answered: the darkest one


 answered: Third one looks the nicest! c:


 answered: Personally, I’d go with the third. It’s darker than the shirt, so I think that’ll be great!

thatonerandomnerd reblogged this and added: I say the third one! :3

Thanks guys, it looks like I’ll be buying the third one maybe tonight or tomorrow!

kagerisendou replied to your post: stupid rant

I’m so sorry to hear that love, I know sometimes we take it a bit far too, but remember we love you. And I hope it stops being such a big issue in the future outside of our circle.

Thank you dearly Allie, one day i might take you up on that, but its not that big of a deal inside the circle :) i know its a joke and i dont take it as an insult, far from it. 

its just frustrating when its people iv just met or may or may not have interest in :/.

kagerisendou replied to your post: i really dislike vic mignogna like so much and…

Oh my god, me too. Everyone treats him like he’s god’s gift to voice acting, but he’s so sub par and not a great person to begin with anyway. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Asdfghjkl; I know. And he often comes to cons near me and all of my friends like collapse at his feet because “hes so perfect omfg” and he’s just, not? I met him once and I was carrying a yaoi doujinshi with me and he just scoffed and was like “maybe you’ll find some decent manga soon” and everyone laughed and he wasn’t even joking he was dead srs and I just ugh i really do not like vic mignogna at all omg U___U