kageyama i love u

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WHERE ARE THE KAGEHINATSUKIS AT. hinata sandwiched in between kags and tsukki who start showering him with kisses and hinata's like "kageyama, you should kiss tsukishima too!!" and kags just gives him A Look and glares at tsukki and tsukki finds this so funny so he just. smashes his face against kags' and they have an amusingly angry make out session while hinata pisses his pants laughing.

Haaaaah, speaking of ot3 week!

You’ve created perfection.

kxngofthecourt asked:

(You're a really awesome Hinata! I think you're super talented at writing him and making the balance between his excited, sunny nature and his occasional "you wanna fight!?" type attitude especially with my Kageyama. I love roleplaying with you because of this!)

{ ooohhhh my gosh thank u so much im blushing so hard. i’m so super glad you like my portrayal. }

tinygixnt asked:

where do i even start tbh. i absolutely adore your kageyama. i think you really have a grasp on his personality, like you don't JUST make him an angry blueberry who wants to fight everyone. i mean that's still part of his personality but there's so much more to it too, and you definitely have it down. he's a huge, awkward dork with anger issues but he still cares a lot about his friends even though he doesnt openly admit it very often. i love ur kageyama so much.



     (SLA MS KEYS ON THE KEYBOAR DKNL NFmn thank you………so much ;w;. I’m really glad you talked about that because Kageyama has insecurities and some people think he’s totally cruel and heartless like NO Kageyama just doesn’t know how to properly socialize I promise that’s it………..I love Kageyama so much thank u.)