hearts meet after a year apart ... 
and those melancholy feelings subside...

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The real reason no one likes Jellal
  • Maxy:Heavenly Body Magic, Thought Projection, Darkness Magic, Fire Magic, Water Magic, Wind Magic, Earth Magic, Abyss Break, Bind Snake, Self-Destruction Spell, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Magic Staves
  • Maxy:Jellal
  • Maxy:you might need to slow down
  • Nor-chan:Holy shit jellal
  • Nor-chan:What a nerd
  • Nor-chan:He's that kid in class who's good at everything and that's why no one likes him
  • Maxy:OMFG
  • Maxy:CRYING
  • Imouto:jesus fucking christ

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+What Have I Done?+ [Kagi--Horuda] - CLOSED.

It was a normal and simple day in the Fairy Tail guild hall, as Natsu Dragneel’s eyes scanned the Quest board rapidly.

It was a good few minutes until his eyes finally settled on a Quest. “Ah-ha! Perfect!” He spun around and locked on the very person he wanted. Dashing quickly over to her, he slammed the piece of paper on the table in front of her. “Check it out! This job sounds super easy and it should be a piece of cake! Plus the reward is sweet! You gotta go with me, Luce!!" He exclaimed, with an excited grin.

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                                     ….The rain fell, the rain poured, silencing the world in only its cries.
                                                          Oh what a wonderful blessing it is to mother Earth and                                                                      to those that inhabit it so it may give life, restore it                                                                   and yet, also hide the pain that falls from their eyes                                                                                                 Ah yes, such a glorious disguise. 

      With every step, it felt like knives and needles were being shot all throughout his body. Purple and black splattered his back and his face. Every rain drop that met his skin, felt like a white hot wire, thin, thread like needles hitting his skin, repeatedly. 

    Little, by, little, he trudged down his puddled street,, grabbing his side and keeping his hooded head downward, casting a shadow upon his  now marbled face. Despite the dark, he feared the worst. Feared he’d be stopped and asked. Feared he’d be judged and pitied.

                                 He hated pity.
                                 Absolutely hated it.
                                 His pride mattered so much to him, but now….
                                 he wasn’t so sure
                                 of where to go, what to do or…anything.

All he knew was he needed to go somewhere. Somewhere warm and bright. Rogue was his first thought, but he was out of town, there there was only one other. A warm, bright girl who whenever she smiled lit up his world and sent child down his spine. A girl whom he loved to make flustered and turn red. A girl who had the brightest laugh that warmed his heart. Yes, Lucy Heartfilia. A girl whom he considered a charm and beauty in his life.

Short breaths and slow, heavy steps came from the blond as he stopped outside her apartment and knocked with a heavy fist and gripped tightly onto her mailbox. A hard swallow and a gasp came from the auburn-eyed male as he winced and struggled to stand up straight. He…had to stand up straight, she couldn’t see him like this. Why….was he even he? What good would this do? He…no, he had to get out of here.

                                Turning away, away from his light
                                 but it was futile, foot steps echoed
                                 he was trapped, caught and in a trance
                                 He was under her spell.

Door opened his blank eyes stared at her honey ones. His ehad slowly lifted up, half his bruises face cast in shadows, other in the light. There was no turning back now. Questions would be asked and said and no answers would come. The answers remained in his heart, trapped, afraid to rise up from the shadows. He would not utter a word of his fears, his own shadows that he hid from the light.

                                “Please….don’t ask. Just….I need…a place to sleep. I–
                                  Lucy–please, I—”

What came next, was something he did not foresee nor plan. It was as if he were a marionette as he took a step toward her, stumbling, but his arms latched onto the stunned, paled blond and held onto her, his weight all resting on his injured leg. “Please…just be here for me, Lucy-san…Heh, I’m such a child, clinging to people. I just—”  His throat constricted once more before uttering, not, forcing our hoarse words, barely, right next to the blonde’s ear. "..please, help me.“  Tears rolled down his cheeks, splattering onto her shoulder. Yes, some rain fell on her, but the rain continually drenched the blond male, but did not succeed in disguising his tears. For what fell from his eyes, was the rain from his heart.


                                            Oh how the rain falls from the sky, the clouds, the heavens
                                                                                                         and onto the Earth below
                                                                       how it gives life over and over, continuing life
                                                                                 yet, how tragic it can fall from humans
                                                                                        whom claim to be strong like gods
                                                                                                    how foolish they are indeed