kahaluâu bay

@gabriielreyes you made like……1 singular post about this a few days ago but i havent stopped thinking about it



@daciafu how could i resist drawing my favorite pokémon with my angsty wreck of a son

also you have sent me down an absolute (hah) rabbit hole of headcanons so here we go

- soul looks scariest when he’s hanging out in maka’s gym and gets mistaken for gym leader
- he is ofc a cinnamon roll and actually a contest person (he’s maxed out his cool rank)
- he will not infrequently fall asleep on his absol
- absol is also a dork and enjoys belly rubs like all the time
- maka is more like whitney: nice and harmless looking, but absolutely can and will wipe your ass with her togekiss
- (the togekiss may or may not be Black☆Star, i haven’t decided)

thoughts after watching the BTS drama

-wtf happened to all of jimin’s game
-yoongi was waaaay too into his role
-kim taehyung: actor
-whoever thought jin was normal i am deeply sorry
-vhope hard carried that shiet
-kim namjoon truly cleanses the burdened soul
-jeon is…such a freaking loser oh my god.
-everyone should have a crush on jung hoseok
-seriously. where is all of park jimin’s game (it like he don’t need it anymore…)
-jin should be the new lead vocalist


Tupac Shakur | Infamous interview with Sway for KMEL April 19th 1996 | FULL Raw & Uncut

This is THE SHIT! I have heard variations of this interview a million times over the years but I have never heard this raw uncut full interview! This is how all interviews should be released raw, unedited and with NO additives.