KagaKuro AU Exchange!

Hey, guys! Since everyone’s receiving their beautiful KagaKuro fanbooks, it seems like a good time to start up another fandom event! So buckle up, because it’s time to kickstart the first (of hopefully many) KagaKuro Exchange!


This is a spring gift exchange for the pairing of Kagami Taiga/Kuroko Tetsuya! The theme for this exchange is AU. It’s just a little event to bring the fandom together for something fun~ All of the details are found below!

How This Works!

  • Theme: AU
  • The event will run from February to May. A more detailed timeline is found at the end of this post.
  • After you sign up, you’ll be given the name/URL of your partner for the event, along with their requests, likes, dislikes, etc. Partners will be decided at random using an online generator. After you get your assignment, you have until May 22 to work on and complete your gift! There’ll be an extension as well.
  • If you’d like to remain anonymous for the event, that’s perfectly fine! Please let the admin know in the signup sheet. We’ll assign you a number (such as Anon3754) to give your partner, so keep an eye out for a post addressed to you. You can submit your work to us through email so we can post it for you as well.
  • Clutch time participants. Just like Hyuuga in the heat of a match, clutch time participants are our reliable captains! Basically, if anyone drops out after signups are complete, clutch time participants create gifts for the intended partner, so no one goes without a gift! You’ll have a shorter amount of time, but you’ll receive all of our gratitude and appreciation. <3
  • You can drop out anytime that you wish! There’s a preferred date to drop out, so clutch time participants can have plenty of time, but we understand that things always happen and come up. If you find you just don’t have the time or wish to participate anymore, please just notify us as soon as possible.


  • Please keep it to KagaKuro/KuroKaga only (there’s a section in the signup for side pairings, but the focus of any work should be on our favorite light and shadow).
  • The gifts can be any of the following:

Fanart—must be your own art, both digital or a high quality photo/scan of traditional are acceptable
Fanfics—must total at least 1000 words long
Edits/graphics—please use only official art/content

  • Please do not post any of your works until May 22, the day of the exchange. If any are found before then, the admin will politely ask you to take it down.
  • For fanfics, drabbles can be combined. So if you want to write two 500 word drabbles for two of your partner’s requests, that’s fine! And if you want to go over 1000 words, that’s also fine!
  • For all NSFW gifts, consensual works are a must. If there’s any dub-con or non-con content, the admin will politely ask you to create another work.
  • Please check your email/messages and always respond as quickly as you can.
  • Respect your fellow participants. Feel free to send your partner anon messages (if they allow anon) to let them know how your work is going! It’s all about celebrating and enjoying this beautiful ship together, so let’s have some fun~

Signing up!

  • Signups are from February 21 – March 06.
  • Signups will be done using this Google form! You can also submit to this blog, but please include all the same information included in the form.

Name: Your preferred name. If you’d like to participate as anonymous, put ‘Anon’.

Email: So we can contact you, give you your assignment, and check in with you. Your email won’t be shared or posted anywhere.

URL: Another form of contact if we need, and also so your partner can send you anonymous messages! If you’re participating at anonymous, just put ‘N/A’.

Clutch time: Please indicate here if you’d like to be one of our clutch time participants.

Rating: Give a range of what ratings you would be okay with, and indicate if you’re okay or not okay with NSFW. For simplicity’s sake, let’s use the same rating system as AO3 (so G for general audiences up to E for explicit material).

Requests: Include at least three AU requests you would like! Have fun with this! Be as broad as you want (childhood friends, canon divergence, etc.) or specific as you want (though maybe not too specific)! And feel free to get inspiration from other places: AU lists, sentence starters, and all those other good things floating around. If you’d like suggestions, feel free to send us an ask!

Side pairings: Any other pairings you like and wouldn’t mind seeing in your gift. This doesn’t mean they’ll definitely be included, but maybe your partner enjoys them too and will include them!

Likes: Anything you would be okay with receiving. This can include your favorite genres (fluff, angst, smut, etc.) or your favorite tropes (fake dating, childhood friends, etc.) and other things of that nature. As above, that doesn’t mean they’ll definitely be included, but it might spark some ideas for your partner!

Dislikes: Anything you would absolutely not be okay with receiving. This could be anywhere from ships to tropes to kinks. Please remember to be polite in this section: no ship bashing, explicit language, or anything of that nature.

Additional comments: Any questions or concerns you may have that weren’t included in this form! If you’d prefer contact through Tumblr, please indicate that here as well.


There are three different ways you can exchange your gifts:

  • Post them on your own blog. Please either @kagakuroexchange or #kagakuroexchange so we can reblog your work!
  • Use the submission box to submit it directly to us, where we’ll post it for the event. Guidelines for submissions will be posted later.
  • Submit it to us through email, and we’ll post it from @you/anonymous to @yourpartner.

Again, make sure that you don’t post your works until May 22! Though you can feel free to follow your own time zone.

Important Dates!

  • Signups: February 21 – March 06
  • Assignments sent: March 07
  • Reminder/Check-in: April 07
  • Preferred last date to drop out: May 07
  • Check-in/Clutch Time participants notified: May 08
  • Submissions by: May 20
  • Exchange: May 22
  • Extension: May 23 – May 25


Please, if you have any questions at all or need clarification on anything, don’t hesitate to send us a message or email (kgkrexchange@gmail.com)!

Reacting to KagaKuro

Kagami: “Um… DAMMIT, we’re just friends.”

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Kuroko: “I AM his light.”

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Riko and Takao: “I SHIP IT! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ”

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Kise: “I thought you were mine, Kurokocchi!”

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Midorima and Murasakibara:

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Aomine: “The only one I love is you, Tetsu.  But why would you leave me?”

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Momoi: “Obviously Kuroko’s MY boyfriend.”

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Himuro: “Good luck, bro.”

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Akashi: “I will kill Kagami and anyone that gets in my way.  Understand, Kuroko?  You will be mine, now and forever.”

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Make sure you don’t think of one half of your otp singing “A Thousand Years” to the other one
Also, don’t think about the one singing it while standing over the other’s grave
Or how their voice would crack while singing it
Or how they wouldn’t be able to finish the sing because they can’t stop crying


Some AUs ive been thinking about
  • my friends and i are having a contest of how obscenely we can eat our icecreams when you walk past, and you’re really hot and im really embarrassed au
  • ok so yes im checking all the parking meters to see which has the most time left on it dont judge me im a poor uni student au
  • me and my friend are bitching about this girl and you overhear im sorry i didnt know she was your sister
  • “So how did you end up in holding? And what are you wearing”
  • so im in the supermarket, minding my own business, and im so close to reaching my favourite hot sauce on the top shelf, and you’re the asshole just walks over and takes it off the shelf for me you bast- oh you’re actually pretty hot- WHO YOU CALLING MIDGET?!?!??? au
  • im the brother to the bride and you look really good in that groomsman tux au
  • I don’t know you but we’re both in the principals office because they think we vandalized the school chapel and it wasnt me so just fess up already this is going to ruin my perfect record au
  • “you know, my brother only puts out the salad dressing when someone important is over for dinner”
  • yeah cool we bought a mattress but why couldn’t you have just paid the fee and let them deliver it and spare me the ordeal of riding in the car with our queen size strapped on the roof au
  • we’re both in the line for an autograph of this person i know way more about than you do fight me au
  • so i work at this cafe and you come in, sobbing so hard you can barely order your chocolate caramel frappe dude im going to have to wipe that table when you’re done crying on it au
  • where have i seen you before? au
  • you crashed your skateboard into a lamppost right in front of me lol do you want some help au




These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect Fanfiction

But the author accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction — 


Thus a masterpiece was born!

Using their ultra super writing powers, the author has dedicated their lives to finishing the story

and to make you hurt in no way you have before 

  • Kagami:*in a crowd and can't find Kuroko* this calls for drastic measures
  • Kagami:*using his hands as a microphone* KAGAMI TAIGA SUCKS
  • Kuroko:*standing next to him* Kagami-kun why are you insulting yourself so loud
  • Kuroko:i was here all the time