Aokaga head cannons

❤ Who is the most affectionate?
- They both share it in different ways. They could be sitting down watching a basketball game and Aomine will just randomly blurt I love you in the most casual way. It’s the opposite for Kagami, who isn’t too good with words. He likes to show his love through actions (like getting aomine a pair of shoes that he’d been (low key) wanting for a really long time etc.)

💖 Big spoon/ Little spoon?
- They switch sometimes, but aomine is usually the big spoon.

😠Most common arguement?
- “How many fucking times do I have to tell you to stop leaving your dirty socks all over my house you bastard?”

🏀Favorite non sexual activity?
- ball is life, bro.

😇Who is most likely to carry the other?
- They don’t ever do this, tbh. One time, after a street ball game, Kagami got super excited about winning and lifted Aomine up, but that was a in the moment type of deal.

- Aomine calls Kagami Princess sometimes. Then you also have the famous Aho Baka ones.

🤔Who remembers what the other always orders at a restaurant?
- Suprisingly, Aomine. If you didn’t know him personally, you’d never guess how observant he actually is and how much he remebers.

😤Who told their family first?
-Kagami. She told her dad about her crush on him long before they even started dating.


#KnbWeek: Day 3(26/07) - Bonds

i decide to go for a short comic for bonds , forget the old bonds and make a new one . was feeling really ambitious honestly planning this idea and in the end it didnt turn out the way i wanted but it is okay ,i had fun experiencing it lol orz i was rushing so much so finish this since it’s technically day 4 in my place already but its still day 3 somewhere lol and i purposely dont put words to see if people understand or i hope the comic conveys the feelings (i hope it does orz) . lesson learnt: dont be too ambitious when ure a lazy ass person who can’t get thngs finish on time :’D

note: im sorry for drawing the guys really weird and looks lke a goblin , look at nigou he looks lke a goblin puppy or sth, i kept on laughing while drawing the 7th image coz like i have no space (i should hv made the caanvas larger bt i was forgot wtf) so i drew thr seirin dudes like trolls above LMAO, that’s nijimura on top of aomine’s head btw 


so yesterday I posted that I made shirts like these with Haikyuu characters. WELL NOW THERE’S KNB ONES. yei. I used a lot more characters for these ones, and you can get them HERE

(the full list of characters you can buy are tagged)


An Anime Rainbow

//only the edits are mine none of the amazing artwork belongs to me all credits go to their respective artists

animes also belong to their respective creators and writers

  • Akashi:Sometimes I think I love too much.
  • Kagami:Love what?
  • Kise:Yourself?
  • Midorima:Your other self?
  • Kuroko:Basketball?
  • Murasakibara:Winning?
  • Aomine:Murder?
  • Haizaki:Your dead mom?
  • Akashi:
  • Akashi:Well, at least not you guys