kaogami  asked:

whAT IS WITH ALL THESE KAGAMI ON SELFSHIP SATURDAY/SUNDAY. But it's ok I'm too deep into KagaMai to actually really want to start a war and fight for my husband. CAN I HAVE SOME HEADCANNONS, SHAY?? c: Something bout our height difference? Oh and Who would be the first to wake up? (dis for Akashay as well)

Lol Kagami has been very popular with all the self ships I’ve gotten. 

For Akashay, I would never get up first. he will have to like push me out of bed to get me up I hate getting up. Also he isn’t much taller than me (just 5 more inches lol) so I’d probably joke about his height a lot and he’d just have to get use to my teasing lol bc I do it all out of love. /idk if you wanted more headcanons for us.\

Okay so I’ve came with a few headcanons I think you’ll like (and not all are with height difference cause some cute ones popped into my head).

  • He loves it when he finds that you’ve stolen one of his shirts and are just like sleeping or relaxing in it bc it’s so cute to him how big it is on you. He just wants to scoop you up and never put you down.
  • If you’re not paying attention to him and he wants your attention, he will pick you up and start kissing you everywhere until you give in and spend time with him. 
  • He feels helpful when you can’t reach something and he has to for you. 
  • He loves it when you play basketball with him and all your baby kagamis (even if you fail he loves having you on the court with him). 
  • He would try to wake up early and surprise you with breakfast but that fails about 8 out of 10 times bc he never sets the alarm right. 
  • He loves cooking your favorite meal for you. He knows how to make it just right.
  • do i even need to bring this up? yes, yes i do He enjoys watching you bathe all you baby kagamis and will freakin get in the bath with them and pull you in there. Then your clothes get all wet and your forced to take them off and Kagami is just like ‘job well done taiga, job well done.’  
Akagami pet play


“Down boy”

Akashi pulled the chain sharply, making Kagami draw back from his place at Akashi’s lap. The collar had choked him a little, making him frown at Akashi.

“Don’t look at me like that, when I say down I mean it” Akashi scolded petting Kagami’s head. Kagamai’s eyes were still trained on Akashi’s erection, which was now covered in saliva.

“Yes sir”

“Show me how bad you want it” Akashi ordered tugging Kagami’s hair.

Kagami sat back and revealed his painfully twitching hard on. Pre-cum dripped from the tip and ran down his entire length. “Go on” Akashi continued with a piercing gaze.

Kagami reached down and slowly stroked himself. He gasped at his own touch and closed his eyes basking in the feeling.

“Look at me and beg” Akashi pulled the chain once again, choking Kagami a little.

He opened his eyes and fought to hold Akashi’s gaze. “P-please..touch…me” he groaned with a pained expression as he played with his tip.

Akashi’s foot came in to contact with Kagami’s dick and rubbed up it sensually.

“A little more and I might let you cum”

Way Uso Respeto.

Aduna’y mga adlaw na lisud iispelling. Kana ganing dili ka ganahan mubangon sayu sa buntag para mag-andam kay trabaho nasad. Inig abot sa opisina, wala pa gyud bisan isa ang magpakita sa imo ug paghiayon, bisan unsa ka pa ka kakugihan sa imong gibuhat. Wala man ko nangita na permentihon ug dayg sa akong agi, ang ako lang unta kay bisan gamay lang na respeto ipakita sa mga tawo. Simpleng pamalihug ug gamayng pasalamat kay nahuman dayun o bisan simpleng kidhat sa pasalamat, okay na! 

Lisud ang paminaw kung gamay ang tan-aw sa mga katawhan kanimo - musamot kagamay ang tan-aw nimo sa imong kaugalingon. Maong bisan unsaon, mas maayu ra gyud na atong ma-establisar sa nato sa atong kaugalingon kung unsa atong bili, unsang klase ta na pagkatawo. Dili tungod kay mapahitas-on kaayo ka nga tawo kung dili tungod kay kabalo ka na takos pod nato ang pagtahod. Tawo ta, wala tay gibuhat na bati sa ilaha para dili ta hatagan ug tumang respeto na angayan para sa atoa.