World State: Champions of the Just

Blessed are they who stand before
The corrupt and the wicked and do not falter.
Blessed are the peacekeepers, the champions of the just.
-Benedictions 4:10


Maerad Amell: Warden-Commander of Ferelden, Nikoma’s Cousin 
Nikoma Hawke: Champion of Kirkwall, Mage Revolutionary, Mae’s Cousin
Evie Trevelyan: The Inquisitor, Templar, Severine’s Younger Sister
Severine Trevelyan: Unofficial Advisor to the Inquisitor, Evie’s Older Sister
Braelyn Mccoy: Ex-Mercenary, Battlemaster for mages, Kadie’s Aunt
Kadie Mccoy: Aspiring Minstrel/Poet, Braeyn’s Niece


This world state focuses on characters who fight for the preservation of justice and the protection of the people of Thedas. All of them are not “pure angels” by any means but at the core of their being are good, compassionate people who would prefer peace to war, quiet to chaos. 

Any attempt to make the connection between Chechnya and Tsarnaevymi if they are guilty, in vain…They grew up in the United States, their attitudes and beliefs were formed there. It is necessary to seek the roots of evil in America.
—  Ramzan Kadyrov, President of the Chechen Republic via Instagram and Google Translate (from the original Russian).

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#Кадыров #Россия #Чечня #РОФ #Мальчики by kadyrov_95


I am pleased to announce that I am working on Blindsprings fulltime! It’s been a hectic year and a half, with my fulltime work jobs continually getting in the way of updating on time, and having to sacrifice quality to hit releases. That’s all over now!

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