On Christmas Eve, my grandfather wanted to take a picture with his granddaughters.  My sister, cousin, and I lined up in front of the Christmas tree, ready for the annual family photo.  Before my mother could take the picture, my grandfather stopped her.  He told my wonderful girlfriend to get in the picture.  He said “If you are the love of my granddaughter’s life, then that makes you my granddaughter.”  This is why I love my family.


Relationships aren’t perfect, nor are they easy.  They are full of bad words, bickering, arguing, full fledged “I hate you” fighting.  When you feel so run down that you can’t fix anything so all you do is walk away.  Get a good night sleep, take a deep breath, and weigh the pros and cons.  Breaking up, staying together.  

You may ask why I’m writing this post and I’m here to explain to you why.

Lucy and I aren’t perfect.  You see our relationship as perfection when in all reality, its a well edited twenty minute YouTube video highlighting our best times.  What you don’t see are the bad attitudes, arguments, and fights.  Our relationship isn’t easy.  In all actuality, it’s completely exhausting.  I don’t want any of our friends/followers to think that finding the love of your life is the hard part.  That’s the easy part.  The hard part comes in after you’ve been together with that person for two and a half years and all your flaws are not only exposed but calculated by the other person.  The honeymoon period is over and you’re left to figure out how to love wholly after that.

Because Lucy and I love each other, our arguments and fights thankfully work out.  We take the time necessary to resolve our issues and hopefully grow from them.  We aren’t a perfect relationship.  We aren’t the “hype” you see on Tumblr, Facebook, or YouTube.  We are a real couple who fight and get inches away from breaking up.  But for me, that’s okay.  Because in those moments is when you really find out how much the other person loves and accepts you.  The most challenging moments of your relationship define it for a lifetime.


Hey guys.

Yesterday I uploaded my third fanvideo of KaelynAndLucy.
This time I used “Somebody Loves You” by Betty Who! I putted in some “new” gifs and pictures as well as some I already used in earlier videos.

Hope you enjoy it!