thebuskerisdead  asked:

would you ever write a mainstream rock album?

Sure, as soon as the mainstream sounds awesome! =)

Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t think of genres much while working on new music. Like, “Boxcar Blood” is solid 80s rock, but “Summer of ‘09” is club/dance at its best (the ALL CAPS version), and “The Wind” is its own genre (indie pop? how’s that for a contradiction?).

And I love that. It’s why I work with so many different songwriters. Raven Zoe, Jason Munday, Kaezie, Christian Caldeira, Tom Milsom, et al. I get bored when an album has 10 similar songs right in a row. So with having Raven co-write four songs on Erase This, and Jason co-write four, and Tom Milsom and Ted Hu each co-write one, the chords and hooks never sound recycled or repetitive because they each bring their own compositional style to the record.

And really, I don’t think Raven and I could have written a song that hits as hard as “Boxcar Blood” does. But the reverse is true too, in that I don’t think Jason and I could have written a song as soft, yet heavy, as “Winter’s Song” together. So I am very thankful I know both of them and they were both willing to work with me.

So many artists produce interchangeable song after interchangeable song. The same can not be said about the ten songs on Erase This (at least, I don’t think so) and that is completely due to the collaborative songwriting process I go back to time and time again. So I can’t classify my music as mainstream rock, or country, or metal, or any other label, because it would keep me from working with so many talented people.


On the Rise-A cover performed by Miten Soni and Kaezie.