This Woman Cooks Everything In a Coffee Maker

Let’s take a moment to celebrate the true heroes—those who cast off the Rollie EggMasters, the Pasta Boats, and the Xpress Redi-Set-Go’s of modernity. Those of us who, if pressed, could survive the apocalypse with just one appliance.

In a world of quick-fix solutions, let us marvel at the coffee-maker chef.

In 2009, Katja Wulff was just a straw-haired Swedish college student with a dream in her heart and no stove in her dorm. Her solution: To prepare noodles in her coffee maker.

The initial noodle success was followed by more elaborate dishes, and eventually, to a blog called Kaffekokarkokboken and to a well-received book by the same title.

Read more. [Image: Dan Sörensen/Coffee Machine Cuisine]


This is how you cook a delicious Birthday Cake for cats with a coffee maker (in Swedish but it comes with subtitles). Unfortunately I was sick while filming this clip so I couldn’t wear any of my favorite party tights. But I sure rock that cone of shame, right?

It’s my human that got this crazy hobby - cooking with a coffee maker. Check it out, CoffeeMachineCuisine.com