i will never stop seeing klance and aokaga as the same ship lmao

i forgot how to draw lance and aomine so i literally thought “draw lance and color his hair blue/draw aomine and color his hair brown” as i drew this

also i learned to never draw kags in keef’s clothes ever again cuz jfc he looks so weird

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Can you please write something where GOM + kagami would ask they're s/o to prom?

Related to this post here kinda. -T-chan

Kuroko would most likely ask while on a date.

Kise wouldn’t care about the time and place as long as his partner says yes-still preferably in front of school.

Midorima would prefer somewhere more quiet, either on a date or at her home. Far away from everyone’s eyes.

Aomine like Kise wouldn’t care where and when. Though he might get embarrassed after his partner gives him answer. He’ll never say no for answer.

Murasakibara would asked on a take-out most likely or when buying sweets/snacks. He’d actually talk with the seller beforehand.

Akashi wouldn’t mind where. It could be on school grounds or he could send them a gift, being a ‘surprise’.

Kagami would most likely ask on a basketball practice with another school. Embarrassed as hell, but that moment he wouldn’t care.


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Kuroko kise kagami and akashi with an so who is invisible like kuroko Seriously 7 months I've been attending my College and when I went to ask my class incharge something she was like "who are you? Are you in my class??"

This is kinda funny-not in your case but for the characters. So I decided to change it to make it that the s/o is kuroko’s sister (with the exception of Kuroko himself-I have a plot twist for him XD)

Also I did this in the form of headcanons with really short scenarios. I tried really hard, but most of these guys would have the same reaction


  • We all know Akashi wouldn’t lose sight of you-never
  • He would make sure that the two of you had all your classes together
  • Even if you are Kuroko’s sister, he would still be able to spot you
    • Seriously, even if you’re lost in a crowd, he would find a way to find you
  • Attempting to scare him backfires immensely.
    • “(F/N), I know you’re there.”
    • “Damn it”
  • The only time I can see him actually losing sight of you is if he’s sleep deprived or sick
    • He’s very delusional and out of it
      • You better believe that you and Kuroko used this to your advantages
      • However, there will be times while in this state, he would still be able to find both of you
  • Honestly, the only way he would ever lose sight of you is if you were an actual ghost


Akashi: *sneezes*

Mibuchi: Sei-chan, *hands a tissue* You’re sick. Why are you in school?

Akashi: *blows nose* Student Council responsibilities.

Mayuzumi: Hey (F/N)

Akashi: *stares in confusion and turns around to find you standing there* When did you get here?

(F/N): wait…you didn’t know I was here? The whole time…for the past 20 minutes? *stares in disbelief but smiles* 

Mayuzumi: *smirks*

Akashi: …Mibuchi, you’re in charge of practice. I’m going home. *leans against your shoulder* Help get me home

(F/N): *hands Akashi to Mibuchi to help get him to the bench to lie down*

*F/N looks over at Mayuzumi*

(F/N): Please tell me you got that on tape, Mayuzumi-senpai

Mayuzumi: Are you kidding? Why would I pass up on this blackmail *holds up phone with smug grin*



  • Unlike Akashi, he would constantly lose sight of you
    • This leads him to a mini panic attack
      • Turns out to be a great way to scare him
  • You would love to mess with him
    • most likely pop up out of no where
      • and sneak into his house when he’s not home with Nigou
    • Kuroko would definitely be down to help you to have even less presence when around him.
      • Misdirection overflow to the extreme.
        • “Waa! Oi! (F/N)! Where did you go?!” Kagami exclaimed, as he looked at the spot next to him, where you were originally standing. 
        • “…How could you lose my sister?”
        • “IT’s not my fault she has little presence like you!”
        • “I had to use the bathroom, Tai-chan.”
        • Letting out a scream, he jumped as he saw you standing next to your bother. 
        • “When did you-”
        • “She/I was here the whole time,” you and your brother said in unison. 
        • Kagami paused as he tried to get his heartrate back down to normal; however, he immedietly realized something. “You used Misdirection Overflow again, didn’t you?”
        • The two of you smiled and gave each other a fist bump.
        • “Stop messing with me, you two!”



  • Like Kagami, he would lose sight of you
    • Which you found weird since he can spot your brother 97% of the time
      • There are times where you swear that he’s gay
    • He’s also a natural blond so…..
    • “Waaah! (F/N)-chii! Where did you go?!”
      • You would be standing behind him most of the time.
  • Since you two go to different schools, he would beg Kuroko to make sure you were in the same class as him.
    • That way, he knows where you are and if you attended school
      • you refer to this as “kise protection mode”
  • Like with Kagami, you would have your brother help mess with the blond-especially when he pisses you off
    • you would even get the help of Kasamatsu


“Kuroko-chii!” Kise exclaimed, as he and the rest of his team entered the Seirin gym. 

Before the hyper blond could hug him, he stepped to the side, which caused the blond model to end up hugging Kagami. 

“Hello to you too, Kise-kun.” 

“Kuroko-chii,” he whined, only to straighten up. “Where’s (F/N)-chii?! She’s here isn’t she.”

“You guys can place your bags over on those benches,” Riko said to Kasamatsu, as she gestured to the bleachers over her shoulder. 

With a nod, Kasamatsu led his team to the bleachers-while trying to stable his shaking legs. 

“I’m so excited to play against you again, Kuroko-chii!” Kise yelled.

“Do you have to yell, Kise?”

The blond let out yet another scream, this time causing you and everyone else in the gym to cover their ears. “When did you get here, (F-N)-chii?!”

“I was here the whole time,” you shrugged. 

“How did I miss you?”

With a sigh, Kasamatsu walked over to his kouhai and gave him a kick in the butt. “She has light blue hair, moron! How can you even miss her? She’s your girlfriend.”

“Kise…forgot about me?” you whimpered, turning around and crying into Izuki’s  chest. 

“Waa-That’s not tru-”

“Way to go. You made a girl cry, idiot!” Kasamatsu, yet again kicked his ace. 

“Kise-kun. That is nothing compared to what I’m about to do to you for making (F/N) cry.”

Meanwhile, while this was taking place

“…Stop the act, (F/N).” 

“This is amusing…let’s keep it up for a while,” you chuckled. 


Kuroko (S/O = Akashi’s sister)

  • Much like Akashi, he wouldn’t lose sight of you
    • he’s just that awesome
  • No one is better at having little presence than him
  • Since he also is rarely noticed - unless by people who actually try to find him-, it’s easy for him to find you
  • Like Akashi, if he’s sleep deprived, then he would miss you
    • This is a rare event to occur though. 
    • Even Akashi loses sight of you..and you’re his sister
  • Overall, it would be hard since you have red hair like your brother. 


*while hanging out with Aomine*

F/N: *sits in front of them*

Kuroko: Hello, (F/N)-chan

Aomine: *screams in surprise and jumps backwards* When did you get here?!

(F/N): I was here since the beginning. You are the one who sat next to me

Kuroko: Aomine-kun…she has red hair….how could you miss her?

So here’s the reason why I made Kuroko’s s/o related to Akashi. Originally, Fujimaki had wanted to make Akashi and Kuroko brothers (which is why their hairstyles are the same), but went against it….so that’s the main reason why. 

I hope headcanons were alright…they all have somewhat similar reactions to this…so it was tricky. I hope its alright! 

  • 2012 me: *watches basketball anime* man they should have a figure skating anime
  • 2013 me: *watches swimming anime* man they should have a figure skating anime
  • 2014 me: *watches volleyball anime* man they should have a figure skating anime
  • 2015 me: *watches baseball anime* man they should have a figure skating anime
  • 2016 me: holy fu*king sh#t