kaede is the best

You can't convince me that every one of Kaede's classmates didn't blush when giving her her gift.

(Except Ouma, he’s too much of a cocky dick and he just kinda drops her gift at her feet and runs off like the little gremlin he is, but on the inside he’s dYiNG.)

(Kiibo, bless his poor robo-soul, is stuttering so badly that Kaede asks if his software is malfunctioning, which just makes it worse.)

(And Maki and Saihara both look as if they’re going to spontaneously combust, with Maki trying to play it cool in her usual tsundere manner, but Saihara’s honestly just a mess.)

(Kaito tries to act like the cool guy™ but slips while leaning against the counter.)

(And then Amami comes in and HE DOESN’T EVEN TRY AND MOMOTA WHY ARE YOU CRYING???)

(Hoshi’s up next and he’s pulled his hat down over nearly his entire face and his voice isn’t as deep as usual and it actually sounds kinda normal and then Kaede’s crouching down so that their eye-level and he’s just like oh-god-it-shouldn’t-be-humanly-possible-for-someone-to-be-this-beautiful.)

(The most normal had been Kirumi who just passes her her gift with a small smile and a slight blush dusting her cheeks.)

(No one can see if Shinguuji is blushing or not underneath his mask, but boi you ain’t foolin anyone. He gives Kaede some box with weird ass markings carved into it and she’s honestly mildly creeped out.)

(Then there’s a blur of yellow and Angie’s leeched onto Kaede.)

(Once they finally manage to pry Angie off Kaede, it’s Tenko’s turn. She’s so nervous that she nearly flips Kaede when she tries to hug her.)

(Himiko’s even worse than Hoshi and you can’t even see her face at all beneath her hat whilst she presents Kaede with her gift with some lame magic trick, then she scurries off and hides behind Tenko.)

(Gonta ends up bowing so low that Kaede’s arms ache the next day from trying to pull him up to prevent him from losing his balance and getting a concussion.)

(Shirogane is cleary nervous bc she’s spewing out so many anime references that no one can keep up. Plus her face’s bright red.)

(Last but definitely not least, it’s Iruma’s turn and the box she drops into Kaede’s hands starts to vibrate and everyone’s just like oh god, not again. Then Iruma just tells Kaede to open it and the mess of wires inside surprisingly doesn’t look like a sex toy, then she goes on to explain that it’s actually a machine that’ll massage her stiff fingers after hours of playing piano (and bc she’s Iruma she tacks on a “and other activities” with a wink). At this stage Kaede’s already tearing up, because who would’ve thought that Miu Walking-Innuendo Iruma would’ve been so thoughtful and pulls her into a tight hug and, well, RIP Iruma.)

seeing a dead body
  • Ouma: *memeful screaming*
  • Kaede: *girly screaming*
  • Tsumugi: *silent screaming
  • Himiko: *screams progressively getting louder*
  • Kaito: *crying while screaming*
  • Kaede: Then there's this bitch
  • Iruma: I'm cute
I made a talentswap au between the sdr2 cast and ndrv3 cast

Peko - Kirumi  (shsl swordswoman - shsl maid)

Fuyuhiko - Hoshi (shsl gangster - shsl tennis player) 

Komaeda - Amami (shsl lucky student - shsl ???)

Chiaki - Kaede (shsl gamer - shsl pianist) 

Hajime - Saihara (shsl ???/ reserve course student - shsl detective)

Nekomaru - Kiibo (shsl team manager - shsl robot)

Gundham - Korekiyo (shsl animal breeder - shsl anthropologist)

Hiyoko - Himiko (shsl tradional dancer - shsl magician)

Mahiru - Tenko (shsl photographer - shsl aikido master)

Akane - Miu (shsl gymnast - shsl inventor)

Ibuki - Angie (shsl light music club member - shsl art club member)

Twogami - Shirogane (shsl impostor - shsl cosplayer)

Mikan - Ouma (shsl nurse - shsl dictator)

Sonia - Gonta (shsl princess -shsl entomologist) 

Souda - Kaito (shsl mechanic - shsl astronaut)

Teruteru - Maki (shsl cook - shsl caregiver)

Character Development Breakdown: Inuyasha


Inuyasha is the only character that goes from Point A to Point Z, so naturally when he gets development, it’s not only because he needs it, it’s because he really NEEDS it, it’s more crucial to his character in the series because he has the furthest path to travel.

Now before I jump into his development, we really have to cover an important subject, because honestly I wouldn’t be doing his character justice if I didn’t, that thing is of course, Kagome. As mentioned previously, Kagome’s influence reaches pretty much throughout the series, and this is a very primary case. Largely because without Kagome, we wouldn’t have the Inuyasha we do at the end of the series, or the middle of the series, or not far after the beginning of the series. It’s her that is either the reason he develops, or the causes of his development.

Everything from his growing/changing/exposing feelings, his rise in power, his acceptance in himself (and his desire to remain who/what his is), trust in others, his skill as a swordsman, and so much more, lead to Kagome in some shape/form/way. Inuyasha does summarize that pretty strongly at the end of the series and fittingly so, her influence in making him a warrior and man, shouldn’t be underestimated. It’s with that said, we’ll now cover Inuyasha’s development.

The Breakdown

Expressing Himself: This is a very odd one, because it’s sort of a half-and-half, we have many moments throughout the series where Inuyasha is very capable of expressing what he’s feeling, but those moments are either more natural moments where he feels very comfortable, or when he has to absolutely do so. We have moments where he clams up, and a lot of this deals with his past, his parents, his upbringing after he lost his mother, often being subjects that he’ll try to ignore or completely avoid. The biggest of course that would come to mind would be expressing his feelings, which he struggles to find himself able to do, but becomes more comfortable with it throughout the series. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of the moments where Inuyasha is at his most open comes when he’s drunk when encountering the potion master towards the end of the series. Naturally he’s far more capable around the right person or the right setting, with Kagome he’s naturally more open and at ease, so he lets his guard down more freely, the same is said for her time and in her home/room, but like many, there are just some things he’d rather not talk about, one of the biggest themes for Inuyasha is keeping his eyes focused on the future, he wants to forget a lot of the darker times, because he both realizes and wants the brighter times that Kagome provides.

Swordsmanship: While Inuyasha never quite ‘loses’ the hot-head, rush into the battle and swing your sword around like a lunatic kind of approach, he does become a better fighter, and again a lot of that is usually how he approaches battle with Kagome around. Whether she’s around him or he’s backing her up, he’s naturally stronger, faster and more precise with his approach to things. Things like slicing through The Noh Mask when it is just inches from Kagome’s face in the manga, especially in the earlier parts of the series, aren’t simple things to do, especially for someone just starting out, that only comes from trust in your ability and the person that you’re attempting to try and save without hurting them. His pursuit and want to become stronger and better with it, comes from his desire to keep Kagome safe, both from others, but from himself as well, his desire to grow in power isn’t selfish one like it starts out as, and because of this, he comes to rely on the Tessaiga, and with his reliance on the sword he continuously improves.

Accepting Himself: Oddly, you’d likely believe this was the one that would get the most development, but it actually barely makes it past the beginning of the series. Sure at the beginning of the series, it’s a really big deal, but that’s an Inuyasha scrambling for acceptance from others, and willing to go about it by whatever means, even if it meant tarnishing his own heritage a little bit. It’s not his fault, having heard that being what he was, was wrong, so many, naturally had him searching for a way to make himself “right”. Of course, after a little experience with both sides, he became more and more willing to see Kagome’s side of the situation, because she accepted him as the half-demon he was. Experiencing his human side at it’s very worst, immediately turned his attention solely to becoming a demon, a fore-warning from Miroku made him stop, the very idea of him turning on Kagome made him fearful, but he was able to quickly push that aside, assuming he’d have no trouble handling it… until the attack on the bandits took place, immediately turning his focus away from it, especially when he realized the danger it would bring to Kagome. This turns his focus onto becoming stronger.

Trust: Inuyasha says it pretty early in the series, he survived as long as he had up to that point because he trusted nobody, that included Kikyo, with their trust issues highlighted throughout the series, both in their interaction and their eventual turn on one another. This statement turns out to be a pretty ironic one, because right after this, he has to put his trust in Kagome to save him and keep him safe. This became the real turning point for him, because he naturally comes to trust Kagome’s ability to pull him out of sticky situations or back him up, she’d done it on a few occasions before this, but this was the moment where Inuyasha was at his very weakest, and found someone that didn’t take advantage of it, talk down to him for it, and actually worried about his safety. Trust is one of the strongest elements to Inuyasha’s character, so it’s always a big deal throughout the series, and that trust grows and becomes stronger through interaction with Kagome and his group of friends. That translates to a real understanding of what companionship and love is, and yes, Inuyasha learns both of these pretty well, he has a very basic view of these two at the beginning of the series, but over the course of the series, he not only understands them, but realizes what they are, both come from his interaction with Kagome, which opens more worlds for him, and in many cases, causes him to do things he wouldn’t have done in the past.

Behavior: Kaede stated it best at the beginning of the series when she speculated that Inuyasha may in fact be more like his father than Sesshomaru was. Well, if Inuyasha at the beginning of the series is the wild bandit 'raised’ Inuyasha, the one at the end of the series, has to very similar to his father. Elements of his later character are there, in reality he’s just a nice boy that wants to be accepted, wants to be depended and cared about, the facade at the beginning of the series, is just a facade. Without much of a proper upbringing, he does have some elements to his character that even if he doesn’t mean to, pushes people away, some of these things he does intentionally, but the things he doesn’t realize or quite understand become pieces that Kagome tries to guide him through, she’s trying to turn the boy into a man, and over the course of the series we watch Inuyasha become a man, as he moves way from the more childish antics we see at the beginning of the series. He doesn’t lose everything about him, it’s not a complete change, but his approach to things goes through a drastic change, which makes him more accepting to people around him, among the many things that Kagome taught him, she taught him how to survive in society, to approach people and things around him. This also covers selfishness, which is something Inuyasha personified at the beginning of the series, living around bandits (or being around them, not so much “living with them”), he’d come to connect with their “I want this now” attitude, and often his goal for the jewel was driven by his want to get the jewel as quickly as possible, often putting the jewel ahead of everything, even Kagome and Kagome’s life, however that quickly turns around, with not only Kagome confronting him on the situation, but her near death against The Thunder Brothers.

Power: Technically this should go under Swordsmanship, because their very similar, and the Tessaiga plays a role in both situations, but that wouldn’t do Inuyasha’s development justice. Inuyasha’s growth in confidence naturally comes from the Tessaiga’s heritage, it was created to protect Inuyasha’s mother, so when he’s using it to keep Kagome safe, he’s naturally more powerful, faster, stronger, etc. so the sword fits perfectly with his personality, especially within those key moments. But really most of his power comes from his confidence in himself and who he is, confidence in yourself can of course be a double-edge sword, some characters like Naraku become overconfident which often causes them to crash and burn, but Inuyasha, Kagome and Sesshomaru, each over the course of the series, grow in confidence in themselves, Kagome and Inuyasha growing in confidence, while Sesshomaru over the course of the series, sheds his overconfidence that found him in so many troubling situations through the series. The more Inuyasha accepts himself, with the more trust he places into himself and others, allows for his rise in power.


Inuyasha’s development from Point A to Point Z, is summed up pretty well at the end of the series, and he uses a very fitting word to describe it: “taught”. In order to learn we need a person to provide guidance, be it a mentor, teacher, parent, we don’t learn without being taught or even trying something, that is something that Inuyasha was never quite allowed to do, he lost his mother at a young age, and learned most of his habits through his time in the wild, even when he met Kikyo, we never saw him 'learn’.  He tried to fit in, he tried to find a place to accept him, when he couldn’t find one, he turned his back on the world and made a place for himself. Kagome doesn’t just play the role of a girl he likes, she’s a guide.

The best example can actually come right from canon, their meeting at the Well, when a Inuyasha whose in rather dark moment at the time, tells her that he cannot be happy and doesn’t deserve to be, only for Kagome to grab his hand and walk with him, her intentions to lead him towards a happier life clear in mind. That scene is her guiding him towards a 'light’ in his moment of darkness,, and multiple moments have Inuyasha reaching his lowest point, only to pull free from them the moment Kagome’s voice and appearance are involved.

So throughout the series we watch as Kagome guides Inuyasha towards a place where he is both happy, and into a person that his mother and father would have raised him to be, teaching him all of the things that he would have learned with a more stable upbringing, she’s essentially playing the role of both his guide and girlfriend through the series.