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ok, so this might be a silly question but i've been scrolling through your blog recently and i saw ur post about how kags and hina's relationship mirrors iwaizumi and oikawa's, and how kags is like iwaizumi, and hina is like oiks in their relationship. how is kageyama like iwaizumi? wouldn't it make more sense if he were like oikawa, especially bc hinata and oiks are so different? idk if i'm missing something here :/ help me understand B! >.<

Hello my bean, I guess you are talking about this post where I was talking about how I think Kageyama is unconsciously replicating the iwaoi dynamic

It’s true that we always compare Kageyama and Oikawa because of their role as setters and because the narrative always presented us as “rivals” somehow, but court position aside, Kageyama and Oikawa have close to nothing in common. 

While both Iwaizumi and Kageyama:

  • get very mad when Oikawa/Hinata underestimate themselves
  • called out Oikawa/Hinata on being selfish and therefore destroying the equilibrium of the team
  • are physically and verbally violent with Oikawa/Hinata and with them ONLY (we’ve never seen them raising a finger on any other character)
  • call Oikawa/Hinata “dumbass” (again, it’s just with them)
  • constantly look annoyed with Oikawa/Hinata but actually are the first people to support them 
  • trust Oikawa/Hinata like anyone else 

I think that Kageyama picked up all of this during his junior high days, because if Oikawa is surely the person that influenced his playing style the most, Iwaizumi was the one who showed a little bit of kindness and humanity to him, it’s only safe to think that he could have been a model for him. 

I think that if OIkawa is what Kageyama is as a player, maybe Iwaizumi is what Kageyama is as a person. 

Hey, what took you so long?
I needed to take a dump so…
… …

Aaargh!!! That’s such a lame caption! Anyways, here’s the official announcement for another long-week celebration of our beloved pairing! However, despite the results of the poll, we have to move its schedule instead of the summer holidays, we’ll hold it on September with the last day falling on their jersey number.

From September 5 to September 11 will be held the third TsukkiKage Week! It’ll be the same as the past two years. And just to refreshen the memory of previous participants and for new comers as well:

  • The rules are here, the FAQ are there and if you have any questions, you can ask them here!
  • The tag we will be tracking is #tsukkikageweek with two “k” for Tsukki~

The prompts

Each day has two (2) prompts of which you can use either or both, it’s all up to you! You can also interpret them as you wish!

DAY 1 (September 5th) : Beach / Training Camp
DAY 2 (September 6th) : Humid / Ghost
DAY 3 (September 7th) : Heights / Fireworks
DAY 4 (September 8th) : Phone / Hole
DAY 5 (September 9th) : Plans / Bridge
DAY 6 (September 10th) : Distance / Promise
DAY 7 (September 11th) : Change / Free prompt

The main theme for this year is, obviously, summer. Albeit a bit late for when the month comes, it’s never bad to have our boys enjoy the hot season together! With much hope, we’ll be waiting for your participation~♥

Tsukikage: domestic hc
  • falls asleep on the couch

If they’re watching a movie, they usually fall asleep together on the couch. If they’re watching a volleyball match, Kageyama would be guaranteed to be awake the whole time.

It also depends on the time of day. Kageyama is more of a morning person and Tsukki is a night person.

  • makes friends with the neighbors

Well..actually neither since they’re not really social, but their neighbours are Sugawara and Oikawa on their left, and Yamaguchi and Yachi on the other side. 

In their defence, the rent is cheap (and the regular free meals from Yamaguchi and Yachi don’t hurt either). 

  • is the adventurous eater

Kageyama, hands down.  Sometimes Tsukishima wonders if Kageyama just eat anything in his sight because that what it looks like a lot of the time. 

  • hogs the covers at night

Tsukishima. He’s sensitive to the cold okay? Although often it’s hard to pull the blanket from Kageyama because the latter would have a strong grip on it even when deep in sleep. Usually Tsukishima would give up after two tries, and roll over to snuggle and absorb Kageyama’s body heat. (Kageyama is a walking, talking thermos bottle)

  • forgets to do the dishes

Kageyama. Although if you ask Tsukishima, he would mutter something like “selective memory”.

  • tries to surprise their partner more often

Tsukishima. Kageyama can’t hide his reactions and Tsukki enjoys the cute facial expressions he gets when he plans little surprises. 

One of their best memories was when Tsukki came home with a tiny black kitten. Truth to be told, Tsukki isn’t a cat person but the kitten still had blue eyes and her soft fur reminded him of Kageyama. 

Kageyama doesn’t have much luck with animals but the kitten was friendly and-okay her eyes and purrs were irresistible. What was Tsukki to do?

  • leaves dirty laundry on the floor

Kageyama. In his defence, Tora - the kitten - likes to play with clothes on the floor. He sometimes likes to rearrange the clothes and make some sort of fort for her to play in. 

Tsukki did not think the loose threads on his favourite dinosaur sweaters was cute, however. 

  • stays up til 2 AM reading

Tsukishima. He’s a night person and finds it hard to fall asleep unless he reads a novel. Reading and listening to Kageyama’s soft breathing sounds next to him work very well to help him fall asleep each night.

  • sings in the shower

Tsukishima. Well he can’t wear his headphones in the shower y’know? So he sings instead. Early in their relationship he was conscious so he hummed instead, but when he became comfortable being himself around Kageyama, he no longer hesitated,

  • takes the selfies

Neither really. They do take a lot of sneaky photos of each other though. Not long after Tora came into their lives, Tsukki had to buy a bigger storage card for his phone because there was so many photos of Kageyama playing and falling asleep with Tora.

“I sprouted from the concrete” and “humans were born without wings so we search for other ways to fly” both sound like some lines from some award winning slam poetry, or some social or political commentary-Kanye or Drake lyric, but they’re actually from an anime about an orange gremlin who can jump super super high but learns that the power of friendship can get him higher.


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