Our team of mods are proud to present the 100 Kagamine Collaboration 2017, marking Rin and Len’s 10th anniversary. Congratulations to our wonderful and most precious VOCALOIDs!

Thank you to all the participants who finished their artworks and signed up for the collaboration. We achieved over 120+ applications in the first day alone, so this was a huge milestone for us. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Artist Credits PageCheck out all the wonderful artists who took part in this collaboration! If you’re an artist, be sure to tag your individual artworks as ‘100 Kagamine Collaboration’ so we can reblog it from you.

Once again, a very happy birthday to Rin and Len, the Kagamination will continue loving them for another 10 years!

The 100 Kagamine Collaboration Team


MV「くたばろうぜ(Let’s drop dead)」イラスト数点


XFD : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7kc_…
Amazon : https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B078K4QCSD

Music & Words | Neru Twitter : @neru_sleep
Guitar | こんにちは谷田さん Twitter : @hello_tanitasan
Illustration & Animation | 寺田てら Twitter : @trcoot

Kagamination, I propose a toast!

To 10 years of the voices we love!

To 10 years of the art inspired!

To 10 years of “but aren’t they twins?” comments on YouTube!

To 10 years of collecting merchandise and BEGGING companies for more!

To 10 years of producing, mixing, and covering!

To 10 years of your first favorite Rin and/or Len song!

To 10 years of making great new friends due to your mutual mirror sound love!

A toast to the two who’s affects got me through junior high, high school, and now, officially, college! On to the next chapter, together.

Happy 10th Birthday, Rin and Len!

Love, KagaMama