in Grey/True White & the groom wore the Chima Ferguson Pro in Midnight Navy/White.

Photos 1, 3, & 5 by Ashley Osborn & Photos 2 & 4 by Eric Tobin

The Alaska Range

Astronaut Jeff Williams took this series of photographs in 2006 while stationed on the International Space Station. The assembled panorama covers almost the entire Alaska Range, home to the mountain Denali and the highest topography on the North American continent. Denali itself rises at the center of this image, and the Kahiltna Glacier, the longest valley glacier in the park, separates it from the nearby Mount Foraker.

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An aviator from D Company, 1st Battalion, 52nd Aviation Regiment stands outside a CH-47F Chinook helicopter at the Kahiltna Glacier base camp on Mount McKinley in the shadow of 13,965-foot Mount Hunter April 27, 2015. Soldiers and Chinooks from the D/1-52d “Sugar Bears” made short work of delivering several thousand pounds of equipment to base camps at 7,000 and 14,000 feet for the 2015 climbing season, saving money and time for the National Park Service and gaining invaluable experience operating at altitudes and in terrain not available for training missions outside Alaska. 

Alaska Photo Project Captures Climate Change in a Thousand Wows

Photos of the same spots in Denali National Park taken decades apart paint a vivid picture of climate change. Here’s the link to the story in InsideClimate News. The photos were assembled by Department of the Interior employees at Denali National Park, in a project entitled, “Denali Repeat Photography.” Here’s the link to the National Park Service website where you can see additional photos.

1952 - 2004: Nonvegetated Alpine Mountains near Muldrow Glacier

1916 - 2004: Nonvegetated Alpine Mountains near Kahiltna Glacier

1919 - 2011: Nonvegetated Alpine Mountains near Bull River