Kagami as an Expecting Dad Headcanons

Hello~ Admin Kai here! I hope everyone is having a great day! I’m loafing around and hope to get some things out of le ask box! I had these hanging out for awhile and I thought I would post them. I hope everyone likes them! Enjoy~

-Was super excited to find out he was going to be dad but then threw up the next morning with his wife feeling the pressure

-Bought a ton of stuff all themed basketball

-His wife insisted she do the baby room so it’s also not the color of a basketball.

-They decided to find out the gender of the baby and Kagami leaped for joy when he found out it was a boy

-He bought even more b-ball stuff for his little boy

-He cooked his wife anything she wanted. The late night grilled cheeses tempted him so he gained some weight with his wife

-Closer to his wife’s due date he was constantly awakened by her with false alarms this went on for 2 weeks

-He needed some time to himself so he played some ball with his old Seirin members. His wife went into labor as he was on his way home.

-He hollered into the phone when he got the call. He was so frantic while his wife watched him and laughed until a contraction hit

-He refused to meet his baby funky from playing b-ball so he showered but he almost ran out the house in only his towel

-His wife had to call him back into the house and promise not to have the baby on the kitchen floor

-He dressed and rushed his wife to the hospital. In the car he screamed with her whenever she had a contraction.

-He stayed with his wife the entire 19 hours. He tried to nap but her surprised yelps and groans of birthing pain brought him back to reality

-After hours of waiting his wife was finally ready to push and bring their baby into the world

-He had his hand bandaged after the delivery. He was proud of his wife for the flawless delivery and giving him a hairline fracture

-The tiny cry made the couple eyes tear up. Their little son was finally here and healthy as can be.

-Taiga held their son while his wife slept. He was so amazed at little human he was holding. He promised to never let any harm come to him

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senpai could i have kagabae and ahomine having a s/o ,who has ezcema around her ankle area, so she always wear long sleeved clothing bcos she's rly insecure of her skin compared to ppl around her so the boys comfort her and do fluffly shit tgt ❤️❤️❤️❤️ yu da bae btw ;)

I wrote only their responds, is it okay? Thank you for request~! Love you :)
Anyway, is there someone who love Twenty One Pilots, because I think that I’m addicted to them rn.



‘Please, stop doing this to you. I know everyone has their insecurities, but stop hiding from yourself, from me. You are the puriest perfection, I can’t imagine being without you. And believe me, apperance is not everything, your personality is the most important. Anyway, I love you the way you are, so smile for me and love yourself too, okay?’


‘Listen carefully, because I won’t repeat myself, okay? You are beautiful the way you are and I couldn’t care less about your apperance. You are one of the best things that ever happened to me in my boring life, so stop thinking about you being so low. You shouldn’t hide your sking under clothes, this way you will never accept yourself. And if ever someone bully you, I will personally make sure to beat the shit out of them.’ 

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kagami + his s/o go to an amusement park and he gets scared on the rides that go pretty high and she tries to comfort him?

dont worry kagabae, im on the same boat as you for this one

Kagami’s eyes skimmed over the high tower that went on and on and on and it seemed to disappear into the blinding sun. “Uh, are you sure that’s safe?”

“Of course, they have a 99.32% success rate. Come on.” You grinned and tugged on his arm and he instantly froze at the statistics. That means there was a 0.68% chance that he might fall to his death. He may not be a mathematical genius but that number was already enough of a reason for him not to go on the thing. “I’m kidding. No one’s ever died from this.”


You remained quiet.

“I’m not going.”

“I was kidding! This ride is perfectly safe. 100% success rate and so far, 100% pleased customers. So let’s go.”

“Have I ever told you about this one time I fell out of a building?”

“Kagami, that was from the first floor window and you already prepared a bed for your landing beforehand. Hell, you fell on purpose.”

“It was scarring!” He argued.

You took a deep breath and pointed at it, “Look, it’s just a tower. We get seat belts.” The next round of people were settling on the seats. “See, look at them all safe and snug with the seat belts. And look at them go up and up and up. Oh, imagine the gorgeous view they’d —“ and then came the screams. “Those are screams of joy!”

“Yeah right!”

It must’ve seemed funny to others. You, who were much tinier to Kagami, was attempting to push him towards the line of the ride. It was like a bunny pushing a huge tiger.

“I’m not going on that thing.”

“It’ll be fine!”

“Not going!”

“What are you five?!”


When the two of you finally calmed down, you sat down next to Kagami on the bench and rubbed his back. “Look, babe, I promise you that it’s going to be fine. You’re not going to fall. They’re gonna make you think that you’re falling but then ensure you that you’re fine once the game stops. It’s an adrenaline rush. Don’t you like those things? I promise it’ll be super fun. I’ll be right by your side the whole time. You can hold my hand if you want to.”

Kagami caved.

Afterwards, he shouted, “I’m never trusting you with these things ever again!”

“Well, you almost crushed my hand!”

“Well, it’s your fault!”

“Whatever! Wanna get ice cream?!”



{ goddamn rock lovers }
  → for noijakupls i present your one and only bae

AU: Summer, Neighbors
Pairing: Kagami x Reader
Genre: Fluff, Humor
Words: 1552
A/N: Kagabae deserved a longer one (not rlly I just got really carried away), enjoy Mai!
WARNING: Profanity

Rhythmic, pulsing beats vibrated through your walls. Jesus. You glanced at your bedside clock as the red numbers blinked repeatedly, telling you that that goddamn rock lover next door was insane.

2:01 AM

You waited, one minute, then five, then thirty. He still didn’t switch off that goddamn thing. That’s it. You had to stop this nonsense. Shrugging on a thick robe over your thin pajamas, you marched down the stairs and to your neighbor next door.

As if it wasn’t bad enough already that your parents had decided to abandon you for the summer for their nth honeymoon, you had to face a neighbor who seemed to be obsessed with playing The Rolling Stones all night. Unbelievable. Could things get any worse? No, don’t ask that.

Knocking on the door, you waited for whoever the hell that was to come down and to shut off that music. You liked rock music to a certain extent but at 2 freaking AM? Seriously? Footsteps grew louder as whoever it was approached the door. The wooden door swung open to reveal a huge guy with red hair.

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How about firefighter Kagami meeting his s/o when he has to save them because they got stuck in a tree trying to save that cat that is also stuck. You're doing amazing with the blog, too. Thank you so much for doing these.

fuck this is so cute omg kagabae would fall in love at first sight.

Kagami stared at you hanging off from a branch, holding onto a cat and passing it down to the kid, only to find yourself in a compromising position. “Oops,” you huffed, wondering how the hell you were going to get down from there.

Just twenty minutes ago, you were watching a kid look up a tree, gesturing for whatever it was to come down. You stood next to him as he urged his cat, Lazerballs (surprise surprise, and yes lazer with a z), to come down. Then he started crying. Oh crap, oh crap. “Okay, okay. Calm down. Let me see if I can get it for you, yeah?” You smiled, trying to reassure the kid – and yourself – that everything was going to go as planned.

Halfway up the surprisingly not-so-short tree, you began to wonder how you were going to get down. Oh well, that’s a thought for another time – specifically, five minutes later. You reached to the highest branch where the kitten sat peacefully. This little demon. Attempting to grab it, the kitten hissed at you, holding out its claws. Jeez, you were just trying to help.

After a while, this became a spectacle, including for professional firefighter, Kagami, who just happened to be on duty. He was walking down the street when he noticed a bunch of people staring up a tree. Curiously, he walked over there too only to find you trying to pull off the cat that was clawing at your shirt. “Ow! Stop that you dumb cat!” You growled at the kitten and the kitten glared back at you. You decided to flip to your front and hang from the tree, handing the kitten back.

And that was when you realized the grand mistake you had made. “Shit,” you cursed. Kagami watched in amusement though, his lips twitching slightly. Really, how could anyone hang on in that kind of position? You were hanging upside down and swinging around your arms to try and get the nearest branch to pull yourself either up or down. “A little help?” You asked the audience but most of them began to walk away.

Huffing, you hung there for a little while, wondering what the hell to do then, when your knight in a black t-shirt came up. “Jump down,” he ordered gruffly. Hell no. He was terrifying with his flaming red hair and spiky eyebrows? “Come on. I’ll catch you.”

“How do I know you won’t drop me—“

“I’m a firefighter.”

“Once you catch me.” You finished. “Like on my head or something, just for fun.”

He barked out a laugh, “Really? Why would I do that?”

“’Cause you look scary and evil.” You stuck out your tongue at him.

Kagami’s lips quirked up on each side. He wasn’t even trying to hide his amusement anymore at this point. “Alright then, I’ll be going.” He took slow steps towards the sidewalk when you called out, telling him to wait. He turned around and raised an eyebrow at you. The jerk. “Can I help you?”

“Fine, catch me.” You huffed. He waited, crossing his arms over his chest. Rolling your eyes, you sarcastically added. “Please.” With a smirk, he stepped down beneath the tree and held out his arms. “Really, that’s all you’re going to do? Can you get me a trampoline instead? Isn’t that safer? Where’s your ladder, firefighter? Hey, that almost rhymed.” You rambled when you were scared and at that point, you were scared shitless.

It was his turn to roll his eyes. “Just jump. I’ll catch you. I’m a professional.”

You took a deep breath, closed your eyes and let yourself fall, shrieking the whole way, only to land on a pair of strong, muscly arms. Opening your eyes, you thanked God that you survived that and pledged to avoid cats in trees forever. The next thing you said to him was: “Do you use that line on everybody?”

And that was the story of how your lovely tale began. The next week, though, after two dates, you called him on his phone. “Sweetie, I’ve got a problem.”

“Again? Really?”

“The old lady looked like she was going to cry with her pet lemur up there okay!”