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Daisuke, 30 VII 1978 — 15 VII 2010

★ Le:cheri [drummer 199? - 1997]
★ Fatima [drummer 1998 - 1999]
★ 蜉蝣 [vocalist 1999 - 2007]
★ the studs [vocalist 2007 - hiatus]
★ 大佑と黒の隠者達 [vocalist 2010 - ]

Amazing voice. Astounding energy. Incredible lyrics. Born 3o VII 1978 in Tokio, both writer and a composer, says that if you want to gain insight into his soul, lyrics are the best source. Based on his own experiences his lyrics are emotional, intense and painfully truthful. Emphasized by a unique, strong and captivating voice which turns into a cry as often as it does into a whisper; his words come alive because of him. Mirroring him. His motto? “Live your every minute as if it were your last, not scared but filled with the most joyous moments.” Though he is fragile due to his heart problems, Daisuke has chosen not to allow this to hinder this aspirations. Like the name “kagerou” was supposed to represent a short-lived insect, whose life is concentrated on proctreation. Fortunately for his many fans, Daisuke instead focuses his energy on creating new songs and lyrics, so he is a “father” to many wonderful “children” and his emotions are born in us, his fans. Becaue Daisuke always wanted to live. He wanted to live intensely, the fastest as he could and doing his utmost. His motto was “live your every day as if it was your last”. He died on 15.07.2010. In our memory - he will stay alive forever.