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I’m so happy Maddie gets to take such amazing classes in LA and doesn’t have to deal with the crappy ALDC teaching anymore :)

NBC World of Dance junior division competitiors
  • 801 Squad, Ballroom/Jazz group from Oren, UT
  • Alaman, Tap group from Los Angeles, CA
  • Boys of Temecula, Jazz group from Temecula, CA
  • D’Angelo & Amanda, Ballroom dancers from Miami, FL
  • Diana Pombo, Contemporary dancer from Miami, FL
  • Eva Igo, Contemporary dancer from Inver Grove Heights, MN
  • ImmaBEAST, 12-member Hip Hop group from Los Angeles, CA
  • JJ & Joey, Hip Hop duo from Johnson, RI
  • Kaeli and Brandon, Ballet duo from Ashburn, VA
  • KynTay, Hip Hop duo from Memphis, TN
  • Mini Request, Hip Hop dance crew from New Zealand
  • The Lab, ten-member Hip Hop dance crew from Los Angeles, CA
  • The Maya Boys, Breakdance group from Phoenix, AZ
  • The Mihacevich Sisters, Contemporary dancers from Brunswick, OH
  • The Posse, Contemporary dancers from San Jose, CA
Dance Moms season 3 Groups: Ranked by Izzy

Those costumes were not cute, and the prop was ineffective. The concept of the dance? Eh…hit or miss.

Arabian Nights
A lot of times Abby choreographs a dance in a style she doesn’t actually know anything about. This is one of those times. It makes me mad that the girls didn’t even lean what those hand gestures they were using meant until season 6.

Beautiful Day
HOW MANY SOLO PARTS CAN ONE DANCE HAVE? This dance was hardly even a group dance.

Don’t Ask Just Tell
Better than Light My Fire, but still not good.

Return to Grace
Essentially a Maddie solo with backup dancers. And a lot of the time I don’t mind that the dance has a lead if there’s a reason. But there wasn’t. This was just a standard lyrical dance with no real story, so no need to have a lead.

Country Cuties
Don’t like the concept, the music was annoying, and while I do enjoy seeing Chloe featured, why did she just bring a chair onto the stage and start doing tricks on it?

Your Dream will be My Dream
This dance had waaaayyyy too much story that didn’t translate in the slightest.

Hear no Evil
Kinda cool, and a little underrated but it is pretty forgettable.

Pink Lemonade
Pretty dance…lots of drama.

Money is the Root of All Evil
1. Did you guys know it’s considered bad luck to use real money on stage? 2. This dance was okay. The girls had the right attitude but the editing made it kinda hard to actually see the dancing.

Gone Too Soon
I liked this dance more when I first saw it. Anymore it doesn’t really resonate with me. The girls do mostly a good job with their characters but the choreography is boring.

Angels and Demons
This dance s so cool. And one of the rare times when the very first dance of the season isn’t one of the weakest. And if you watch the girls backstage after, they were SO happy for Ally, it was heartwarming.

This was the group dance Abby did with Kaeli, Bella, Sophia and Ally. I don’t really like when Abby choreographs for groups of four but the overall talent of these dancers is undeniable.

Red Carpet Special
Cute and fun but that’s all I can really say.

Gold Diggers
Same goes for this one. BUT I love, love, love that Paige was featured in both these dances. These are dances she does well.

Bad Girls
I dunno why I like this number so much but I do. It was just cool and the costumes were really pretty.

Free the People
I guess this dance is pretty cool, and the girls did well with it. I just really hate when Asia comes running in with the American flag. It’s nothing against Asia or anything, I just didn’t think it looked good.

Sugar Babies
This dance is really funny and the girls looked like they were having a blast performing it. Pay attention to Asia and Kenzie next time you watch it, they make good opposites.

Home Again
This dance is really pretty, and I love the costumes but it’s another one of those dances where I’m not sure why there’s a lead.

Brat Pack
I thought this dance was cute. I LOVED the energy…but I wonder if Abby realizes that the Brat Pack is actually what people called Molly Ringwald, Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez, Demi Moore, Judd Nelson, Andrew McCarthy and Ally Sheedy back in the day…

Voyage Home
The story (that actually makes no sense) aside, this is a cool looking dance. And the song is pretty neat.

Rosa Parks
Absolutely love this dance. Nia did such a good job as the lead, and I feel like it wasn’t one of those times where a lead was assigned but the lead dancer had to share choreography with Maddie or Chloe.

Why Not Me?
Remember that time Brooke was on the senior team for a routine? She did so great. She blended well and you can tell those dancers were really serious.

Black and Blue
I can never remember if this dance is about bullying or child abuse. Either way it’s a pretty dance and Maddie was moving as the lead.

Living with the Ribbon
It pisses me off that this dance was in the same episode as the two girls and the one solo. Because it really was a pretty dance and it got washed out by all the drama.

On the Verge
I used to get so confused by the fact that people really loved this dance, but after watching it recently, I can see why. It’s really good, and I love when the groups are that big.

Just Be
BUT Just Be is kind of a better version of On the Verge. Just pretty and easy to watch.

Open Waters
So, so, so pretty. And pretty without some long story to try and follow. Everyone was given a chance to shine, and though the prop was ugly, the dance itself has always been one of my favorites.

Children with Guns
This number was chilling. And the emotional execution of it from the girls was fantastic. I’m not sure how I feel about the song but I do think this was a good number from the ALDC.


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New youtube banner for the 2017-18 season!

Love how it turned out! Some familiar and new faces from last season’s banner!

Can you guess everyone without looking below at the names!

Left to rightish…
Savannah Kristich, Kaeli Ware, Elliana Walmsley, Kaitlyn Tran, Madi Bunce, Brooklin Cooley, Lex Ishimoto, Kaylee Quinn, Ella Horan, Tate Mcrae, Eva Igo, Quinn Starner, Selena Hamilton, Kylee Brady, Kami Couch, Maesi Caes, Brady Farrer


When You’re Good to Mama, Kaeli Ware
Senior Musical Theatre Solo
Molly Long Choreo


Small clip of Kaeli Ware doing a pointe combo at YIBC round 1 today :)

she is gorgeous ballerina!