kagami is very human

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I love your writing so much!!!! Your one of my favorite authors! I especially love how you write MidoTaka and Akafuri.

Thank you so much anon-friend!! I am very honored to hear you say that! Here, have an incredibly short AkaFuri and MidoTaka exchange set in Designation: Miracle, because that was a lovely thing to see in my inbox =D

Midorima thinks about how it’s never a good thing when Akashi calls.

“Midorima,” his former leader says. “ I would like to propose a social rendezvous between you, myself, and Furihata-kun. You may bring Takao-kun.”


“This Sunday would work. It would be a congenial affair, no need to dress formally. We could dine and then perhaps view a screening of a film.”

“Are you—are you suggesting we go on a double date?”

There is a long silence on the other end, followed by a reluctant, “Yes. Furihata-kun thinks we should do more with other couples.”

“Oh my god,” Midorima says, scandalized. “No. That is not going to happen.”

“Midorima,” Akashi says, dangerously. He has never liked disobedience.

“Make Kuroko do it. He and Kagami are already Furihata’s friends, doesn’t that make sense?”

“Yes. It would. But would you want to go on a double date with Kagami?”

Well, he had a point there. Objectively, all of the Miracles tended to agree that Kagami was a very Miracle-like human, all around a decent sort of person, and he was very good for Kuroko.

But it was a little grating sometimes to see the human who had bested them all in basketball. Especially when basketball wasn’t an option to pass the time.

“I will ask Takao,” Midorima grudgingly allows. “But I will make no promises.”


Takao, when faced with the question, “Would you be willing to go on a double-date with Akashi and his boyfriend,” laughs. For about three minutes. He laughs so hard he has to catch himself from falling, and then laughs to the point of wheezing, making Midorima concerned for his health.

When Takao finally stops laughing, wiping tears away from his eyes as his chuckles die down, he looks at Midorima solemnly and says, “I would rather gouge out my own eyes.”