kagamine princess

It’s been a while since I actually posted any art on here, huh?

After putting some Kagamine Rin practice sketches up on my Mikunology blog, I suddenly felt like drawing ocs. And soon drawing ocs became “let’s do a crossover costume swap because why the hell not”.

Soooo here is a Kagamine Rin and Princess Chocolara costume swap! I tried to also modify their costumes to the color palette of the respective character, hence why Chocolara is wearing a brown version of Rin’s outfit and Rin is wearing a yellow/orange/gray version of Chocolara’s dress and crown. 

This was a very fun experiment. Maybe I might just have to make a Vocal Android and Confictionery! crossover sometime.

anonymous asked:

Your vocaloid playlists are amazing! You're amazing! It's like a winning combo in one! I don't know if you're still making them, but do you know any songs that are similar to "Carnival"? (The one Gumi sings) like the fun and slightly villainous atmosphere sort of?

here we go!


-if you don’t know it already, i suggest checking out Hitoshizuku × Yama△’s   “Night ∞” song series! they all have that kinda ‘crazy carnival’ feel to them.
-some of producer machigerita’s works also have a ‘halloween party’ kind of theme that you might like!
-i also recommend producer Tohma’s Heart of Azalea album. listen to it here!


fairest maiden in all land; because there’s never enough princess kenny


princess kenny’s theme - south park stick of truth // i want to be a princess - kagamine rin // princess - ke$ha // [music box] princess kenny’s theme - south park // homewrecker - marina & the diamonds // i can take off my panties - kagamine rin // donatella - lady gaga // i got a boy - girls generation // too cute - kagamine rin // innocent girl - hatsune miku // hello how are you - nayuru