End of ITLD

Hi everyone! Please take a minute of your day to read this important note regarding Martyn & Kaeyi, and please, treat them with kindness and understanding. This is not easy for many people and what they, and the rest of the ITLD community, need right now is patience and trust that everything is going to be fine and work out. 

Any questions you may have should be answered in the twitlonger linked. Please read it and listen to what they have to say. Thanks!♥♥


Part 7 of Yogscast inspired gowns :)

WHEW it’s been a while OTL I designed these like last year so their skins may (most likely) have changed since then :’D Hope you like them nonetheless!

Part 1 - Xephos | Honeydew | Lalna | Ridgedog
Part 2 - Sips | Sjin | Lomadia | Nilesy
Part 3 - Rythian | Zoeya | Teep | Panda
Part 4 - Strippin | Benji | NanoSounds | InTheLittleWood
Part 5 - DaveChaos | Ravs | Sparkles | Zylus
Part 6 - MintyMinute | Trottimus | Alsmiffy | Djh3max


Do yourself a favor and watch this video. I swear you will not regret it.