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When Kagami was a kid living overseas, an air bison slurped him into its mouth.  The bison was just playing, of course.  But little Kagami thought he was going to get chewed up and eaten for sure, so he’s been terrified of the beasts ever since.  

….”But Nigou wouldn’t do something like that.”

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Heey ! I really love your fanfics *_* (by the way, my english is very bad D:) Could you write that the GOM + Kagami + Takao see how someone is flirting with their s/o and they go ballistic ? It would be very nice !! Thank you c:

No way! Your English isn’t bad!! I hope you’ll enjoy this!! <3


Generation of Miracles

Despite Kise’s overwhelming popularity and the fact that girls always flirt with him, he could never take it when he sees a guy near you.

“Hey, _____-chan, you look amazing today,” one of your classmate said, sitting down on the chair in front of you.

You forced a smile and nodded.

“Thank you.”

“I have never really noticed but you have really big eyes.”

You stilled for a moment, not knowing what to say to break the awkward atmosphere.

“What are you doing with _____-cchi!” Kise suddenly barged into the classroom, a frown on his face.

He quickly pulled you to him possessively and pouted.

Despite his jealousy, you were actually glad that he turned up to break up the scene.

“I was just…” your classmate tried to protest but Kise stepped up quickly in front of you.

“_____-cchi is mine and I won’t forgive anyone who tries to steal _____-cchi away from me.”

Upon hearing that, the females in the classroom immediately sighed and your classmate quickly backed away, red with embarrassment.

You turned to him with a smile on your face.

“Were you jealous?”

“Yes, I was very jealous. Can you not let guys stand so close to you?” he growled, crushing you to his chest with a pout.

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Takao, Akashi, Kasamatsu, Kagami,Midorima, Nijimura somehow end up going to a maid cafe and finds out that their s/o or crush works there as a maid

Excuse me while I go rewatch Kaichou Wa Maid-sama

How did he get here? Why did he let his teammates convince him?

He sighed to himself as they all sat at a booth in the cafe. It was actually quite well decorated, with a dull green and brown colour scheme for the walls and furniture. It was easy on the eyes. The owner had gone for the minimalist side rather than going all out, most likely to make it easier to maintain. There was nothing to hint this was a maid cafe apart from the waitresses. To pass time he stared at the posters and china shelves.

“Good afternoon Master! What can I get for you today?” The disembodied voice was familiar. Far too familiar. Training his gaze on the source of the voice, he saw the same  short black maid uniform with a white pinafore apron, with black stockings and white gloves. But then he saw your face as your grin faltered for a split second upon recognising him.

You just called him Master. You were holding an order book. You just called him Master.

What just happened?

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Kagami and Aomine Are Dating What’s Your Reaction.

Requested by Anon. Thanks for your support!


Kuroko: Wow that’s my OTP.

Kiyoshi: It is?

Kuroko: Yeah, I call it “light shipping”

Kobori: I thought it was call AoKaga or KagaAo.

Hyuga: How do you know that?

Kobori: …Research.

Alex: Wow Taiga is gay!

Alex: Now it all makes sense why he acts so weird  around me.

Riko: Pretty sure it’s other reasons.


Kise: First of all! Why must Kagamicchi take every mentor away from me!

Kise: What’s next? Is Kasamatsu-senpai going to be having an affair with Kagamicchi!?

Kasamatsu: Please, I’m way out of his league.

Kise: Second, Kagamicchi is gay?  Since when?

Imayoshi: Well these list are non canon and KnBL can do whatever he wants with these lists.

KnBL: Damn straight, I can!

Imayoshi: Or he’s always been gay. I mean, he was completely unphased by Satsuki’s breasts.

Kagami: What does that have to do with anything?

Imayoshi: Have you seen her chest! It’s Immaculate!

Izuki: I can tell the were meant to be together. There were sparks flying when they played.

Izuki: No seriously, I was there. I saw it happen.

Himuro: Okay, seriously. Super jump, buzzer beater dunk, zone, blue haired boyfriend, what doesn’t Taiga have?

Murasakibara: Hey, look on the bright side. At least if they have all their dates at miyaji burger they’ll run out of money I no time.

Himuro: Ugh… Ugh.. WHAT?!

Sakurai: Wait but, what bugs me is if Aomine is gay then why does he love big boobs so much?

Aomine: Hey, just cause a guy is gay doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy big tits, at I right!

Sakurai: No.

Momoi: Daichan, can you at least explain why you want to date Kagamin?

Aomine: Well, I’ve always wanted to find an equal and now that I’ve found one, I don’t want to let it go. And maybe I just want to use that equal to better myself. Both on and off the court.

Momoi: Wow Dai-chan that was beautiful *sobs*

Kise: But, but, but, but, but, but-

Kasamatsu: Okay since Kise isn’t getting anywhere with this, I’ll just drag him away and handle it.

*Kasamatsu on Kise Violence*