kagura's wind

I was rereading Inuyasha for the first time in years…and unexpectedly fell head over heels for willful, cheeky, free-spirited Kagura! Her relationship with Sesshomaru is, subtly, very sweet- he always lets her get away with pulling all kinds of crap, which, coming from someone as unforgiving as Sesshomaru, is very telling. *giggles*

au where kagura actually takes kagome up on her offer to stay w the inugang and somehow doesn’t get killed by naraku


  • kagura and sango not hitting it off AT A L L and constantly making snide comments at each other, leading to a serious fight followed by kagura admitting to helping kohaku when she could and sango gradually letting her defenses down
  • kagome mediating between sango and kagura when they get too heated
  • kagura SAVING SANGO IN A FIGHT but kagura denying wanting to save her and sango initially refusing to thank her but feeling guilty and thanking her anyways
  • kagome convincing kagura to fan her off on an especially hot day, the others extremely on edge the whole time
  • kagura adjusting to being on the ground and walking more and freedom to do what she wants when they’re relaxing
  • kagura smiling at the gang’s banter
  • kagome making a big deal out of said smile and kagura getting flustered, then still smiling when she falls back behind everyone else so no one can see
  • kagura fighting extra hard when kohaku is at stake, and taking on the role of his wine aunt when they get him back
  • mad one sided tension whenever sesshomaru shows up (and u know kagome picks up on it immediately)