- We meet again, Wolf, Have you fulfilled your destiny?
- Salamandra is dying, soon to be a memory…
- Salamandra means nothing. It was but a particle of chaos, the tool of the madman you just slew. Your past, your destiny, the reasons for your resurrection… All remians unknown.
- Words, words, words…
- You’ve always used them ably to mask uncertanity and fear. I once promised I would follow you.
- Gibberish, specter. Tell me what you want or disappear!
- Reflect on your deeds, witcher. I stood near you when you arrived at Kaer Morhen, an omen of its downfall. I observed as you judged the villagers of the Outskirts, leaving only blood and fire behind you. You brought death upon Raymond, endangered Shani mindful only of your goals. Chaos followed in your wake. You slaughtered dozens with your witcher’s sword. You threw gold to the Scoia'tael, feuling new massacres. You left Vizima in chaos only to bring destruction upon Murky Waters. Every one of your decisions brought further devastation, each choice you made led to greater evil. How did you feel when your elven friends set fire to Vizima and slaughtered dh'oine?
- Stop!
- Do not deny it, witcher. You are my greatest champion, a perfect means of destruction. Wherever you walk, death and chaos follow.

I started a new Origins playthrough last night, so for shits and giggles, here are my two favorite wardens I’ve played so far. (I’ve attempted four in total but my male wardens never interest me.)

Top is my first Warden, a Dalish warrior, Lyna. You can’t see her ears or her vallaslin, unfortunately, which has always been a disappointment. Lyna is tough, unsentimental, and has a temper. She never intended to romance Alistair but as with all things in that playthrough, things just kind of…spiraled. He broke up with her in front of all their friends to become king, then went and stole her heroic death. She will never forgive him for the fact she loves and misses him so much.

Bottom is my new warden, Kalli, a city elf, rogue, who I’m really enjoying so far. She’s smart and quick on her feet, unscrupulous about using the art of persuasion to get more coin out of someone, but always keeps an eye out for the little guy. She is probably going to romance Zevran.

anonymous asked:

Do you guys know where are those gifs of young Ciri training from? Is it a video?

I guess it is from the game. In some country they already sell the game, and there was a concept art with lil’ Ciri in Kaer Morhen with the witchers. :) 

like if you rea d this

hi im an asshole with dependency issues and everyone i become dependent on leaves (very suddenly for no reason or violently) and then i spend months being too suicidal to function and i just re read a bunch of logs about one of those ???relationships??? and they were such a fucking asshole, a controlling manipulative asshole, who followed me after i remade to fucking avoid them and then vagued about how “i was such an abusive piece of shit and all i ever did was annoying and hurt people’s feelings” because i had posts about how fucked up i was feeling at the time barely even about them, and they used to ignore people they knew relied on them when they did something they didnt like and tehy were such an asshole and its so fucking shitty when everything that’s gone bad in your life are all connected. because now im thinking about all these other shit too and im so disgusted and my head hurts and i feel sick and i wish M was awake be cause they’re the best thing i’ve got around right now and im just upset and need validation

You Forgot To Take It!
  • You Forgot To Take It!
  • Kitsune
  • Solo

Click here for video version

Voice / Mixing: Kitsune
Video: Kitsune & Chizu
Translations: Matsurei
Script: たねぞう
Background Music: Clannad – Spring Breeze
Art: Pixiv Id 2743721

Romaji script –
Naa, oi mate yo. Kore, omae no dayo na? Wasureteru zo! …Gaikente miro yo. Ame nano ni kasa wasurete kaerou to suru nante, manuke dana. …Ki wo tsukete kaere yo.

Original script –

English script –
Hey, wait up. This is yours, right? You forgot to take it! …Look outside. Having to go home in the rain from forgetting to take your umbrella is just stupid, you know. …Be careful on the way home.

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