On Christmas Eve, my grandfather wanted to take a picture with his granddaughters.  My sister, cousin, and I lined up in front of the Christmas tree, ready for the annual family photo.  Before my mother could take the picture, my grandfather stopped her.  He told my wonderful girlfriend to get in the picture.  He said “If you are the love of my granddaughter’s life, then that makes you my granddaughter.”  This is why I love my family.

Today was Cass & I’s 2 year anniversary! We’ve been friends for nearly 7 years though, just been official for 2 today, so I thought I’d write a little bit about us!

For those of you who don’t know, Cass and I live about 2300 miles apart. I live in BC, Canada, and she lives in Illinois, USA.  When we first started our friendship, I never thought it would turn into anything like this. I didn’t think I’d ever even meet her! I just thought she would be a nice online buddy to chat to every now and then, but then we started talking every day, and eventually I got a phone solely so I could text her when I wasn’t home with my computer. She eventually earned my trust enough for me to Skype with her, and we started doing that every day. We fell in love a few years ago now, but we were both at very bad places in our lives and could not be together at the time. The day I agreed to be her girlfriend will forever be the best damn day of my life. 

We met for the first time in person on July 1, 2013, when I flew with my dad to Illinois to go on a roadtrip with her! My dad came with because I was 16, it was my first time flying alone, and we’d never met them before so it was a safety precaution. Also he was the one driving on the roadtrip. We drove for about a week down to Florida and New Orleans and back, all the while sneaking in little kisses and cuddles when my dad wasn’t looking. Yeah, the funny part is that he didn’t know we were together, or even that I liked girls. No one did. But he figured it out pretty quick and didn’t make us feel uncomfortable about anything, he didn’t even say anything until the drive to the airport, but he did give us space so we could spend time together like any other couple.

I was so nervous to meet her, and I convinced myself she wouldn’t like me. But the moment she wrapped her arms around me I knew I’d found my home. I’m terrible around people I haven’t met, and I get very bad anxiety, but from the moment we met I felt nothing but peace and comfort. I believe in soulmates, and I truly believe she is mine. I’m not saying we’ll be together forever, because who knows? We both fully accept that things and feelings change, but we’re hoping that we’ll be in love forever. We plan to spend the rest of our lives together!

Long distance sucks, but it’s also the greatest gift I could have received! Because we were just chatting online, we got to know each other on a much more personal level, and our friendship was built around personality instead of just looks. We’re forced to communicate constantly, more than any regular couple, and because of that we’ve built such a strong relationship. Distance also makes us treasure every moment we get to spend together, we take none of it for granted.

Thank you for reading this! Sometimes I just really wanna talk about my girlfriend haha. Here’s to another 2 years and many more, and hopefully Cass will be living in Canada with me by then!

I love you, princess<3

To kaeandlucy / lucyelizabeth, I’ve tagged you in this because Lucy wished us a happy anniversary and it made my life, so I thought you might be interested in hearing exactly what we’re celebrating!

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