kaede is the best

You can't convince me that every one of Kaede's classmates didn't blush when giving her her gift.

(Except Ouma, he’s too much of a cocky dick and he just kinda drops her gift at her feet and runs off like the little gremlin he is, but on the inside he’s dYiNG.)

(Kiibo, bless his poor robo-soul, is stuttering so badly that Kaede asks if his software is malfunctioning, which just makes it worse.)

(And Maki and Saihara both look as if they’re going to spontaneously combust, with Maki trying to play it cool in her usual tsundere manner, but Saihara’s honestly just a mess.)

(Kaito tries to act like the cool guy™ but slips while leaning against the counter.)

(And then Amami comes in and HE DOESN’T EVEN TRY AND MOMOTA WHY ARE YOU CRYING???)

(Hoshi’s up next and he’s pulled his hat down over nearly his entire face and his voice isn’t as deep as usual and it actually sounds kinda normal and then Kaede’s crouching down so that their eye-level and he’s just like oh-god-it-shouldn’t-be-humanly-possible-for-someone-to-be-this-beautiful.)

(The most normal had been Kirumi who just passes her her gift with a small smile and a slight blush dusting her cheeks.)

(No one can see if Shinguuji is blushing or not underneath his mask, but boi you ain’t foolin anyone. He gives Kaede some box with weird ass markings carved into it and she’s honestly mildly creeped out.)

(Then there’s a blur of yellow and Angie’s leeched onto Kaede.)

(Once they finally manage to pry Angie off Kaede, it’s Tenko’s turn. She’s so nervous that she nearly flips Kaede when she tries to hug her.)

(Himiko’s even worse than Hoshi and you can’t even see her face at all beneath her hat whilst she presents Kaede with her gift with some lame magic trick, then she scurries off and hides behind Tenko.)

(Gonta ends up bowing so low that Kaede’s arms ache the next day from trying to pull him up to prevent him from losing his balance and getting a concussion.)

(Shirogane is cleary nervous bc she’s spewing out so many anime references that no one can keep up. Plus her face’s bright red.)

(Last but definitely not least, it’s Iruma’s turn and the box she drops into Kaede’s hands starts to vibrate and everyone’s just like oh god, not again. Then Iruma just tells Kaede to open it and the mess of wires inside surprisingly doesn’t look like a sex toy, then she goes on to explain that it’s actually a machine that’ll massage her stiff fingers after hours of playing piano (and bc she’s Iruma she tacks on a “and other activities” with a wink). At this stage Kaede’s already tearing up, because who would’ve thought that Miu Walking-Innuendo Iruma would’ve been so thoughtful and pulls her into a tight hug and, well, RIP Iruma.)

The signs Assassination Classroom best friend

Aries: Nagisa Shiota

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Taurus: Gakushuu Asano

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Gemini: Rio Nakamura

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Cancer: Yukiko Kanzaki

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Leo: Koro-sensei

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Virgo: Itona Horibe

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Libra: Tadaomi Karasuma

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Scorpio: Yuuma Isogai

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Sagittarius: Karma Akabane

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Capricorn: Ritsu

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Aquarius: Kaede Kayano

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Pisces: Irina Jelavic

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TODAY IS A SPECIAL DAY A VERY SPECIAL DAY . H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y T O B E S T B O Y Gosh, he’s my favourite character… and I love him so much! I remember that at first I didn’t really cared about him, I wasn’t interested at all, (and coffcoffiwasntevensureabouthisgendercoffcoff)… but suddenly he became my most precious boy. I hope he lives a long, happy and peaceful life. ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ