After how successful last year’s collaboration was, we’ve decided to do it all over again! This collab has been brought to you by the combined efforts of the mods usarei, BAGUTigera, Phan, PD, hachuuYooki, and the mod of fuckyeahkagamine-twins. Thank you all for the help and support given from the moment this blog was founded!

Of course, a HUGE big thank you to the 100 artists/participants who tackled the deadline and submitted everything on time! You could find each artists’ name and blog in the credits sheet here. Without you guys, this wouldn’t even exist at all. Be sure to tag your individual artworks as ‘100 Kagamine Collaboration’ so we can reblog it from you! Thank you to every participant who signed up and showed interest in our project too, it made us very happy knowing so many people love the Kagamines as much as we do!

And last but not least, A VERY HAPPY 8TH BIRTHDAY TO RIN AND LEN!! Thank you for the songs you’ve provided us over the years and the happiness you give us every time we listen to your songs! We’ll still be loving you two for the years to come!!

~The 100 Kagamine Collaboration Team