kagami not

  • Adrien: Hey, what did you get for number eight on the test?
  • Marinette: Oh! Honestly it's probably wrong but I--
  • Luka: [slides in] Hey Mari, how's it going?
  • Luka: Has anyone told you how beautiful your freckles are?
  • Marinette: !!!
  • Adrien:
  • Kagami: [joins] You forgot to mention her cute pigtails.
  • Marinette: !!! [giggles]
  • Adrien:
  • Adrien: [inhales]
  • Adrien: justafriendjustafriendjustafriendjustafr--

Mh… I was wondering… what if Luka resembles Chat Noir? :3 Just like Kagami has something that recalls Marinette/Ladybug… because if Luka will be a sort of interest for Marinette (just like Kagami has briefly been for Adrien), I think that he needs to recall Chat Noir, so that Marinette can finally start seeing CN under another light… because at the moment, if Marinette finds out that Adrien is Chat Noir she would be something like:

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and then panicking because she can’t really think of Chat Noir as the boy she’s secretly in love with… and she also kissed him without knowing the truth! XD Soooo, I have an idea for the revealing! :3 It seems that her identity will be the one discovered first, so perhaps it could happen after a fight with an akumatized (I laugh a lot with this this word XD) version of her father (since it seems that even Tom will be akumatized) and she will be forced to give her earrings up to save him. Then (ok, please, let Adrien suspect that Marinette and Ladybug are the same person) Chat Noir, who is canonically very loyal and a fair player will remove his ring revealing himself as Adrien, but no shock (because in that moment Marinette is fond of CN too)… the truest shock is Papillon revealing himself as Gabriel, his wish and probably the consequences of it. What if Mme Agreste comes back but as Le Paon? And I don’t know how I started from Luka coming to Mme Agreste… XD This series is really more complicated than it appears…

  • Hiiro: The dark side was supposed to have cookies. I was promised cookies...
  • Kiriya: You were promised nothing.
  • Masamune: Yeah, just because we have cookies doesn't mean we were going to share.
  • Hiiro: Well that's kind of misleading...
  • Masamune: DARK. SIDE. We don't play fair. That's kind of our thing.
  • Kiriya: Obviously.