PJO/HOO Wand Types

Percy Jackson: English oak and dragon heartstring, 12 ¾ inches. 

  • English oak favors people who are loyal, especially to their friends, who are perceptive, and gives a great affinity for the magical world

Annabeth Chase: Annabeth: Fir and phoenix feather, 10 inches. 

  • Fir is for survivors and those who are focused, strong-minded and, occasionally, intimidating. Phoenix feathers are for nonconformists

Luke Castellan: Hawthorn and phoenix feather, 10 ½ inches. 

  • Hawthorn suits those of conflicting nature, adept at both healing and curses, and very powerful

Clarisse LaRue: Redwood and dragon heartstring, 9 ½ inches

Thalia Grace: Holly and dragon heartstring, 9 ¼ inches. 

  • A wand suited for the impetuous and angry but also protective. 

Will Solace: Willow and unicorn hair, 11 ¼ inches.

  • A wand for those willing to learn and with great potential. They are also very adept at healing

Nico DiAngelo: Elder and thestral hair, 10 7/8 inches. 

  • Elder is deeply unlucky, but also ridiculously powerful. It was originally Bianca’s wand; Nico was 10 years old at the time of her death and had not been given one. Nico used it after Percy returned it to him after Bianca’s death. 

Rachel Dare: Silver lime and unicorn hair, 10 2/3 inches. 

  • Silver lime is good for fortune tellers and seers. 

Jason Grace: Beech and dragon heartstring, 12 3/8 inches. 

  • Beech is for those who are open minded and willing to learn (and they also make very handsome wands so it’s perfect for Golden Boy Jason)

Piper McLean: Hazel and unicorn hair, 9 1/8 inches 

  • Hazel responds strongly to emotions and is exceptionally powerful when used skillfully

Leo Valdez: Ebony and Phoenix feather, 10 ¼ inches. 

  • Ebony wands favor a individual person, comfortable in who they are.

Hazel Levesque: Elm and unicorn hair, 9 ¾ inches. 

  • Inherited from her mother, Marie. Marie wanted an elm wand because of its reputation that only pure-bloods can use it; Given to Marie by Hazel’s father. The wand itself is richly decorated with gold and jewels.

Frank Zhang: Cypress and unicorn hair; 17 3/5 inches

  • Originally, Frank used his mother’s plum and dragon-heartstring wand, which itself was used by his grandmother, but the wand was broken early in his first year. Cypress is for the brave, self-sacrificing, and noble, often with a connection to good family, and similarly esteemed in China

Reyna Arellano: Vine and dragon heartstring, 11 7/8 inches. 

  • She seeks a greater purpose and has a deep, often hidden personality

Octavian: Octavian: Spruce and unicorn hair, 8 ½ inches.

  • Firm handed, bold, and ambitious. Destroyed in the final battle with the dark sorceress Gaia.

Mike Kahale: Hawthorne and unicorn hair, 9 inches

  • Best suited to those of a conflicting nature. Lost when used by Octavian in the final battle against Gaia; the spell backfired, killing Octavian and flinging the wand to parts unkown.

REMINDER   .       venus  kids  in  the  roman  camp  were  so  beautiful  that  they  startled  the  greek’s  and  not  just  because  of  their  natural  beauty  but  also  because  they  were  literally    TALL  BAD  ASS  KIDS   with  tattoos  up  to  their  sleeves  and  stern  looks  (:

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In general Lylah wasn’t exactly that strict, she had some troubles with focusing as well, but this was her favourite movie… well, right now. Her favourites changed all the time, so Kahale would probably eventually see dozens of her favourites.

“You better,” she murmured tapping his nose teasingly before reached for the remote, skipping back to the scene’s beginning.

Kahale grinned at her when she tapped his nose, but obediently turned his attention to the screen rather then kissing her adorable face. It actually was a good scene, so he had to give her that. Lylah thankfully had good taste in movies, not that he’d had any doubt in her. But it was always a relief. 

“You’re right, that was the best part,” he chuckled, allowed himself to give her a peck on the cheek. 

do  you  know  what  it  takes  to  be  a  centurion  :   ramble.

the first cohort is the most massive and deadly cohort that they have so it requires two centurions.   so clear that up,   yes,   kenneth is the centurion that replaced octavian and michael kahale is the other centurion.   they both work side by side and make a lot of decisions together,   and when michael has gone back to hawaii after the summer kenneth is the sole centurion,  he’s not temporary.  both of them are vicious as fuck.

things  a  centurion  has  to  know  before  you  can  even  attempt  to  become  a  centurion  :  a  summary.

literacy  &  knowledge.   boy let me tell you centurions had to know their damn system like it was a part of their skin.    taxes?  education systems?  security?  perimeters?  training soldiers?  recruits?  communication with the praetor and lupa?  keeping facilities in check?  solving local disputes?  maintaining new rome?  understanding every nerve of the senate?  maintain political stability?  extreme and dangerous quests?  economics?  knowing enough languages to communicate with all the diverse citizens?  5  years  of  experience?    honestly i’d throw myself out the window if i had to study all of this for 5 years.

excellence in the colosseum  :  literal  blood  bath.

unsurprisingly you have to prove your intelligence first.   all the information stated above has to be demonstrated before you even get to the next stage.   and the next stage is brutal.   imagine being tossed in the ring to fight several different monsters or volunteers who want to take you down,  and most probably they’ll be people from the cohort you’re aiming to snatch.  it could last hours and you could very possibly die!!!!  the last match is with the centurion that currently holds the place.    it’s battle to the death unless one of them surrenders,   which is rare,   because romans don’t like surrender.

okay i know this sounds strange but like please hear me out here.

- connection with what happened with Octavian and being of the same opinion there

- can talk about said thing together and work through it together

- near unshakeable loyalty and stability that will do Nico good

- will likely always be honest about anything Nico asks about

- bonding over terrible stereotyping of their cultures

- son of venus so can be a great friend to help him work through percy/coming out??

- slow burn from friendship to relationship as Kahale will be patient but not as insecure/passive as Jason might be

- nico spending a lot of time at camp jupiter because Hazel and Reyna and Kahale would be there too so AY

- double dates that are totally not double dates with frank and hazel

- cutest shipname: MINICO

- so much more pls ship this with us we’re like 3 people crying over this

EDIT: i forgot his eyemole in one of the pics i am very shamed and it is fixed now

Solangelo Headcanon- Minions

Nico has a wide number of followers.

Will calls them minions.

It started with the Stolls, then grew to quite a few Roman campers (Young and old)

Micheal Kahale surprised everyone by asking Nico to sponsor him instead of Reyna.

It should also be noted that Frank is a minion. He can deny it all he wants but once Nico gives you an order it is followed no matter your rank (although Nico never abuses his power)

Will also has Minions, smaller in comparison to Nico’s but he has them!

Basically his minions were his siblings. He isn’t ashamed that he pulled rank as Head Counselor and Oldest (because that’s what older siblings do, they pull rank)

He also has Lou Ellen and Cecil and a f he’s lucky Clarisse and Chris (because he follows Clarisse like a puppy)

Although nobody beats having the Stolls loyal to you.

Except Bob. He takes the cake.

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Perinth, Devani was going to kill Alma herself.  They were not bad wounds, but she knew how it would likely end.  Her entire body swayed back in annoyance as she let out a smoky sigh.  The falcon showed more and more similarities to Kei every day and she didn’t know what to think of it.  It was simultaneously infuriating and heartbreaking.  That sort of brashness to rush in to help was the reason the second was dead.  She set about to helping the other, working the little magic she had into healing open gashes and gently clearing away blood.  
   “You are a kahal, Alma.  Fool.  A brave one but a fool nonetheless.  You could have called for me.” 
She was disappointed that she had not been there herself.  Fire gave great coverage to avoid injury.  The new arrival didn’t need such assault on her first day.  Devani focused her gaze intently on Alma, briefly showing teeth.  She had only been a few feet away attempting a cold bath which would not stop heating up with her in it.  Her hair was still steaming slightly from the extra heat as she built up a fire glow.  
     “If you get yourself killed, and I do believe you will as all of you do, do not go out alone because you wanted to be the hero.  There was no reason for you to get hurt.”

SPQR: Legion of Super-Heroes - 30

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– NICO –

He woke slowly, laying in a soft bed and surrounded by warmth and light. Too much light, he decided as he cracked his eyes open and groaned, turning his face into the pillow.

“Good Morning.”

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I would like to take a moment and talk about this season of Game of Thrones. Nothing really serious just the fact that most, if not all, the major players are women. In season 1 we have the king and all the lords ruling everything. Even in Westeros and the Khal were all lead by men. 

This season we have the women making a stand. Dani showing the masters whats what and killing the Kahals. Asha taking all her uncles ships giving him a big F you for taking my home. Arya kicking ass and out smarting the Waif at her own game. Sansa showing Fucking Bolten that she wasn’t some scared little girl and sicking his own dogs on him.  Margaery fooling the high septer into thinking she was with him when in reality she is a snake in waiting. Ellaria Sand killing the head of house Martell for his inaction to the death of his brother.

This whole season is just showing the men in game of thrones that they have no idea what they’re doing.

prompt #2: minor characters!

Do you have a favorite under-appreciated side character? A character who deserved more than what they got? Someone who deserved a back story, or more screen time, or (gasp) not dying?

Hopefully someone popped into your head! If not, here’s a small list:

  • Hylla Ramírez-Arellano
  • Bianca di Angelo
  • Drew Tanaka
  • Clarisse La Rue
  • Ethan Nakamura
  • Silena Beauregard
  • Charles Beckendorf
  • Zoë Nightshade
  • Calypso
  • Octavian
  • Mike Kahale
  • Hestia
  • Bob
  • basically anyone you feel is underrepresented by the fandom!

It might also be a good time to mention that we also accept meta essays if that’s your thing. This is a pretty open prompt, and depending on who you focus on you could do pretty much anything, but here are some ideas:

  • how they got to their demigod camp
  • important relationship(s) in their lives
  • interacting with the family (mortal, godly, or demigod half-sibs)
  • solitary musings
  • what their powers/abilities are like
  • favorite and/or least favorite things (eg activity, food, song)
  • life after the war
  • AU where they didn’t die
  • wearing an ugly sweater
  • at a tea party
  • playing hopscotch
  • honestly you have so much freedom here

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