Text Messages From Kagami♡


You have two new messages from Taiga Baee<3:

“Mornin’ ______!  Did you sleep well last night?”

“Oh hey also I made you a bento for lunch today so don’t worry about having to make your own today. I hope you enjoy it!”


You have one new message from Taiga Baee<3:

“I’m happy you enjoyed the bento at lunch. Sorry, I’m kinda rushed right now on my way to practice. Meet up for dinner? I’ll text you some details after practice. Love ya!” 


You have three new messages from Taiga Baee<3:

“Man dinner was great, I’m so stuffed!”

“Oh wow it’s late. Man I’m tired today was busy!! I bet you’re pretty tired yourself. Get some rest then.”

“Goodnight _____. Sleep well. I love you!!!<33″

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I LOVE YOUR BLOG. SORRY FOR BEING ANON. Ok. >.< If Gom+Kagami were Disney princes, who would they be?

Thanks! This was very fun ^^

Kuroko no basket character as Disney princess

Akashi as Ariel (The little mermaid)

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Aomine as Tiana (The Princess and the frog)

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Kisel as Elsa (Frozen)

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Kuroko as Rapunzel (Tangled)

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Midorima as Belle (The Beauty and the Beast)

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Murasakibara as Anna (Frozen)

Kagami as Meredith (Brave)

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🐣Hapiyo valentine ~ 💖💓🈹‼️✨
Don’t give up ur hopes if you can’t pair or offer something to your love ones, stuff doesn’t matter, a true gift is from how u care and love them. Don’t worry, they’ll be someone out there that will love you <3 Piyos love you. And remember, no matter how far distance we are to you, we’ll always be there. Don’t forget

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What kind of good morning/night texts would GoM + Takao and Himuro send to their s/o?



“Good morning darling. Hope you had a good night sleep.
How about a date tonight?”


“Thank you for the time, I hope you enjoyed the dinner as much as I did honey? Well it’s getting late and we should sleep. I am looking forward to see you tomorrow. Goodnight my love”



“Morning bae! Hope you slept well last night”


“Hey _____, I miss you. Can I see you tomorrow? If you want, you can stay over at my house. Shit is it so late, sorry if I woke you up.Goodnight_____”



“Good morning _______-kun, I hope you feeling good and slept well last night.


“Goodnight ______, I look forward to see a movie with you tomorrow night.”



“Good moooorning ______-cchi!! I hope that you slept well last night and that you will have a wonderful day today.” 


“My day was great, hope yours was too. I miss you very much ______-cchi. Can I see you tomorrow?
Goodnight babe, I love you!” :*



“Good morning _____, I hope you slept well last night. I come over to your place later with your lucky item, so don’t worry.”


“I have a practice after school but then I can walk you home. See you tomorrow. Goodnight______”



“Morning ______-chin! Did you sleep well? I dreamt about sweets so now I am hungry. Do you wanna go and buy some snacks with me today?


“Thanks for the snacks. I am so tired right now. We should sleep. Goodnight______-chin. I looove youu” <33



“Good morning _____, hope you had a good night sleep. Are you up for a movie tonight?”


“I really enjoyed the movie. I don’t like being so far away from you. Well, we should get some sleep now. Goodnight_____. I love you” <3



“Good morning_____. Have you slept well? Are you up for something today?” ;)


“Wow, that was really fun ______. I hope you enjoyed the day as much as I did. Goodnight _____, I love you!” <3



Morning text

Good morning______, did you sleep well last night? What’s up today? Wanna come over here tonight, I make dinner?”

Night text

We should see each other more often. I miss you so much and I really appreciate the time with you. I hope that you liked it to. See you tomorrow? I love you babe. Goodnight”

KnB-Gom + 3: How to...

Gom + Kagami, Kasamatsu and Imayoshi: How to confess to your crush on Valentine’s Day!

With Valentine's day coming up around the corner, I know we’re all asking the same question. How do we get our favs to look our way? Well i’ve made a little “How to…” to help you out. Enjoy and good luck! ( ˘ ³˘)♥


  • Aomine really doesn’t give his attention away too many people anyway, but on a day such as this he tries to avoid girls altogether. Its a hassle having to accept all those chocolates and letters. Also, I assume that if you’ve fallen for Aomine your a bit on the adventurous side so here’s what you’ll need to do. You want him to look your way? You’ll need to show him the goods. Walk up to him, unbutton that shirt and give him a few seconds of viewing time. I guarantee you’ll have his full and undivided attention after that. He’ll enjoy the sight and, if anything, you’ll probably gain his respect for being so bold.


  • You have some serious confidence if you are wanting to go after Kise Ryota on valentines day, knowing he’s going to be swamped with love letters, chocolates, flowers, etc. THAT’S PERFECT, you’re going to need all the confidence you can muster if you’re going to out shine all the other girls. My advice? Go big! The key will be to stand out so avoid anything too cliche but keep it romantic. He’ll be touched when receiving something unique from you.


  • He is a guy of little words and even more little presence, but despite that you’ve noticed him and want to confess on valentine’s day. Good for you for being so observant. That alone will be a pleasant surprise for him. I recommend being genuine when confessing and offering him a thoughtful gift. He’s a nice guy looking for a gentle girl. It won’t take much to impress him if you show you really care.


  • Even though he can come off quiet and, dare I say, stuck up, you see past his walls and know there’s a kind man with a big heart in there. Plus the glasses and taped fingers work on him. Hes shy but deep down really does care about things like love. Be super romantic and sweet. Present him with flowers and a big smile. He’ll blush for sure and probably won’t thank you right away but it’s just because he won’t know how to react. Give him time, he’ll give you a proper answer after he’s carefully considered you.


  • Seriously, you’d have to be the motherly type to fall  this over grown child. He’s stolen your hear the way he walks around seemingly without a care, eating all day long. Hopefully you know all his favorite foods by this point. He’ll probably receive many sweets on valentine’s day. I’d say, bake him something amazing! I mean, pour your heart into making him something that taste as amazing as it looks. The smell of chocolate radiate off your skin because you worked so hard on it! He will most definitely not leave your side the rest of the day. As for confessing, keep it simple. Keep in mind his way of thinking is a bit immature.


  • If you’ve set your eyes on Akashi, then you know he doesn’t mess around. He’s serious about everything he does and everything he does is flawless. If you want to stand side by side with him you better take it seriously. Be formal and sincere when confessing to him. He won’t fall for anything over the top or half hearted. He’ll want to hear your explanation for why you like him and why you think you’d be a good match. It may not happen right away, but if you are serious with him he will seriously consider you.


  • Who wouldn’t want to date this guy? He’s a jack of all trades, plus he’s a really fun guy to be around. However he doesn’t always read the situation right or know how to handle girls, which is probably the only reason more girls don’t go after him. You can’t be subtle, he won’t notice. The best thing to do would be to give him a box of chocolates and ask him out directly. The chocolates on valentine’s day will help him understand the situation and asking him directly will get your message across. No matter what, he will be grateful for your feelings.


  • Wow is he a nervous wreck around girls. In fact, the girls in his class only ask in ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions just to take pity on him. However, if you want to be with him bad enough you’ll need to take some special steps. He must be treated like a scared animal. Don't approach him too fast or you’ll scare him off. Be gentle when speaking to him and don't forget to smile. He will freak out but just be honest about your feelings and give him time to reflect on it. He will appreciate it.


  • Whether it was that crooked grin or his seemingly “kind” personality, you fell for the most calculating guy in school. He’ll see right through you and know what’s coming. So be confidant and just tell him how you feel. The good thing is that he’ll be honest and straightforward with you, even if it hurts.