Another thing I’d like to point out:

this specific line in Lost Time Memory. it reads 五月蠅いな, or urusai na.

Naturally, everyone knows “urusai” as “shut up!” or “you’re so annoying!” but there’s another meaning to this!

when i first looked at this, i was like what the fuck is that weird ass kanji, so i looked into it (way more than i should have tbh)

And of course I did some googling, found this site that says:


trans: “The word ‘Kagerou’ in English is 'Mayfly.' However, in Japanese, when you write '五月蝿,’ it’s read as 'urusai.’ The feeling is completely different.”

basically, if you take the word apart, it literally says “May fly” (五月 being “May” and 蠅 being “fly”), and the way you say “Mayfly” in Japanese is カゲロウ, i.e. “Kagerou.”

furthermore, “kagerou” can also mean short-lived, ephemeral, etc. due to the Mayfly’s short life of one day. Maybe ephemera is relevant to kagepro idk 


so… on the Children Record Booklet under Momo’s profile, it says that her favorite game is せが〇いじり, remove the censor and it's せがれいじり, or Segare Ijiri. jorwil linked me to some gameplay for it and… well… i don’t really know what’s going on and you probably won’t either but it’s definitely something Momo would like

things that confuse me:

this is when they first get their hoodies

this is at the end of the pv

i think this is when they go to the school festival?????? i haven’t received my copy of the first novel yet but


okay okay okay
humor me for a sec

i’ve discussed this with someone before, but i can’t remember where the chat is, so i’ll turn it over to Outer Science:

Welcome to the interior of my womb
The endpoint of love and ego
You will soon be reborn as well
It’s wonderful to be like a monster, right?

albeit, the lyrics are weird, but what if Kuroha is the never-ending world? Jin also said that Konoha is the key to the never-ending world, so what if that “key” is Kuroha? Assuming that Kuroha and Konoha are the same people.

and if we go off of this, I think that Shintarou took the bullet for Kuroha in Lost Time Memory because if Kuroha killed himself, the world would cease to exist, and (let’s say the Mekakushi Dan knows about this by now) he took the bullet because Ayano was still in Kagerou Days.

Since Ayano’s not wearing her scarf in Shintarou’s dream in Lost Time Memory, and since she’s also not wearing it at the end of Ayano no Koufuku Riron, what if she was trying to contact Shintarou (for whatever reason) through his dreams? or something like that

this is something that has come up before so i’d like to talk about it

the line in Kagerou Days and Outer Science that says “it’s the real thing”

in Outer Science, they do say [酷く脆くちゃちな日々は]正銘だろう ([this [these] terrible, brittle, worthless story [days]] is the real thing!)

however, in Kagerou Days, the first time around they actually say 嘘じゃないぞ (this isn’t a lie!) and the second time they say 夢じゃないぞ (this isn’t a dream!) rather than “this is this real thing.”