You know you’re a Kagerou Addict When...

-You Observe August 14/15 As National Holidays

-You snicker every time you see a snake

-You see Red Eyes and assume eye power possession

-You feel the sudden urge to wear jackets in 90-degree heat

-You feel unsafe crossing a busy intersection

-You suddenly cry at the sight of red scarfs

-You assume everyone staring at their phones with headphones are talking to cyber girls.

-You hear the word ‘womb’ and instantly think of Kuroha

-You stop trusting everyone, especially your teachers

-You associate Medusa more with Kagerou over Historical Folktale

SIGNUPS - Update! Don’t forget to join!

Just here to announce that you have 16 days left to sign up for the Secret Santa! The window for signups is already (around) halfway done! It’s great to see how many of you have already joined, but we’d love to see more of you get involved!

If you haven’t already, make sure to read the rules! 

The form is right here, and don’t forget that it closes at 23:59/11:59 PM EST on November 10th! Signups aren’t accepted past then, so make sure to get in early so you don’t forget!