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kagami + his s/o go to an amusement park and he gets scared on the rides that go pretty high and she tries to comfort him?

dont worry kagabae, im on the same boat as you for this one

Kagami’s eyes skimmed over the high tower that went on and on and on and it seemed to disappear into the blinding sun. “Uh, are you sure that’s safe?”

“Of course, they have a 99.32% success rate. Come on.” You grinned and tugged on his arm and he instantly froze at the statistics. That means there was a 0.68% chance that he might fall to his death. He may not be a mathematical genius but that number was already enough of a reason for him not to go on the thing. “I’m kidding. No one’s ever died from this.”


You remained quiet.

“I’m not going.”

“I was kidding! This ride is perfectly safe. 100% success rate and so far, 100% pleased customers. So let’s go.”

“Have I ever told you about this one time I fell out of a building?”

“Kagami, that was from the first floor window and you already prepared a bed for your landing beforehand. Hell, you fell on purpose.”

“It was scarring!” He argued.

You took a deep breath and pointed at it, “Look, it’s just a tower. We get seat belts.” The next round of people were settling on the seats. “See, look at them all safe and snug with the seat belts. And look at them go up and up and up. Oh, imagine the gorgeous view they’d —“ and then came the screams. “Those are screams of joy!”

“Yeah right!”

It must’ve seemed funny to others. You, who were much tinier to Kagami, was attempting to push him towards the line of the ride. It was like a bunny pushing a huge tiger.

“I’m not going on that thing.”

“It’ll be fine!”

“Not going!”

“What are you five?!”


When the two of you finally calmed down, you sat down next to Kagami on the bench and rubbed his back. “Look, babe, I promise you that it’s going to be fine. You’re not going to fall. They’re gonna make you think that you’re falling but then ensure you that you’re fine once the game stops. It’s an adrenaline rush. Don’t you like those things? I promise it’ll be super fun. I’ll be right by your side the whole time. You can hold my hand if you want to.”

Kagami caved.

Afterwards, he shouted, “I’m never trusting you with these things ever again!”

“Well, you almost crushed my hand!”

“Well, it’s your fault!”

“Whatever! Wanna get ice cream?!”