kadish park

New band shell at Kadish Park. I’ve spent many days there the last few years having bbq’s, drinking beer & making special food dishes with a group of about 15 of us. The shell was built this year at the bottom of  a steep hill on the edge of the RIverwest & Brewers Hill neighborhoods. i look forward to seeing music & theater there this year. -Ryan (Photo: Alderman Nik Kovac)


After volunteering at the Bike Collective, Zach and I tackled the Kadish Park switchback, which hasn’t been properly plowed all season. We made it about halfway up before we started sinking into the deeper snow.

We lost enough momentum that we couldn’t go any further, so we hucked our bikes onto our backs and carried them up the steep side.

Photos by svdodge.

EDIT: Wow, Tumblr, thanks for really shitting up those pictures. Is this shitty GIF effect supposed to be like that fuzzy TV overlay you put on videos?