….ok first I didn’t know this was update two months ago.

I need to post this because this two are playing the big role in my life ,I love them so much. Maybe they weren’t my OTP ,but still they mean to me. Not just them ,the whole anime.

I literally don’t have to say anything about Kagami speech I mean…..he and Kuroko told us everything! They need each other ,it’s clear thing.

I have so many questions like : Is this really the last thing we will get from Kuroko no Basuke ? Why did they have to separate? Why they couldn’t stay together, study together or whatever?? Why did this break my heart?

I want first to scream there how this isn’t fair, but I won’t do that. Let’s just pray that Kagami’s words will come true-

Let’s meet again!

And I hope you’re going to , guys!!!! KagaKuro forever♥♥♥♥

Kuroko no Basuke - Last Game ,2017♥