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attacking mikas character is quite ignominious bc there's nothing you can hold against him (only accusation that's closest to being valid is saying he's "emotionally numbed" but you cannot hold him accountable for his mentally illness and instability)

I don’t know if this is aimed at a specific post, so I’ll reply based on just this ask, since I know this has been a popular topic within the fandom recently!

While Mika can be arrogant or withdrawn from the Shinoa Squad at times (read: a lot), most instances of this are completely reasonable or can be taken that way if you consider his trauma. 

For example, the amount of times he’s disagreed with Narumi.

I personally haven’t seen it, but apparently people have been saying Mika dislikes the squad and wants to ditch them to run away with Yuu or something along those lines. 

The answer can be explained in just one panel:

He’s anxious. And that’s the short answer.

Mika loves the squad, although, he doesn’t like to show it. That’s because he doesn’t want to admit to himself that he loves something in fear he will lose it. A defence mechanism like this probably comes from the feeling that he has lost everything he loves in the past, and wants to prevent this from happening ever again. 

Heartbroken yet? 

If we go back to chapter 1, we can see it’s pretty obvious Mika has accepted how awful his life has been up to that point. 

Eight years old and already a nihilist!

Kagami likes to say that it’s Yuu who has an obsession with his family/kazoku, but it seems to me that Mika’s reason for living is having people to be dependent on him. Mika was the one who made Yuu treasure having a family.

Something that’s really overlooked and sad to me about Mika’s character is that every time he’s wanted to run away, he’s been making plans to himself and fantasising what life after that is going to be like.

Mika seems to have had this dream of living peacefully away from the war for a long, long time.

Now, back to where we are currently in the manga. Guren has arrived, and Mika decides he wants to kill him. (Same, Mika.)

Look at how Mika flinches at the word “family”. You can almost see his thought process exactly here.

He’s clearly annoyed at Yuu for calling Guren a part of something so precious to him, and feels as if killing him is necessary to save what he considers his “real” family. Mika will literally throw his relationships with the squad away in order to protect them; another example of the disregard for himself he has. As the vampirism slowly causes his personality to fade, all Mika seems to be becoming is a ball of anxiety at this point.

Or at least, that’s how I interpret it. Feel free to make your own input! I had fun analysing Mika’s character and re-reading OnS, LMAO.