kaede is the best

seeing a dead body
  • Ouma: *memeful screaming*
  • Kaede: *girly screaming*
  • Tsumugi: *silent screaming
  • Himiko: *screams progressively getting louder*
  • Kaito: *crying while screaming*
  • Kaede: Then there's this bitch
  • Iruma: I'm cute


Shuichi Saihara

•The second he finds the first thing he does is check the weather
•If thunder were to appear he close all the windows and put the movie volume at 100
•And he put a blanket over you THERE IS NO WAY YOU ARE CRYING TODAY
•He’s got everything planned out
•….He’s read cuddling helps… S-So…


•Why are you afraid..? Isn’t the chance to get hit lower than hitting the lottery..?
•That’s LOW!!
•But he has to help…!
•So he read many tips on how to help…!
•..Cuddling works a lot.. Huh..?

Kaito Momota

•He will cuddle you until the storm is over
•As your boyfriend he has to make sure everything’s A OKAY!!
•…Other than that he has nothing

Ouma Kokichi

•He would tease you at it at FIRST
•But when he sees how scared you are he starts helping
•He look up several tips on what to do without telling anybody and use them
•"Ouma where did you learn this..?“
•”.Did you search it up..?“
•”…I taught myself of course!“
•Oh that’s why he told nobody

Amami Rantarou

•He try to help you and he’s pretty good!
•Having 12 younger sisters helps a lot with this so he knows all the tips
•He’s a bit worse then Saihara but he’s second best at this kind of thing..
•But Unlike Saihara he cuddles you a lot more
•…Mod Kaede OUT

Korekiyo Shinguuji

•He makes matters so much worse…
•He tries telling you stories about thunder..Thinking if you hear this it’s less scary
•He tries to help you more failing even more…
•God damn it mask BOI

Gokuhara Gonta

•He may not know what to do but…
•You may hide behind Gonta!!
•He tries to tell you it’s okay and it won’t hit you trying to be a gentlemen
•He fails most of the time but it’s really cute…
•So thunder. May or may not kill you but you get to see a bug BOI failing to help

Ryouma Hoshi

•…One word
•Teddy bea-
•He’s the same size as a teddy bear just hug him whenever somethings wrong!
•He may or may not pass out but at least your not crying!
•…Fuck he passed out

How well I think the v3 characters were handled
  • Kaede: wasted. just, her main purpose was to be framed and die. no. her execution however was the best I've seen
  • Amami: same as Kaede, except we never even got to see him in trial which kinda sucks because he'd be extremely helpful given his insight.
  • Iruma: never really expected much from her, but she was a fun character with pretty standard motive
  • Ouma: they just HAD to make him a Komaeda.
  • Kiibo: good god someone save this cinnamon roll please
  • Tsumugi: too obvious a mastermind. Her motives were pretty crap and her execution was too boring. loved her junko cosplay though
  • Saihara: another twink protagonist without any actual talent, yaaay. It would have been nice if he turned out to be evil but it seems kodaka thought no.
  • Gonta: wish he had more time ingame to not just be an ouma slave
  • Maki: another killer, yay. Have to admit her screentime was used well though
  • Ryouma: I like how he's conflicted over his lack of will to live but he shouldn't have died so early on
  • Kirumi: a good woman. nuff said. However, chapter 2 had too many death flags.
  • Shinguuji: the personality twist was rather unexpected, but it made him into some sort of creep nobody missed in the end. except me. Shinguuji is best woman.
  • Tenko: I'm glad they made her more than a boy hater. Seriously Tenko is too good and pure
  • Angie: a murderer angie would have been nice. Her personality didn't change much throughout the game and even towards her death.
  • Himiko: too pure. Character development pretty cool. Also probably the only "short loli girl" to survive a killing game
  • Kaito: good grief where do I start, Kaito Momota is perfect and his character development was off the charts, that twist was brilliant, he died for my s i ns


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Can I just say, Nana’s new song is making me extremely happy. I can’t stop listening to the preview, someone send help.

The signs anime girl best friend

Aries: Eru Chitanda

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Taurus: Haruka Nanami

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Gemini: Diane

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Cancer: Kaede Kayano

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Leo: Sakura Haruno

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Virgo: Suguha Kirigaya

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Libra: Touka Kirishima

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Scorpio: Ritsu Tainaka

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Sagittarius: Shiro

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Capricorn: Annie Leonhart

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Aquarius: Maka Albarn

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Pisces: Shinoa Hiiragi

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Spoiler-free NDRv3 Ask Meme
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Amami:</b> What Danganronpa character do you associate yourself with most? Why?<p/><b><p/></b> <b>Angie:</b> Are you artistic? Who are your creative inspirations?<p/><b><p/></b> <b>Gonta:</b> Do you like or hate bugs? Which ones are the best a/o worst?<p/><b><p/></b> <b>Himiko:</b> Do you believe in fantastical things like magic? How about the occult?<p/><b><p/></b> <b>Kaede:</b> What do people say is your best feature? Do you agree?<p/><b><p/></b> <b>Kaito:</b> Do you have any goals or dreams? How far are you willing to go to accomplish them?<p/><b><p/></b> <b>Kiibo:</b> What is the most generous thing you have ever done for someone? Why did you do it?<p/><b><p/></b> <b>Kirumi:</b> Do you find enjoyment in helping other people? Are you commonly a "therapist" for your friends?<p/><b><p/></b> <b>Korekiyo:</b> Are you a narcissistic or optimistic person? Why do you think that is?<p/><b><p/></b> <b>Maki:</b> Do you work well with children? Have you ever babysat?<p/><b><p/></b> <b>Miu:</b> On a scale of 1 to 10, how outgoing are you? Does that change when you're around friends?<p/><b><p/></b> <b>Ouma:</b> Do you honestly see yourself as selfish or selfless? Is that a bad thing to you?<p/><b><p/></b> <b>Ryoma:</b> What sports or activities do you enjoy? Which do you hate?<p/><b><p/></b> <b>Saihara:</b> Do you get overwhelmed or stressed easily? How do you handle it?<p/><b><p/></b> <b>Tenko:</b> Are you an activist or a lurker? Do you think violence is okay if it's for a worthy cause?<p/><b><p/></b> <b>Tsumugi:</b> Have you ever cosplayed before? Who do you want to cosplay?<p/><b><p/></b> </p><p/></p><p/></p>