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I absolutely adore your writings! You write really beautifully c: May I request a first kiss scenario with Aomine and Kagami? Maybe somewhere they are alone/private and they get really nervous and flustered trying to kiss her. I'd love to read what you write with this!

(Oh mY gOD thank you so much ♡) 

Aomine: You and him were on the school roof (I am a walking cliché), eating lunch, just the two of you- unlike many previous days whereas Momoi had been with you. 

Aomine was sitting up, his hands holding him up as he plants them on the concrete, staring at you intensely as you pretend not to notice his strange gaze. 

He had already finished his lunch, unsurprisingly already having scoffed down the meal, so now you were sat with your legs crossed under you, awkwardly nibbling on your lunch.  

“H-Hey, Y/N,” Aomine stutters, immediately catching your attention. You turn your head to look at him, but as you think you’re about to meet Aomine’s eyes, his lips press against yours, his eyes closed tightly. Your eyes are wide as you stare at your boyfriend’s blushing red face. 

You can’t help the flood of calm that completely consumes you, relaxing you into the kiss and against his body. 

He pulls back only after a few moments, looking at you with his wide, trademark smirk, making you raise your eyebrow at him, seeing as you had just shared your first kiss as an official couple (and kiss between you two in general…) and this was his reaction, like he had just made an insane shot in basketball in front of Kagami. 

“I’m so good,” He cheers himself, moving down onto his back with his arms folded underneath his head with his eyes closed gently, smirking up at the sky. You can feel a heated blush on your face as you slowly continue to nibble on a few grains of rice, your mind racing with what had just happened… 

Kagami: You could tell something was wrong as soon as he picked you up for your lunch date to the park… But you didn’t expect him to be this… Incoherent. 

You were sat next to him on the rug atop the soft grass, side-eyeing Kagami as his face roasted the same colour as his hair, awkwardly clearing his throat and scratching the back of his neck. His whole body was stiff, which only stiffened more as you attempt to hold his hand. 

You zip your hand away, looking at him with sad eyes. You were already beginning to second-guess his feelings for you. He was always awkward on your dates, and the little insecurities and those delusions, that everyone has, whisper to you that he didn’t actually want to be your boyfriend, that you’d somehow guilt tripped him into dating you. 

“Y-Y/N? Can I say something?” Kagami stutters out, crashing through your thoughts. You look at him nervously, nodding your head as anxiety bubbles in your stomach, thinking that he’s going to bring down that tidal wave of rejection. 

“I’m going to… Kiss you… Right now,” He states before suddenly pressing his lips to yours, albeit slightly roughly from his own uneasiness, your noses bumping haphazardly. His calloused hands cup your cheeks, his large hands are clammy, heating your face even further. 

He pulls away after a few seconds, looking at you closely with wide eyes, his mouth slightly ajar. 

“W-Was that o-okay?” He mumbles, searching your features desperately. A coy smile curls your lips, though you don’t have the coherentness to reply with words, so you nod as your answer, making Kagami sigh and smile in relief, resting his forehead on yours and leaving you two sitting like that for a while longer… 


The day when Kuroko decided to be a little mean but ended with being serious about wanting some apologize from his old teammates. xD

And bonus: where Aomine is on his way to Kuroko and don’t know what is happening on facebook. 

I feel sorry for Sakurai… Choose your words carefully around Kuroko xD

  • Izuki:I found a pun that works in both English and Spanish. Where do cats go when they die? PURRgatory. ¿De dónde van los gatos cuando mueren? PurGATOrio.
  • Koganei:Dude, it also works in Italian! ‘Dove vano i gatti quando muoiono? Nel purGATTOrio.'
  • Kiyoshi:Could also work in French: 'Où vont les chats quand ils meurent? Au purCHATtoire.’
  • Riko:The ultimate pun.
  • Kuroko:It also works in Portuguese. 'Para onde os gatos vão quando morrem? Para o purGATOrio.’
  • Izuki:The pun heard 'round the world.
  • Hyuuga:*eternal screaming*


Kuroko’s birthday before entering Seirin would have been absolute horrible and look at him now, his friends are with him and he is part of the greatest team and… He is so incredible :’V