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Okay, so I have a bit of a head scratcher here. I’m currently working on an Essence of Power that is going to do double duty for both my Rasputina crew and my Kaeris crew. I’d like for it to fit in thematically with both of them, but I’m running into a problem with the base.

For Rasputina’s crew’s bases, I’m giving them a simple snowed-over ground basing (with a couple ice crystals on Rasputina’s base).

For Kaeris’ crew’s bases, I’m doing a kind of mechanical base, like they’re in a factory or something of the sort. Since I don’t want to do a snowed-over factory floor (it seems silly to me), do you have any suggestions for a base that would work well with each theme?

Malifaux battle (encounter) report

As you have seen, me and Angelsanguine are learning how to play Malifaux. Yesterday we played our third encounter and I took a few pictures.

I was playing my Dreamer crew with two Stitched, Copellius and two Daydreams and he was playing a Ramos crew with Kaeris, two Gunsmiths and a Fire garmin. My strategy was reconnoiter and he had treasure hunt (the Khador warcaster in the pictures).

The deployment was like this (with the exception of the buried Copellius)

The first turn I advanced with my Stitched and made clouds. Ramos made a spider (the Khador mechanic in the picture) and I unburied Copellius with the Dreamer. Copellius made a quick dash for the Gunsmith, got in both his triggers: meaning the poor Gunsmith took moderate damage, got poison and was paralysed. As the Gunsmith already had activated my plan for the next turn started to take form.

The second turn I activated Copellius who moved towards the next Gunsmith, paralysed her and made a grab for Ramos. Ramos defended himself valiantly and got his defensive trigger, meaning Copellius couldn’t stop him from moving away. Angelsanguine moved his spider in close to the dreamer, hoping to prevent him from moving away. Forcing me to use Gamble your life with the close Stitched. The Stitched promptly gambled his own life away forcing me to use his second life to do the same, thankfully managing to kill the spider. Kaeris made my life a fiery hell, managing to put fire on both Copellius and a Stitched and then forcing me to choose paralyse over them dying to her flames. The Dreamer then activated together with the Daydreams and moved up, changed into Chompy and clawed Kaeris to small fiery ribbons. He also tried to take out the female Gunsmith, however the black joker stopped his rampage. Using the daydreams to pull him back I changed Chompy back into the dreamer and hid him behind my last Stitched.

The third turn it was my turn to be paralysed. He killed both Copellius and my last Stitched before I activated the dreamer and Daydreams, moved forward and unleashed Chompy. At this moment I pretty much considered myself having the game. Then I started drawing cards. Chompy started pulling the Gunsmith into pieces, however It took much to do it. When he then put his claws at work on Ramos black joker made me miss and then Angelsanguine managed to get his defensive trigger in and ending Chompys activation. Angelsanguine then used Ramos to kill Chompy.

The last turn Angelsanguine activated Ramos and blew the Dreamer away. With my whole crew off the table Ramos tock the last two turns to move up to the objective. Getting himself the two points for carrying the treasure.

A close fought game. I learn a lot and are seriously starting to get a liking to this game. The black joker however… *grumpy*

anonymous asked:

I wish I knew Japanese DX Crunchyroll had it subbed with Makoto saying "Welcome Home" and Haru answering with a "Thanks". Is that right?

There’s no exact English equivalent for the phrase “okaeri,”  but “welcome home” is definitely the closest to it. “Tadaima” is more like “I’m back,” but that’s not a natural response in English, so “thanks” sounds like a pretty good alternative.

A little bit of Japanese 101 for those who are curious:

Okaeri is the short form of okaerinasai, where o is a polite form, kaeri is the verb stem of kaeru (to return), and the suffix nasai makes the verb imperative. So it’s literally “Come back home!” which is kinda weird if you think about it, since the person you say this to is already here XD but I guess it shows how badly you want them to be back? Anyway its original meaning is no longer in use, and has instead become a common phrase for greeting (much like “God be with you” is contracted to “goodbye” in English)

The same goes for tadaima; it literally means “right now” and came from the longer phrase tadaima kaerimashita meaning “I just came back (home).”

MDT for Drakhys (#1379)

Prompt was artist choice with given colours of black + white + 1-3 saturated colours of your choice (except please no pink). :3

I’m at #458, and I really love doing your MDTs! <3