• [During a practice break, Kuroko points at Kagami’s shirt]
  • Kuroko:What color is this?
  • Riko:Grey.
  • Hyuuga:Grey.
  • Kiyoshi:Grey.
  • Izuki:Grey.
  • Koganei:Grey.
  • Furihata:Grey.
  • Fukuda:Grey.
  • Kawahara:Grey.
  • [Kuroko looks at Kagami]
  • Kuroko:Now tell them what you think it is.
  • Kagami:Dark white.

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can you do a Durarara!! AU in which Kagami, Imayoshi, Kasamatsu, Kagami, Kise, and Aomine find out their s/o is the head of a gang like the Dollars?

well i didn’t do it exactly like Drrr!! so i just made the s/o a gang leader and i hope that’s okay

AOMINE: He shrugged when you apologized for not telling him sooner. “I don’t know, I think you look pretty cool so I don’t mind.” He wrapped an arm around you and leaned down to whisper in your ear, “Not to mention how hot you look leading all those guys.” You smacked him with a blush across your face.

IMAYOSHI: Blinking a few times, he wondered how in the world you could possibly lead such a huge gang. “Ne, ___-chan’s pretty impressive huh? I didn’t expect you to look this cool.” He wouldn’t really mind and thought that you were brilliant for being able to control them all.

KAGAMI: Although he didn’t really mind, this man feared for your safety as well. He scratched the back of his head awkwardly. “Well, I don’t really mind but leading a gang is dangerous isn’t it?” He pressed his lips together. “I just want you to be safe so if you run into any trouble, don’t hesitate to call me, okay?”

KASAMATSU: Kasamatsu wasn’t pleased to be honest. When he thought about gangs, he thought about stereotypical ones. But after your explanation he relaxed slightly. “I’m not that happy but if you’re responsible for this then I trust you. Just don’t get involve in anything dangerous.”

KISE: His eyes sparkled in wonder as he began to nag you about it. You groaned, wishing that he had never found you in that alley with your members last time. “So, how long have you been leading the gang, ___-chi? Do you do cool stuff and like missions?” On the more serious note, he would also remind you to always be careful.

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How would GOM, kagami, & kiyoshi 1st steamy makeout session w/ s/o be like?

Kuroko: May not be the most forceful kisser ever. Hell, he’d probably be somewhat hesitant to initiate a makeout session until he was sure he really liked his s/o. It wouldn’t be too heavy, more light and sweet with the odd airy touch across the cheek, shoulder etc. Would probably end in a fluffy, sleepy cuddle session.

Kise: He’d become quite serious and stare straight into his s/o’s eyes somewhat suggestively before suddenly and forcefully kissing them. He’d probably try and act more impressive than he felt while adding in little nips on his s/o’s lips and tongue. He’d probably make it last as long as he could, leaving his s/o to be the one to end it so that the two of them wouldn’t suffocate.

Midorima: I’m sorry, but I really don’t think that Midorima could initiate the first makeout session by himself. It’s be up to his s/o to either encourage or completely initiate it. It’d be somewhat shaky with a lot of heavy breathing, but adrenaline would eventually take over and Midorima would probably become a lot more forceful. By the end of it, his face would be tomato red, and his glasses would probably be fogged up.

Aomine: Messy, sweaty and steamy as all hell. Aomine wouldn’t be hesitant in the slightest, and it’s pretty much a well known fact that he’d be super dominant. He’d take total control, flipping his s/o onto their back and crawling over top of them while placing smaller kisses down their jawline and neck. It’d be up to his s/o to keep him under control and make sure he didn’t take it too far.

Murasakibara: Wouldn’t be mature enough to verbally express his desire, and would opt for nuzzling his s/o’s cheek and pulling them close. He’d probably be mature enough to wait for consent before slowly but passionately kissing their lips. Despite his best efforts, it would probably end up clumsy and somewhat messy, and he may get a little carried away until it felt like he’d be trying to eat them. He’d apologize eventually, cuddling them closely and using the excuse that “you tasted so sweet, I couldn’t help myself.”

Akashi: Dominant af. He’d use the perfect amount of force while making sure that his s/o wasn’t uncomfortable at all. He’d use his tongue to to explore every inch of their mouth while still somehow managing to make sure he wasn’t too sloppy or messy. Would love to hear his s/o’s heavy breaths and moans, and would be pulling at their hair or something similar just to hear them more.

Kagami: Would be super shaky and nervous, looking bright red and feeling sweaty and nervous before he even started doing anything the dork. Would be super loving and passionate once he got going, holding his s/o close and feeling up and down their body. He’d get a little carried away until reality struck him and he broke away, returning to a jittery, blushing mess.

Kiyoshi: This giant teddy bear would start off super gentle, placing light kisses on and around his s/o’s lips while running his fingers through their hair. Wouldn’t be overly forceful, and would opt for being more caring since it was his first time with the person he cared about so much. Would result in some warm, gentle cuddles and maybe even falling asleep with his s/o.

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Shay-senpai! Hi how're you?? (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ I was wondering if you do crossovers?? Specifically with Free! I was wondering if you could possibly do a Kagami + Makoto kinda just chatting at work (those firefighter dorks too cute) about the sport they played in HS and offered them to join them in the other's sport (for fun. weather or not they follow thru is up to you~). I hope that makes sense. If not, ignore meh. I just need to see those two dweebs together ੨( ・᷄ ︵・᷅ )シ

Hello sweetie! I’m good. How about you? Anyways I hope you enjoy the little conversation lol. And yes I do crossovers I’ve just never had one requested before.  (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ 

“Ah that reminds me of my high school days,” Kagami said pointing to the basketball court across the street from the cafe.

“Oh you played basketball?” Makoto, his work friend who he was having lunch with, asked.

“Yeah my team won many games and it was all fun. I was the ace actually,” Kagami said smiling. Memories of his days at Seirin were great. “Did you do any sports in high school.”

“I was on a swim team with all my friends. I was the captain until I graduated and my best stroke was backstroke,” Makoto told his friend. “I’m still in contact with one of them actually. His name is Haru.”

“Oh cool. Yeah I’m still in contact with Kuroko, a former teammate of mine,” Kagami said then mumbled ‘that dork.’

“Hey maybe sometime you can teach me how to play basketball. It sounds super fun!” Makoto said smiling.

“Oh yeah that would be fun. I could teach you how to dunk too because you’re a nice height. We could also go swimming afterwards.”

“That would be very fun. Oh I should probably start heading home,” Makoto said as he looked down at his watch.

“Oh me too then. Anyways it was nice getting to talk with you some. We should plan our sports day sometime soon.”

“Yes we should.”

After waving goodbye the two men returned to their home and families.

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i aM HERE BEXXU. s/o cheating on Kagami with Aomine *whispers* I may or may not be asking for a happy ending

Kagami waited up once again, you were supposed to be staying at his apartment tonight but setting in with an unsettling pattern you found a reason to cancel. It had been happening more and more while he could only sit back and wonder what he had done. 

He loved you so much, he always had but he couldn’t explain how much having you in his cold, empty home meant to him. In the beginning he thought he was fine as he was, doing his own thing, seeing you at weekends and the occasional school night but when you started staying he started understanding how wonderful it felt to just chat with someone at 3 am, that cooking for two was a more rewarding experience and the way you made a house feel like a home. He even began hoarding your things, then buying a few bits and bats, so that you could stay whenever you liked.

Toying with your favourite night shirt he recalled the last time you stayed, it was weeks ago. Bringing it to his nose he breathed into the remaining wisps of your perfume and tried to swallow the hard lump forming in his throat, ignoring the prickling pain around his eyes as he thought back to what he could have done to deserve this. In the back of his mind he knew, he knew it was his fault. From that time where he’d totally forgotten about the date you’d organised, instead opting to play a little more streetball with Kise. 

You must think he didn’t love you enough, that you would always play second fiddle to basketball. Letting the guilt consume him he sobbed into the shirt, it felt so tiny in his hands, so fragile. He was all alone again. Not knowing that in your own home you were experiencing similar sensations of guilt and shame. 

All you could think about was that night. That one stupid night that ate away at your soul whenever you thought about it. Whenever you brushed Kagami off you could see the hurt in his eyes, you heard the slight cracks in his normally obnoxiously confident voice. He deserved better but you were so selfish you couldn’t let him go. No that would mean confessing the truth, telling him of your dumb betrayal, your disgusting lack of self control.

Aomine of all people. It would break him. You and his rival. It had started out as an innocent encounter; Aomine noticing your distress about Kagami being a no show, he thought he’d put your mind at ease and tell you that your beloved Taiga was busy playing ball with Kise but that only made things worse. 

Once he realised the idiot had stood you up on a date he took it upon himself to bring a smile to your face once more, hating the way tears stained your beautiful face. He’d always been fond of you, in fact he knew you a while before Kagami did. He asserted to himself that it was strictly platonic, he was just taking a friend out for a few drinks to help them forget their stupid, loser, undeserving boyfriend. 

What started out as a few drinks progressed into a dusk to dawn bender filled with tears of laughter, a lot of embarrassing dancing from the pair of you and one sweet conversation on your front porch.

“You don’t deserve to be treated this way you know? You’re worth so much more”. Snorting at Aomine’s “heartfelt” analysis of your relationship you questioned “Oh and who would be worthy of the great ____ then?”. Heavily lidded eyes gazed down to your bright ones, a sad smile staining his previously calm features “You never did catch on did you? That I… No forget it. Get inside it’s cold.” 

He only made it down one step when your fingers grasped after his gently, shyly even. Turning he was now at eye level with you as you flashed him a coy smile and requested a proper answer. Trying to take the focus off your lips he wrapped his arms around you, nuzzling into your neck but as he pulled away and your hot cheeks brushed there was an accident. 

Lips met. It started out as a slow continuous kiss but as your breathing grew heavy he wanted more, dragging his tongue across your lip finding no resistance as you snaked your arms up his chest to his neck. Both suddenly pulling away in unison you exchanged mortified expressions and hurried goodbyes.

Ever since then you’d grown so far from Kagami you weren’t even sure what your feelings for him were anymore. Did you love him? If you did then why did that one kiss feel so much more passionate than anything you’d ever felt? Did you love Aomine? All you knew for sure was that the guilt was consuming you, eating you alive as you went through every day seeing pain in both of their expressions as you denied the truth. You had cheated on your boyfriend and there was no undoing that.