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Kapernick a "Hero"; destroying a family sport

Kaepernick a “hero” destroying a family sport…what in the world was he thinking?

Ironically, Kaepernick taking a knee led to him filing for Collusion; Taking a knee is much different than walking off the field…not enter during the national anthem or walking off the field is one thing, but disrespecting a national public is different…and the NFL is about to be in big trouble.

Kaepernick should have used his voice to encourage people to vote out Mayors, District Attorneys, Judges and other authority in towns that have police brutality occuring. But, he’s not, he is just causing chaos on purpose.

What does kneeling or taking a knee represent? A gesture to “bow-out”. We as people knee to God & prayer. We knee to respect, we knee around our coaches to listen, but we don’t ever knee to protest. Get it? Even Samurais knee to “bow-out” in defeat. Who is he “bowing-out” to?

He did not vote & he is not standing. Voting is a way of excercising a right. He didn’t, so, so far his record is 2/2 in not showing support as an American. He is not showing any form of nationalism or pro-America, but wants to change it?

The vote for/against local officials changes a lot of things. In fact this is the place to start, especially against police brutality to hold those accountable & responsible as an abuse of authority in injustices.

THE VOTE IS THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE. Whether in a court case trial decision or in the voting booth.

Kaepernick is blaming, police brutality, he is blaming white people, he is blaming rich people, he is blaming Americans, he is blaming the NFL and now he is blaming our President Trump…

Lets understand what collusion is…collusion is illegal and is knowingly doing something to destroy or working against with competitors while the public/subject is unknowing or given a false knowledge of what is occuring.

Kaepernick filing for collusion is meaning he worked with someone paying him knowingly to take a knee or someone worked against him as a gesture inside/outside the organization with the public being unknowing. Or the very opposite, someone worked with him inside/outside the organization uknowing or knowingly the outcome or false outcome. Uknowingly & Knowingly are the key words in law. And this is why Collusion schemes are illegal; it is not a strategy to compete, but a strategy to destroy competition unfairly and can also be known as falsified information mis-leading the mass public - this is deemed Unconstitutional and a breach of the constitution.

So, through this Kaepernick files/blames owners, the NFL and Trump for unemployment which will turn into a suit…and none of it matters because he already breached the constitution . He also lost from the simple fact from his action, was he protested against Independence, what our flag represents to the American majority. What media says or thinks, does not matter; The American majority overwhelmingly says, the flag is a symbol of independence & unity of all races & people. While Independence by fact is the very thing all our rights are written from the very beginning under a Declaration of Independence.

But, Kaepernick claims - he knows his “rights” by the t-shirts he sold…he didn’t know what American constitutionalities are nor did he know Public vs. Private business - let alone, what a “free market” is - its not literally free. But it is, free of choice; a marketplace that runs based on competition, consumer choice & demand…which The NFL has no competition…even private golf courses have competition…

If the NFL made players stand; there are many players waiting to fill those roster spots, including myself…so the most interesting part is…

I literally just read the NFL wont make players stand for anthem. So, this is where any American & NFL fan should be happy. Seriously, this is why Capitalism is awesome…because socialist ideals and the idea of things being literally free with limited competition absolutely back fires on Corporations…how?

Because the NFL wont make players stand for Nationalism/Our Country - remember; games are held in an American market. The NFL is not a total global market. We as American fans now have the power and ability to demand a Free Market [Free market means choice to choose a product - as the NFL is only one football league without competition] is due to the NFL being a legal monopoly…aka, fans should be able to attend games for free due to the games being available to the public while the NFL holds no competition. Season Ticket holders no longer own a majority of the seats in stadiums either to force the public to purchase, unless the NFL teams choose to only allow season ticket holders as attendees…

How crazy….it’s awesome really. This means the broadcasted lapse of Audience would be forced to be shown, unless the NFL re-instates the blackout rule for minimum tickets sold to the public for broadcast…which goes into broadcasting rights.

This also identifies if the public wants the product; as the NFL can not force feed the product to consumers, due to market choice; if the public chooses that it does not want it. Remember, season ticket holders & PSLs are less than a majority of stadium attendence = the public now has the power to watch, attend and/or support unless the NFL says, only season attendees can attend & we are blacking-out regional games, if tickets do not sell-out in local areas. How would that play-out with fans after spoiling us? It probably wouldn’t. See what Kaepernick created? A business nightmare & yes, Even he unemployed himself for who knows what the real reason is.

The NFL is nearly screwed. This is Kaepernick’s fault. It is nobody elses. He was playing games, making a mockery of authority with Pigs on his socks…and He is no longer employed; nearly begging for his job back as his career, he under performed after a Super Bowl loss. If not careful another 64 players on every squad will not be employed, if the NFL doesn’t smarten up. The NFL needs to stop playing politics & stop playing/screwing with the American courts & stop playing/screwing the American public.

Im not a lawyer, but I studied American history in all levels, philosophy, sports governance, sports organizations, sports law & entertainment, sports management & sports marketing…I am however over 90% right on how these issues work…And I have been dead on with the Ezekial Elliot case.

The NFL is an easy fix; it just needs a commissioner who is not afraid to do whats right for the American public, the players, the league and lastly the owners; in that order too - versus doing whats money driven.

Colin Kaepernick has tense exchange with reporter over Fidel Castro T-shirt

As nationwide debate began during the NFL preseason over Colin Kaepernick's anthem demonstration, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback wore a T-shirt featuring Malcolm X and Fidel Castro during a news conference while he explained his convictions.

The controversial garb resurfaced Wednesday when Kaepernick held a conference call with South Florida media ahead of Sunday’s game against the Miami Dolphins.

Kaepernick, who continues to kneel for “The Star-Spangled Banner” before each game in protest of oppression and police brutality in the United States, was asked about his views on Castro and his communist regime as president of Cuba. The quarterback pointed out his intent was to honor Malcolm X with the shirt, which depicted a meeting with Castro in 1960 in Harlem. It read, “Like Minds Think Alike.” Kaepernick said he supports Malcolm X’s willingness to be “open-minded,” exemplified by the meeting.

“I’m not talking about Fidel Castro and his oppression,” he said. "I’m talking about Malcolm X and what he’s done for people.“

The reporter, from the Miami Herald, then pressed him further.

Here’s an account of the exchange, via the Palm Beach Post:

The reporter, from a family of Cuban exiles, then accused Kaepernick of diverting the conversation because it was "uncomfortable" to talk about perceived support of Castro.

At that point, Kaepernick said, "One thing that Fidel Castro did do is they have the highest literacy rate because they invest more in their education system than they do in their prison system, which we do not do here, even though we’re fully capable of doing that.”

The reporter said Castro also broke up families, unlike what occurs in the United States.

“We do break up families here,” Kaepernick said. “That’s what mass incarceration is. That was the foundation of slavery so our country has been based on that as well as the genocide of native Americans.”

Kaepernick was asked if he was equating incarceration with breaking up families.

“I’m equating the breaking up of families with the breaking up of families,” he said.

Kaepernick has been heavily scrutinized for his protests, deemed by some as disrespectful to armed forces. The movement has since been adopted in different forms by athletes in the NFL and across the sports world. The intense criticism also has been cited as a reason for a sharp drop in ratings for the NFL this season.

Kaepernick said he doesn’t see a connection.

“They’re not watching football because of my stance about fighting systematic oppression and wanting the same equality and freedom for all people,” he said. “I would say they probably need to look in the mirror at what they value.

"You know, if they’re OK with people being treated unfairly, being abused, being harassed, being terrorized, then the problem is more with what they’re doing in their lives than it is about watching football games.”