So, the day is finally here…
Valentine’s Day.

Instead of making a follow forever of all my favorite blogs and everyone I love, I am instead going to make one of all the people who I shall include in my galactic army (because that is how I show my love for you… by sparing your life and drafting you into my galactic army for conquest ♡). After reaching my follower goal so quickly after remaking like really this blog is less than a year old what are you guys doing, I decided it is time to spread the shadows of my wings and move on to my next phase of taking over the universe– muhwahaha!! So the following blogs are part of my crew and fleet, and together we will be fighting amongst the infinite stars!

‟Today the skies are clear and the waves are high–this battle will decide the destiny of the empire! And believe me, this is just the beginning; we’ll vaporize anything that gets in our way! The SOS Brigade will make its name known to the ends of the universe!!“
 – as quoted by my goddess wife Haruhi Suzumiya

Fleet Admirals (my fav nerds and memes, also you guys are in charge of my fleet? omg we are all going to die):

✧  oddishly ✧ crunchyboss ✧ senyaku ✧ sakuurairo ✧  kaijoukisesenpais-senpaiemolga
✧  toshirohijikatamyshishio  ✧ fvllbustermoondenizenkanekingzshiroihimetoobees ✧

Captains (cool senpai and my loser friends, my love for you is as infinite as the limits of the universe):

angelique-prettymorbesity ✧  myuun ✧ sushipngpowertopsenpai✧ andyhinomiya ✧
animepdakageyamasnosebleedpyachi ✧ kurisusususoulcodaizabukuro ✧  
resdoliemgustygalaxysoftdespair ✧  turn-xsundersea ✧ sugoiboyscherry-kisu ✧
akarui-sky ✧ gorgonscales ✧  ziga-experientia ✧  matsuokou ✧ durararaslaurineandersen
harern ✧ nanahse ✧ ghostsushiniishinoya-senpaimartialsporkdramatic-ninjayogvrt ✧

Ensigns (salutes you all) :

voicelessbakarobotmangadigivicenaninoojoranoruraikoujiyachibot ✧ 
v4irohayukiimisaki-chandaysaoit-started-to-rain ✧ leetaememesakura-milk
yuutsu-umanqas ✧ inxchi ✧ sugar-maidudon-udonpinkkapplekujou-san
aflightlesscrow ✧ pocketcuccoshinjikohaipizmakokonoseharukahakuuryuus ✧
dailydaysmi-onsouthkoreansmudkip  ✧ tbqhonestmoltopenemikurubeamu
bvzzdjuhzou ✧ bigbaengkakerukurosawa ✧ ayreiblushing-kouhai ✧ hxrajuku
mari-ll ✧ majoraweirdo-chanfluoricsenslay ✧ y-ureii ✧ rankaisnoragamis
hayatoxkotojigeassgreenmilky-lait​ ✧ yukinepng​ ✧ crystalpilot​ ✧ mamacaroni​ ✧
stratums​ ✧ haisesaski​ ✧ dogebutt​ ✧ velozity​ ✧ 0ci0koreanghost​ ✧ androidoll​ ✧ sh0unen​ ✧
amerabu​ ✧ katahane​ ✧ revolocities​ ✧ jearmin ✧ s-video​ ✧ wanderingintheparadise ✧  
hoetarudefestoev​ ✧ hikari-kisu ✧ fujisakiss ✧ jmichaeltatum ✧ midousuojisakii-sh
kanonsmallink7–7rinkakou ✧ kietaii ✧ submachinegunsactualsuzuyaaloi-s
✧ rockettensiontokyofrootdonaatsu ✧ standusersnamfacejamthefruitd0ushite
route-117toru-chixyzandere99-slayer ✧  shishiosmravenglock ✧ makoriinsushoi ✧
✧  nirthlingo ✧ flash-n-thunder ✧ sweetpool-atlas ✧ spaceviral ✧ fourleafclovertaiga ✧

I am eternally indebted to one of my bestest friends Nabila for making the photoset above, she captured the beauty and subtle grace of my wife perfectly, but more importantly she is perfect.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kyoto Animation for giving me many reasons to cry this Valentine’s Day coughmatsuokarincoughcough. A thank you and kisses to everyone who believed in me, I couldn’t have become super powerful enough to destroy planets and make it to the top without you guys. 
But more importantly, thanks to all my followers for putting up with spams of weird things, and my rants in my tags and such. I’m always trying to improve my blog for the better and you guys following me and telling me nice and supportive things always makes me happy, you guys are the true heros not some nerd like me. 

Wishing everyone a happy, chocolate-filled Valentine’s Day, packed with cool space mecha fights and moe anime girls! ♡

–your fleet captain, Kiki

gayandasleep  asked:

27 AND 43 ;;;;;;;;)

you’re an absolute piece of shit and I hope you’re doing your work or at least trying and I define trying as not having distracting resources near you

27 Favorite curse word(s)?

Fuck, shitbagel, shitassed, fucker; mostly a lot of words involving fuck and shit and maybe ass if you consider that a curse word?

43 Which of your friends is the funniest?

obviously not you Not completely sure but actually it might be you SO CONGRAULTIONS