What if GoM had normal hair color?  I know it was probably done by someone  before but I need to try out myself.  Akashi probably would be ginger (I could choose between ginger and brown) 

Atsushi hair was pain in the ass. I could choose every rainbow colors but not normal, but at last I found carmel. 

Kuroko… Well.. he gave me hard time just like with Atsushi cause i could get every color beside normal ones. Well I could choose black one, but Kuroko is too pale to have black hair, I think that light blond suit him pretty well. Even Kise is jealous xD I wonder if with such hair he could go as super saiyan :D

I never was big fan of Midorima, but now brown hair plus green eyes… Marry me. 


Kagami and Akashi are Related! Reactions

Requested by anon


Kuroko: Well this is awkward.

Kise: Yeah, almost doesn’t seem possible.

Kasamatsu: I have to agree with Kise, this can’t be real.

Kasamatsu: I mean, these two are to opposite to be relate.

Midorima: Well different upbringings would make them act different.


Kise: Also physically they’re totally different except for red hair.

Murasakibara: They both have red hair, surprised we didn’t put it together sooner.


Okamura: I guess this makes Seirin vs Rakuzan more of a battle between brothers than our match.

Himuro: Damn, another brother to compete with.


Aomine: Wonder which parents had Kagami?

Imayoshi: My money is on Kagami’s dad and Akashi’s mom.

Momoi: Guys this is serious!

Momoi: We should be helping them through this confusing time!

Kagami: Honestly, I’m okay with this.

Kuroko: Seriously?

Kagami: Of course, true this is weird but, I think me and Akashi can act like mature peopl-

Akashi: NOOOOOOO!!!


Kagami: HEY!

Akashi: I’m an emperor and yet half of my blood flows through this beast!

Hayama: Oh come on, having a brother can’t be that bad?

Akashi: If it’s Taiga yes!

Kiyoshi: I think Akashi is in shock cause not knowing you have a brother out in the world for sixteen years and then finally finding out you do, probably will take some getting use to.

Akashi: Finally someone who understands the situation.

Kiyoshi: But now they’re together and can call each other nii-san.

Akashi: No.

Mibuchi: Oh, and sense sei-chan was born later, he can call Kagami Onii-Chan! It’ll be so cute!

Akashi: Shut up, now!

Mayuzumi: Oh, how wonderful, brotherly love.

Akashi: Okay, that’s it *Holds up scissors*

Kuroko: Where are you going, Akashi-kun

Akashi: To trim the family tree, Tetsu