kagura shingan

|| A reunion || - Kagura-Shingan

The raven sat on top of the rooftop of naruto’s home. He had his eyes half closed as he looked up at the dark skies. The uchiha was back in konoha, his old home and even though he had returned he still felt the need to bring it down into rubble. The uchiha shut his eyes closed and released a heavy sigh escape the males mouth as he stood up. The anbu was still watching the uchiha’s moves closely if he were to decide to set his ambition into action. He jumped off the roof landing onto the ground below as he started walking through the streets, his onyx orbs glanced around the area.

The streets were somewhat silent, there was hardly anyone around as his footsteps caused silent echos around the alley ways. He sensed a familiar chakra pattern, what on earth was she doing in this village? His onyx orbs stared towards the direction, the last time he was around her was after he had stabbed through her to mortally wound Danzo. He did consider her a vital team member of Taka, hatred had overwhelmed the uchiha to sacrifice her to get his revenge he had no intention of actually harming the female. When he had gotten closer to the source he stopped and his onyx orbs narrowed onto her, “Karin.” he said as he stood a few feet from her, “It’s been sometime, and to think we’re in the same village I longed to destroy.” he said tilting his head to the side and smirked.

enton  asked:

I actually don't know any Karin fans who hate all the other female characters. o.o At least, there aren't any I know of on tumblr or the SasuKarin fanclub on Naruto Forums. I like all the Naruto girls, personally. I'm pretty mellow; there's not a single character I truly "hate," just some that I'm less interested in than others.

You don’t? sfgjlslkd I usually see them on my dash and on the Karin tag every now and then. It doesn’t happen too often or is too bad, but it happens enough to make me <___< at the hypocrisy. They either dislike the girls aside from Karin, or say Karin’s “better” than the rest. 

And yes, I know~<3 Well, I admit there’re a couple of characters that I dislike, but I can’t really be bothered to flame or start any sort of wank. It’s all just a matter of taste and I generally ignore what I don’t like ^(u.u)^ Fandumb is what annoys me xD

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I see! That makes sense. I figured she might be intrigued by the inconsistencies in his chakra. She might ask him if he is the one who killed his brother's clan and when he responds - either saying "no" or dismissing the question out of hand - she sense that he is lying (one of her abilties) or that there's just something "off" about his reply. And perhaps they meet up again later down the line or something, on one of the rare occasions on which she's able to leave the island. o:

Definitely! She would know right away that there’s something not right with Itachi and the whole massacre deal. I mean, even if he’s excellent at lying, Karin can read the patterns of his chakra signature, so she would know that something’s up >.< It’s one of the fascinating points in Itachi-Karin interactions, I think! ovo

I was worried about that! Since Karin’s stuck so far off, it would be difficult for them to cross paths every now and then. But I guess we’ll just have to see where the rp takes us?? Hopefully they’ll have more frequent encounters later on XD