kael thas

i just want more wow charcters in modern settings, like to the point where its uncomfortable 

the iron horde on a ferris wheel

garrosh being an elementary school bus driver

lor themar on next top model

illidan at the bank applying for a loan

voljin watching football in his apartment full of cats

varian taking his son and wrathion out to krispy kream and anduin making one of those stupid hats to put on his dads head

sylvanas on the price is right

gallywix horseback riding and playing that fancy rich sport polo

yrel at bww doing a hot wing eating contest

malfurion trying to call for a taxi

arthas showing up for jury duty

kael thas trying out new cars

deathwing being a construction worker that guides traffic with a tiny sign

khadgar ordering too much at macaroni grill and thrall just wants to go home